10 WWE Superstars Who Are Open Books On Social Media (And 5 Who Still Stay Relatively Secretive)

With the rise of social media and its impact on almost every situation, the superstars of the WWE lean towards it to interact with their fans. It is practically mandatory for every WWE superstar to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Having an Instagram account is the only one that the superstars have the choice as to whether or not they use.

The Twitter accounts are sometimes shown on WWE television, as many superstars write their tweets in character and rivalries and feuds are sparked by tweets sent back and forth between parties. Twitter is largely used and talked about during WWE broadcasts, with a hashtag present in the top left hand corner of the screen at all times, changing with whichever sequence is happening on the show, may it be a match or an important promo.

The presence WWE superstars have on social media is huge, as millions from the WWE Universe follow their favorites. Some superstars stay in character with every post they make. However, there are a select few who are open books, giving the fans an inside look to their every-day lives. The Bella Twins are huge with this, not only with their tweets and Instagram posts, but also their YouTube channel.

For those who like to keep their personal lives private, they have social media accounts strictly because they have to and avoid diving into anything that is not related to their character or their wrestling endeavors.

This list will display 10 WWE superstars who hide nothing on social media, and five who like to stay relatively secretive.

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15 Open Book: Natayla

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With her being on Total Divas since the show began seven seasons ago, Natalya has allowed fans into her life. We have seen the love she has for her cats, watched her beautiful wedding to Tyson Kidd, and felt for her when she was worried about her father, Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart. Watching on the show gave us a slight insight into her life beyond the squared circle. However, that wasn't the beginning of Nattie letting her fans, and sadly, haters, to get a glimpse of her every-day life. She uses social media to let the WWE Universe in and holds very little back.

Being in the age of social media and all things that encompass it, Nattie has enjoyed not only indulging in posts about her life, but also the life of her cat, 2Paws.

Posting pictures on her cat's Instagram account, she gives her feline "son" the following that, at some points, rivals that of herself. On her own personal accounts, Nattie likes to post videos and pictures that give us a glimpse of what life on the road is like, as well as showing us the bond she has with her the members of the WWE that she travels with more than 300 days a year.

14 Open Book: Naomi

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Like Natalya, Naomi let us into her lives on Total Divas, but she had more to bare of her outside life than we had known before the show the began. Using her real name of Trinity, we were able to see love blossom between her and Jon Fatu, known to the WWE Universe as Jimmy Uso. Their wedding was shown on the reality show, but more than that, their hardships were as well.

When she married Fatu, Trinity became a step-mother. On her social media accounts, the former Smackdown women's champion gave her followers a glimpse in the family trips she goes on with her husband and his children. Letting the cameras held by other people into her personal life is one thing, but she also takes her own camera and gives the world a glimpse of her life at her own will. Showing pictures of the of the outfits she wears on both television and live events, the posts don't stop there. Being very photogenic, the "glowing" WWE superstar post the mini photo-shoots she has during her day-to-day life, whether they be backstage with fellow WWE superstars, or while on tour, posing for photos with her husband and their family.

13 Secretive: Sasha Banks


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Sasha Banks has never been one to indulge in her personal life to the WWE Universe. There may be ways of finding out things that Banks, real name Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, may not want to think is leaked to the public. We may have a good idea of who she is close with backstage, there is not much else that she has let us in on. One thing that we may know now, as she spoke about in an interview for WWE.com, she still has yet to come out and right out say in on her social media accounts.

We are aware of her marriage to WWE wardrobe designer, Sarath Ton, but she has yet to address it on her social media accounts.

We know that if a female WWE superstar is not dating a fellow WWE superstar and their relationship has not been addressed, they have to maintain an appearance of being available. It may be her not wanting to break any unwritten rules, but Banks is sure to keep her relationship very private. She uses her social media accounts to show pictures of her with fellow WWE superstars and legends that she meets at either conventions or backstage at WWE events. Other than that, Banks keeps her social media account free and clear of her personal life.

12 Open Book: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder has never been afraid to show the world every corner of his personal life. Keeping with his character, he is know Long Island and is very appreciative of his hometown. His social media accounts displays his personal life, including his romantic relationships. Pictures of his family, some of the crazy things he sees while on the road with the WWE, and his past romantic relationships were things that Ryder didn't feel pressured to hold back from his fans. He has almost nothing to hide, and the fans soak in every post they see.

Known as the self-proclaimed Internet Champion of the WWE, Ryder is truly open with his love for his current girlfriend, Chelsea Green, who wrestles on the independent circuit.

More than that, Ryder's love of wrestling action figures, new and old, allows him to have his own show on the WWE's YouTube channel, where he un-boxes new WWE action figures. In true Ryder fashion, he adds his own flair to each episode, bringing in fellow WWE superstars to some episodes and giving every "broski" something the look forward to. He also shows pictures of his own collection on his Instagram, as well as some of the moments that most people would assume that he would want private. Ryder considers his fans and followers his family, and doesn't hold anything back when it comes to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

11 Open Book: Lana

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Lana is definitely an open book. However, being so open has come back to bite her on several occasions. One of those instances aired on Total Divas. She took to her Twitter account to post a photo, disproving a loss she had at a taping of Smackdown. It caused a bit of backlash from the creative department of the WWE, but it ended up in her favour. Putting your life out on social media, you take the risk of having people vocalize their opinions, positive or negative. Lana never expected negative opinions based on a picture she posted to come from her boss.

