WWE Superstars React To The Mixed Match Challenge Announcement

WWE recently announced the Mixed Match Challenge for Facebook, and WWE Superstars React to the news!

WWE announced this week that they will be broadcasting a show on Facebook starting Jan. 16, 2017, featuring a mixed tag tournament.

There has been talk for a few weeks now that WWE were working with Facebook about a project that would air solely on the social media outlet. Well, today that was confirmed as WWE announced that starting from Jan. 16, 2017, a new show, Mixed Match Challenge, will air exclusively on Facebook.

The show will be centered around a 12-week tournament and will feature Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown Live. Male and female Superstars will pair up and take on one another in mixed tag matches. The episodes will be 20 minutes long and the winners of the tournament will get a $100,000 prize pot that they can donate to the charity of their choice. Fans will also be able to interact with the show as it goes on and change the course of what is happening as well as interact with Superstars.


It's a pretty big deal and with it being a social media based venture WWE has obviously been very clear that they want the Superstars involved in the tournament advertising the fact from day one. 22 of the 24 competitors have already been decided and some have taken to Twitter to talk about their inclusion.

Braun Strowman will be one of the men representing Raw and he wrote on Twitter 'There isn’t a person who wouldn’t want to be my partner or a team that wants to compete against us'. The Monster Among Men might have a point there. Finn Balor and Bayley will also represent Raw and have both indicated that they would like to be paired with one another. The two of them effectively ruled over NXT together as the brand's champions and re-lived that bond on Twitter today as they more than hinted and wanting to rekindle their friendship via the Mixed Match Challenge.

When news began to filter through that WWE would soon be airing a show on Facebook this likely wasn't what fans had in mind. It's a pretty novel idea and clearly, most of the Superstars involved in it are pretty excited. As we move closer to the debut of Mixed Match Challenge we will likely find out who will team with who, and maybe those pairings will even have an effect on the week-to-week happenings on SmackDown Live and Raw.


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WWE Superstars React To The Mixed Match Challenge Announcement