Predicting The Next 10 WWE Superstars Who Will Leave WWE

Even though WWE is doing its best efforts to ensure that nobody leaves the company anymore, there is no doubt that at some point people will still leave, whether it be through getting fired, being released, or simply not re-signing with the company. Now that there are a lot of genuine options in wrestling once again, there is less fear in wrestlers to walk away from WWE, especially if they believe they have more to offer the business.

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With the likes of Ring Of Honor, New Japan, IMPACT Wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling all wanting to boost their rosters, you can expect WWE talent to walk away, and within this article, we will be predicting the next 10 WWE Superstars who will leave the company.

10 Zack Ryder

He might be a massive company guy but the fact remains that Cody Rhodes is one of Zack Ryder's best friends and WWE isn't exactly booking him in a strong position, two things that come together and equal leaving the company. There is only so long most wrestlers are willing and prepared to sit on the sidelines when they know they have the potential to do more and Ryder is surely close to hitting that point in his life.

While there are no guarantees he will go on to have huge success away from WWE, you have to think that AEW would be willing to give him a shot at making things work.

9 Kacy Catanzaro

This is one that seems destined to happen with lots of reports claiming that the former Ninja Warrior has already requested to leave the company, with her partner, Ricochet admitting she is contemplating hanging up her boots. Kacy Catanzaro has only just started her career in wrestling and has been given some major opportunities including being part of the 2019 Royal Rumble match and appearing in the second-ever Mae Young Classic.

However, with Kacy being an incredibly small woman, the bumps are significant and have reportedly been taking a toll on her body. So it would appear that Kacy's WWE career could be coming to an end before it has fully gotten underway.

8 Rusev & Lana

A two-for-one deal here but Rusev and Lana are obviously a real-life couple and while not every couple follow each other (Renee Young and Jon Moxley), in this particular case it seems like they are both heading towards the exit door.

Rusev hasn't been seen since Super ShowDown in June and there have been reports that WWE is now simply cooling them off so that when their contracts expire there isn't much buzz about them, as was the case with Dean Ambrose. Both of them have been criminally underutilized during their time in WWE and have serious main event potential with the likes of AEW certainly being interested in him.

7 The Revival

Speaking of two wrestlers leaving at once, The Revival still have not signed a new deal with WWE and it doesn't appear that the Top Guys have changed their minds when it comes to wanting to leave the company.

The former Tag Team Champions reportedly requested a release from WWE earlier in the year but didn't get it, with WWE being smart enough to see that AEW would have snapped them up in seconds. However, if Dash and Dawson refuse to sign new deals they will simply end up working the remainder of their contracts before eventually leaving, which seems to be the case.

6 Luke Harper

This is one WWE Superstar who is certain to be leaving the company after he made it very public knowledge that he wanted to be released from his WWE contract, however, the company not only refused, they added time that he had missed through injury.

Now Harper is being paid to simply sit at home and spend time with his family, which isn't exactly a bad way to earn a living, but it isn't what he wants with Harper wasting his prime years on the sidelines. Unfortunately for him, he was a victim of bad timing with WWE now no longer simply letting people walk away due to the competition, but he will certainly not be inking a new deal with them anytime soon and is now waiting patiently.

5 Ronda Rousey

Even though Ronda Rousey has made it clear that she is taking time away from the company in order to start a family, she is actually still under contract with WWE moving forward. However, that doesn't mean that she is actually going to come back and wrestle and the fact that WWE has moved her profile to the Alumni section could be a big sign that the company is waving its white flag in defeat here.

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While it would be incredible to see her return, the next time you see Rousey with WWE could be for the inevitable Hall Of Fame induction that she will one day receive.

4 Sheamus

Unlike most of the examples on this list, Sheamus' decision to leave WWE might not be one that he actually wants to make, with the Celtic Warrior struggling to get cleared to return to action. The former Tag Team Champion hasn't been seen in WWE since the post-WrestleMania 35 SmackDown Live after suffering a concussion and given that we are now in September it has been quite a significant amount of time.

Sheamus had been dealing with some serious neck issues in recent years which may have played a part in his absence, but the vastly underrated wrestler could be forced into retirement if things don't improve.

3 Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy hasn't been used on WWE television in a match since his brother, Jeff Hardy was injured back in April. Instead, Matt has been resigned to 24/7 Championship chases and live events to keep him ticking over as a wrestler. Considering the fact that a few years ago Matt Hardy was the hottest free agent in the entire sport, it is fair to say he still has plenty to offer, with Matt being known for having an incredibly creative brain.

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WWE doesn't seem to have any ideas for him moving forward, and Matt has been vocal on social media about believing he has more to offer, so expect him to see out his contract professionally, and move on to a new challenge.

2 Kalisto

The former Cruiserweight Champion is a very talented performer, but he hasn't really been given the platform needed to become a major star in WWE, which is a shame and it something that has seemingly frustrated him.

Kalisto recently posted on social media about how long he has left on his deal, seemingly teasing that he will be looking to move away from the company when that happens, which is certainly an interesting move. Kalisto is a brilliant wrestler but hasn't exactly been a main event name in WWE which does bring its own risks with it, so it would actually be intriguing to see how he would cope away from the bright lights of WWE.

1 Rey Mysterio

The teases that Rey Mysterio might retire on Monday Night Raw lately might have a little more truth in them than most people realize, with the master of 619 certainly coming to the final section of his wrestling career.

While we would all love the masked wrestler to continue competing forever, the reality is that with the injuries he has accumulated throughout his career, there is only so long that he is going to be able to compete for. Expect Mysterio to keep promoting his son and eventually bring Dominic in for his official WWE debut before he rides out into the sunset, bringing an end to his career as a performer.

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