When she posted a picture announcing her engagement to fellow WWE superstar Rusev, it made the WWE Universe question her on-screen relationship that she had at the time with Dolph Ziggler.

The powers that be in the WWE, were upset that she would post something that would jeopardize the story line that was playing out on television. Being such an open book has its consequences. Luckily for Lana, she was able to keep her job. For a short time, she had kept her posts on Twitter more in character than not, and her pictures were rarely not about her life outside the ring. She has reverted back to keeping her life in her tweets and Instagram pictures. Her role as a cast member of Total Divas already gives the public a view into her personal life. What she posts on her social media accounts is seen as an extension of that.

10 Secretive: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has had quite a rough go of it when it comes to social media. Rollins, along with his former girlfriend Zahra Schreiber were involved in a crazy scandal on social media with nudes of both of them leaked onto Rollins' social media accounts. The photos were posted by Rollins' ex-fiancee Leighla Schultz in retaliation to hearing rumors that Rollins and Schreiber had started a relationship behind her back while they were on the road. While he has not made an comments referencing the photos, he did take to his social media accounts and proclaim his apology to family, friends and fans who were harmed in any way by them.

Since the scandal, Rollins has taken a step back from posting anything too revealing about his personal life on social media.

He has decided to keep any information about his relationship with his current girlfriend out of his posts on any of his social media accounts. Fans and followers may be asking questions, but with the incredible streak he has been on lately on WWE television, the questions are more about his career than his personal life. Rollins, real name Colby Lopez, is enjoying his life both and out of the ring.

9 Open Book: Bella Twins

Brie and Nikki Bella both live amazing lives. Not only are they trailblazers in the world of wrestling, they are incredibly open on both their social media accounts and the two reality shows they star in. On both Total Divas and Total Bellas, we get to watch their personal lives unfold on a weekly basis. We got to watch Brie become a wife and mother, and Nikki start many business adventures, both on her own and with her sister. When the cameras are not on them for a reality show, the twins still continue to let the world into their lives.

With their Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, both Brie and Nikki are proud to show off every aspect of their life to their fans and followers.

Brie lets the world in on everything that is going on with her beautiful daughter, Birdie. Even through the hard times that Nikki has been going through, with calling off her engagement to John Cena, she still made sure that her fans and followers were with her every step of the way. Not only do they let us in to their personal lives, they show us their faults, with Brie's husband, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, hosting a show on their YouTube channel titled "Bella Brains," which showcases who is the smarter twin. Members of the "Bella Army" have helped the twins with the launch of all of their business endeavors through social media.

8 Open Book: Nia Jax

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Using her influence as a role model for any who feels ashamed to be different, Nia Jax leaves nothing to hide on social media. Aside from whether or not she's dating, Jax lets her fans and followers see her life outside of the ring. Being proud of the woman she is, regardless of whether the public thinks she has flaws, she shows the world that all that matters is that you feel beautiful in your own skin. Living her life to the fullest, Jax shows the world how much she is enjoying her life through the pictures and videos she posts on her social media accounts.

Posting videos of her singing the car and shopping in Target with fellow WWE superstars, Jax hides nothing when it comes to what she shows her fans and followers.

Daring them to be different, Jax is open to letting people into her personal life. Even though she puts up some boundaries, she knows that she is in a position to be a role model for all those who need to embrace their differences. Showing how she came to the WWE from being a plus-sized model and embracing everything that she has accomplished in her life has allowed her to feel free to let the public in.

7 Secretive: Charlotte

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Rumors may swirl, and questions may be asked, but Charlotte maintains her secrecy from the public when it comes to her life outside of the ring. She may show who her friends are backstage in the WWE, but her romantic relationships are kept secret since her divorce a few years back. We don't know much about who she is dating, if she is or not, but that's not why she joined social media and opened her accounts in the first place. She opened her accounts because it was an unwritten rule within the WWE, but it does not force her to indulge in anything that is outside of promoting her character and her appearances on WWE television.

Charlotte wears her heart on her sleeve, as we have seen on several instances of her appearances on WWE programming. She opened up slightly about her love for her father and missing her late brother, Reid, but she withholds any other personal information on her Twitter or Instagram accounts. There were rumors of her being involved with Alberto Del Rio while he began his relationship with fellow WWE superstar Paige, but there is no official proof of pictures or videos on any social media accounts. Charlotte did not comment on it, and still refrains from bringing up her romances to this day.

6 Open Book: Renee Young

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Since she began working for the WWE, and even before, Renee Young has never really held anything back when it comes to her social media accounts. She leaves out any negativity towards WWE superstars that she may have any hard feelings towards, but for the most part, she is an open book. Her willingness to share goes beyond her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Young, real name Renee Good, hosts a podcast called Regular Girls, where she lets the public even deeper into her personal life, talking about married life and the ups and downs that it brings.

