WWE Superstars Pose With Retro Titles In Nostalgic Photo Shoot

No matter how many Superstars there are in WWE and regardless of what their various gimmicks are when stripped down to the bare bones, they're really all after the same thing, championships. If a pro wrestler is in the industry and they tell you that they don't want titles or don't care about them then they're either lying or in the business for the wrong reason. It's one of the cornerstones that the industry is built on.


There are more championships in WWE right now than there ever have been before. Between Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT the company currently has 13 active championships. Some have been long standing while others, such as the United Kingdom Title, are brand new. No matter their tenure you can rest assured that a lot of Superstars are vying after each and every one.

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Fans and wrestlers alike have their favorite championships from years gone by. There are classics such as the winged eagle belt from the 1990s and of course the big gold belt that Ric Flair made so famous. Well recently some WWE Superstars got to live out their childhood fantasies and pose with some retro championships.


A set of photos was posted on WWE.com featuring a number of current stars. Bayley and Asuka got the chance to wear and hold the Women's Championship that was held by the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita, European stars such as Cesaro and Finn Balor posed with the now inactive European Title, while Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe got the opportunity to see how they would have looked as ECW Champion. The winged eagle belt mentioned above also made a fair few appearances.

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Seeing these photos of current stars with past championships conjures up two thoughts. Firstly WWE wouldn't be remiss if they brought some of these designs back to replace some of the current active championships. Secondly quite a few of the Superstars included would not have been out of place if they wrestled during a bygone era. Seth Rollins in particular looks right at home with that old WWE Championship draped over his shoulder.

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