More WWE Superstars Expected To Be Cut In Winter [Rumor]

Every once in a while, WWE goes through a series of wrestler cuts as they try to trim down the roster and the company budget, and it seems like another phase is on the horizon.

According to WWE insider Brad Shepard, the expectation is that WWE will be cutting more of its talents in the winter time.

It wasn't said which superstars could be let go by Vince McMahon and company officials, but there are a handful of superstars that went public about their wishes to be let go by the WWE.

Back in April, Luke Harper took to Twitter and revealed that he requested to be let go. However, Triple H apparently just ignored Harper when Vince McMahon told the former Wyatt Family member to discuss it with his son-in-law.

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Last month, Mike Kanellis also took to social media and revealed that he had asked to be let go, not long after he and wife Maria signed new deals with WWE. Like Harper, Kanellis hasn't had any luck in having his wish granted, and there aren't any indications that WWE will go do so.

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Earlier this week, Triple H explained on a conference call that superstars shouldn't be taking to social media to voice their unhappiness with WWE, and that they must "handle" it "like a professional."

Which Superstars Could Be Let Go?

If WWE is fully prepared to cut some talents loose, it makes sense to release the four disgruntled superstars listed above. Otherwise, it's impossible to really guess which talents will be let go, although it's realistic that they'll focus on cutting NXT talents. We'll just have to wait and see how everything plays out over the next couple of months.

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