She doesn't hold anything back about her love for her homeland of Canada, but still maintains a great deal of love for her new home in Las Vegas, where he resides with her husband, fellow WWE superstar Dean Ambrose. The couple have a dog together named Blue which they rescued as a puppy, and gave them his own Instagram account. Though she hides much discussion about her husband in her social media posts, in her podcast she doesn't hold back. We have learned much about the "Lunatic Fringe" through the podcast, and Renee is very open with her opinions on global issues, while still abiding by the unwritten rule throughout the WWE about posting about your political beliefs.

5 Open Book: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler is no stranger to criticism from the public, but that doesn't stop him from living his life the way he wants outside of the ring. Not only does he hold his hometown of Cleveland high in his heart, he also lets his fans and followers in on what he does with his life aside from wrestling. Though it is a little vague, there is a slight assumption of who he is currently dating. More than that, we know that he has a side job doing stand-up comedy. The way he allows the public to know of his whereabouts is incredibly open.

In addition to showing where he is and what he is doing he reaches out and comment on his real family, letting us in a little bit more. Ziggler, real name Nick Nemeth, is passionate about his family and constantly praises his brother on what he is doing with his life. This is just another wall he breaks down in opening up. We know that Nemeth was involved in relationships with many fellow WWE superstars such as Dana Brooke and Nikki Bella, but even after their breakups, he didn't hold back and put a wall up between his personal life and his professional character.

4 Secretive: Big E


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Though we may see him on his fellow New Day member Xavier Woods' YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown, on a regular basis, Big E is pretty secretive when it comes to his personal life. We know who his friends are backstage, and even some who have recently left the WWE, but other than that, we don't know much else about the big man. At least, we don't read or see it on his social media accounts. He stays very secretive, not breaking down the walls of privacy, keeping his personal life out of the public eye.

When it comes to his romantic life, there was assumption that he was getting close to  Natayla's sister, as we have seen on episode of Total Divas, but nothing was commented on aside from what we saw on the reality show. There has been nothing on his nor Natayla's sister's social media accounts stating whether or not they are dating. Seeing as though it was a couple of years ago, the whole thing could've fizzled out by now. Either way, we wouldn't know with the way the Big E keeps himself composed when it comes to dispelling information he'd rather keep private out of his posts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

3 Open Book: Paige

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Though she may be slightly more secretive now after the fallout of her marriage to former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio. While they were together, they soaked up every chance they could in letting the world in on whatever they were up to. Every tattoo she got in reference to her then-love was photographed for her social media accounts. It was a little much with the photos and tweets, even with the rumors of the turmoil they caused to each other. She had used her heartbreak to fuel her other business adventures aside from wrestling, which she proudly expresses on her Instagram and Twitter.

Now that she has risen from her heartbreak and re-joined the WWE, Paige has quieted down the amount of personal posts she added to her accounts. Though we still see pictures of her and her boyfriend, and the adventures they embark on, it is not nearly as publicized as her last relationship was. She may not be able to compete in the ring anymore, the Smackdown Live General Manager is still happy to be a cast member of Total Divas and brings the public back into her life at all costs, without hiding anything back.

2 Open Book: Xavier Woods

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He may a member of the four-time tag team champion stable The New Day, but on his own, he is a social media marvel. With not only his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Xavier Woods, real name Austin Creed, also has his own YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, where he showcases his love of video games to the world. He hosts many different shows on the channel, many of them featuring fellow WWE superstars. His audience has reached farther than just the wrestling world and he relishes in it. While it may showcase his love of video games, many of the videos are filmed while he is on the road and he gets a personal touch with each guest he brings on the show. The guests themselves indulge in personal information, with Creed telling them some personal information of his own.

As viewers of his YouTube channel, we get a glimpse into the life of Austin Creed. We are aware of other information, such as him being a father and husband, but he keeps his family out of nearly all of his videos and posts on his other social media accounts, while still giving us personal information that goes further than what many other WWE superstars would keep to themselves.

1 Secretive: Dean Ambrose

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We know who she is married to, and some other minor facts about him. However, for the most part, Dean Ambrose, real name Jon Good, keeps quite secretive. Any information that comes out about Good mostly comes from his wife, WWE backstage interviewer Renee Young and her podcast. Good, himself, likes to keep as much as his life private as he can. In fact, if you look at his social media accounts, there are barely any posts to them. Obeying the rules by creating accounts, it is not his job to indulge in posting every chance he can.

Good is currently waiting to come back from an injury, and the only way we know about how he is doing is by asking his wife. He enjoys the solitude of his life in Las Vegas without having people hound him any chance they can. He was very upset when people only were hounding Renee about their relationship, thinking he was too good for him. Even then, he didn't take to social media to retaliate, but let his wife face it on her own and walk with her head held high. We may be able to find out things about Good's personal life, but it won't be because it came from him.

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