10 WWE Superstars That Need An Overhaul In 2019

It is no secret that the WWE could act a touch more invested in the getting their superstars over. At times it often feels like that unless a character is in the running for a title match, then the motivations of the characters are threadbare and likely to change from one week to the next.

We understand that not every wrestler can be in the top of the card at once, but that is a weak excuse in terms of avoiding development, or in some extreme cases, outright dismantling them. Are title shots the only course that can be taken to get the audience engaged? In the last two weeks, the WWE proved themselves capable of revitalizing the character of Bray Wyatt, to much fanfare. Not only that, but Bobby Roode is back in the spotlight and all it took was a new mustache and a slight name change. With this in mind, here are 10 more WWE Superstars that we feel could do with an overhaul.

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10 Drew McIntyre

Seemingly overnight, Drew Mc Intyre went from a man who could single-handedly take on the likes of Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns, to being reduced to a stooge, a mere lackey for Baron Corbin, a character whose intent is to frustrate the audience. But what works for one character, does not always work for another, and this association is costing Drew dearly.

The good news is, saving Drew is rather simple. Just dial him back closer to how he first debuted and remind us he doesn't need help to succeed. Stop telling us that he is a psychopath and update his moveset to show these traits instead. Have him revel in both the pain he endures AND inflicts to get across just how unhinged he can become.

9 Apollo Crews

Having not been seen since the pre-show at Wrestlemania is one thing, but to not have been seen once you take other wrestler's injuries taken into account, is another. A gifted star that was steadily rising while part of Titus Worldwide, but whose stock fell once the group disbanded.

A mix of high flying ability and being just as comfortable showcasing feats of strength, the tweak here is simple. Smackdown Live currently lacks any component heels. Why, Kevin Owens turned just last week due to Daniel Bryan's injury, because they needed someone for Kofi to fight. Keep the "Smiling Babyface" persona on Apollo, but amp it up, akin to Sami Zayn's ska dance since turning heel. Give us the same exaggerated smile, now intended to grate the audience. A few minor tweaks, and just like that, Apollo's stock will rise once more.

8 Tyler Breeze

With Fandango injured, the main roster's favored Prince has (bar the odd NXT appearance) fallen to the dark depths of Main Event. Tyler Breeze, who happened to become popular with one of the more exceptional gimmicks in this day and age, is to put it quite simply, deserving of more.

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As a longtime friend of Xavier Woods, it wouldn't take a genius to see he could excel as the latest honorary member of the New Day. Comfortable in the comedy spot and more than familiar with the ins and outs of tag team wrestling, his quick wit and likability would easily make him a neat fit for the favorite faction.

7 Ruby Riott

A member of the roster whose alternative looks ensure she has your attention, Ruby Riott has been a near constant on RAW since forming the Riott Squad. During the match where Liv Tyler received a concussion, Ruby proved herself an astute ring general as she laid out the match on the fly in order to protect her team-mate. Skills like this ensure that with some booking alterations, she has all it takes to become a WWE mainstay, no matter which roster she is part of.

The overhaul here is straightforward. Having lost Liv Morgan and possibly going solo, show us that Ruby is, in fact, more of a threat when isolated. That if she is to go it alone, so too must everyone else. Most importantly, she needs to win a feud to so she'll be viewed as a credible threat.  Let her live up to her name, and have Ruby riot!

6 Alexa Bliss

Without a doubt, Alexa Bliss is one of the most dominant call ups in NXT history. With almost back to back title reigns on both the Smackdown and RAW divisions, her ability on the mic has made her an enormous star for the WWE.

Unfortunately, her time as a top heel has done little for the women's roster. Whether purposely or not, her feuds have consistently dismantled the popularity of her rivals, none more so than Bayley. The purpose of a heel or villain is to give us a challenger to root for as they lose and eventually hail once they are the victor. Alexa can stay the same character, but she needs to be on the losing end of a feud for once.

5 Rusev

RUSEV MACHKA! There was a time when hearing these words meant that it WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! That Rusev, the lion of Bulgaria was about to decimate his foe. Seeing Rusev now, it can be hard to imagine that this is the same man who rode to Wrestlemania in a tank! But, who says this is the same man?

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Anyone who has listened to Rusev in interviews knows that he loves America and that his story of coming to America and finding the love of his life in Lana, is precisely what people think of when they conjure thoughts of the American dream. Having shown his charm and wit across social media, Rusev would excel with a character akin to larger than life characters of the 80s. Rusev should "machka" no more, instead make him the new "real American" and the fans will be back on his side in an instant!

4 Killian Dain (or anyone from Sanity)

Killian Dain, the beast of Belfast, last seen in a squash match against the Miz. You remember that don't you, when Sanity showed up in a three vs one handicap match... And lost cleanly.

To the Miz.

Killian Dain needs a strong showing, and soon. What makes him stand out has been hampered somewhat by having a similar look and moveset to members of the Viking Raiders. With Sanity seemingly being split for now, Killian needs somewhere to go. With Bray Wyatt soon to return, perhaps Killian could turn up as the first recruit so we can see what happens to those who let him in.

3 Buddy Murphy

The best-kept secret in NXT is soon to be secret no more, now that he is confirmed to be joining the Smackdown Live roster. With his impressive physique and distinct finisher, it's only a matter of time until this new addition gets over with the crowds, right?

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This is more of a pre-emptive suggestion before they do to him what they have so far done with Ricochet, which is solely having wrestling matches. Characters need mic time to establish themselves and what they are about. So much as a minute of mic time pre or post-match would do wonders to give the fans a reason to care before they start to sit on their hands.

2 Chad Gable

Chad Gable has not had the best time since coming to the main roster. Chad has been in tag team limbo since American Alpha split up. Being an Olympic level grappler, this needs to change. Fortunately, with him seemingly switching to singles action, this is the moment to strike.

The idea is predictable, but "predictable" doesn't necessarily mean "bad". Whether they realize it or not, they are easily sitting on Kurt Angle 2.0 with Chad on a physical level. A good idea here would be to consider a manager for him, perhaps Kurt himself. Tell us that he is now fighting for two dreams as one man, or steal wholesale from any Rocky movie, with his manager in the "Adrian" role. Managers are often associated with heel characters, so let's shake things up and see how it works for the other side.

1 Bayley

Ahh, Bayley, what should have been. Last Tuesday on Smackdown Live they showed she still has that spark, but it needs a big boost. No longer scared of confrontation, Bayley slapped the mic from Charlotte Flair, stood her ground and had a great match, only to lose. Having done the same again against Becky Lynch last night, history is looking to repeat itself for Bayley.

First things first, the Bayley to Belly has got be reverted to a signature move. The next step is to stop having Bayley act so naive in her storylines. When feuding with Alexa Bliss, Bayley, whose character is being a huge fan, acted oblivious, even scared to participate in a Kendo stick match.  If she's such a wrestling fan, then she needs to be smarter in anticipating heels' actions.

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