WWE Superstars Praise Kofi Kingston On Social Media After Title Loss

While Cain Velasquez gave WWE fans a reason to cheer, the Superstars of the company came out in droves to support their friend, Kofi Kingston.

Lost in the chaos and excitement of the main event that closed Friday Night SmackDown was just how important Kofi Kingston was in the equation of how things unfolded. But, when you lose the WWE Championship in a matter of seconds and the company seemingly moves on without you in the storyline, fans and fellow wrestlers tend to come to bat for you.

That's what's happening with Kofi Kingston, a now-former WWE Champion who is getting a lot of love from fellow wrestlers for being the kind of champion that people should remember.

Wrestlers like Rusev wrote, "Kofi is one of the greatest World Champs in history!" Johnny Gargano said his piece when he tweeted, "@TrueKof is the best of us. He is the prime example of a dude with a contagious work ethic and energy. In a world filled with people constantly trying to bring you down.. he's "one of the good ones" that actually raise you up."

A number of other wrestlers chimed in, some from WWE, others legends, some even from AEW who thought it was unfair for Kofi to go out that way. All tweets and posts were proof that Kofi's run as champion won't soon be forgotten, even if for now, it's over.

What's Next For Kofi?

As Xavier Woods wrote, "In my opinion @TrueKofi created the greatest Wrestlemania moment of all time. Tonight his title reign was ended by a man who cares nothing for other people, he is wreckless, and he disgust me. Now begins the hustle to bring that WWE heavyweight championship back to the New Day."

This is probably where things are headed.

Kingston did an interview with WWE backstage and said he wasn't done with Lesnar. And, with word that Cain Velasquez might not actually be signed to a WWE contract yet, one has to imagine Kingston will get a rematch.

Should he, it will be here where he gets a chance to shine in the ring with Lesnar and take him on for much longer than a few seconds. And, should he not get the title back, there is running again as part of New Day, one of the most popular factions in WWE history.

We thank Kofi too. If you never see the WWE Championship again, the fans know what you did. They won't forget.

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