Superstars React To Unexpected Title Change On Raw

Not many people were expecting to see a championship change hands on the first ever live edition of Raw on Christmas Day.

The news that Raw would be airing live on Christmas Day for the first time ever was greeted with a mixed response. While higherups behind the scenes at WWE of course had to make out it was an amazing idea, many outside the company - including fans - criticized WWE for not letting the company's Superstars and employees have the day off to spend with their families.


Christmas Raw has been and gone now and something had to be done to make it a memorable show and one worthwhile of staging live on December 25th. That was done by having the Raw Tag Team Championships change hands in the night's main event. The unlikely pairing of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins managed to overcome The Bar and are now the red brand's Tag Team Champions.

The first Superstar to react to the win did so so quickly that Raw had barely gone off the air. Before the new champions had even left the ring, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle came to the ring to congratulate his 'son' and Rollins. Three of the four Superstars involved in the match have since taken to Twitter to air their feelings about how things unfolded.

Three time Tag Champion Jason Jordan tweeted a photo of his boots and the belt stating that he's out to 'silence all the doubters'.

The Architect revealed that it was the first time he had ever wrestled on Christmas Day and that he's 'considering making this a tradition'.

On the flip side, at the time of typing this, only one half of The Bar has managed to pull himself together enough following the loss to take to social media. Cesaro tweeted that Angle had ruined his and Sheamus' Christmas.

What the plan is for Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan as Tag Team Champions is pretty unclear right now. Even the writers at WWE likely don't know at this point. It's very unlikely that this was the plan before Dean Ambrose got injured. Now The Lunatic Fringe is out of action The Architect needed a partner, and apparently Jason Jordan fits the bill.

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