20 Least Liked WWE Superstars Since 2000: Where Are They Now?

Since the year 2000, the WWE Universe has witnessed the introduction of hundreds of Superstars, some of which made an impact while others faded into obscurity. The 2000s produced some of wrestling's biggest Superstars, such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. But it has also familiarized us with names that we wish we could erase from our memories. Luck certainly plays a factor into becoming a major WWE star as some wrestlers are given multiple chances to succeed, while others are stuck with a bad gimmick from day one. They may not be terrible in-ring competitors, but they earned a spot on this list based on their WWE run and what we witnessed from them.

You also have wrestlers that WWE tried to push to the top, but failed to resonate with fans as they quickly became jobbers or comedy acts without serving any real purpose on the roster. And of course, we can't forget terrible in-ring competitors that made us wonder how they even got so far, and perhaps gave us hope that we could be hired by the WWE as well. When you are a major company like the WWE, there is a revolving door that wrestlers come and go through so there are bound to be names who ultimately flop.

They are usually forgotten once they are released, and we are often left wondering what they are up to these days. Today, we take a look at the 20 worst WWE Superstars since 2000 and reveal where they have been since leaving the company.


20 The Great Khali: Opened A Wrestling School

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The Great Khali is not only deserving to be on this list, but he is also arguably the worst Superstar of any era. When you take his accomplishments into consideration, that only justifies his inclusion as Khali was a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and defeated several top Superstars, including The Undertaker. He was an all around terrible performer who ended up lasting 8 years in the WWE. Since leaving the company, Khali started a wrestling school which keeps him occupied along with some of his personal projects. That's one way to flush money down the toilet, especially if Khali is the one teaching his students how to execute those deadly chops of his. Khali also made a one time appearance for the WWE at Battleground in 2017, assisting Jinder Mahal. Thankfully we haven't see him return since then.

19 Kelly Kelly: Acting On TV Show WAGS

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Long before the women's revolution took place in the WWE, Kelly Kelly was thrilling audiences with weekly teases on television. She earned a paycheque to take it all off for many years. Once WWE turned PG, they had no choice but to tone it down, so Kelly started competing in the ring and managed to capture the WWE Divas Championship - perhaps it's one of the reasons why they retired that belt soon afterwards.

Kelly was simply awful in the ring and her promos were somehow even worse. She offered nothing but an eye candy image. These days, you can find her acting as one of the main characters on WAGS LA, which is reportedly being cancelled this month. Kelly made a return to the company at the 2018 Royal Rumble to remind everyone just how terrible she truly was.


18 Mason Ryan: Performing With Cirque Du Soleil

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When the WWE Universe was introduced to Mason Ryan through his appearances with The New Nexus, comparisons to Batista were immediately drawn and it's easy to see why. They certainly look alike with similar features, and both men have an impressive physique. As it turned out, Ryan wasn't even as good as Batista on his worst day. To his credit, he has made a remarkable transition following his stint with the WWE to become a performer for Cirque du Soleil.

Despite being one of the worst WWE Superstars in recent memory, it is impressive that he has found employment for what some consider to be one of the most difficult gigs. And he still gets to travel the world as he did with the WWE, so Ryan is still living it up despite never being unleashed on the wrestling industry as Batista was in the mid 2000s.

17 Nathan Jones: Actor

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Nathan Jones has the distinctive honour of having been voted as the Most Embarrassing Wrestler and Worst Wrestler of the year 2003 by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. His WWE run lasted barely a year before they agreed to end his contract. Jones was apparently not a fan of the schedule, while the company saw him for what he was.

As a Superstar, he had nothing to offer to the company and most fans probably don't even remember who he is. He was the typical ripped, huge man who lacked in every other department. He left wrestling soon after his stint with the WWE and moved into the acting business, where he has featured in numerous films since then. None that you have probably seen, but at least he is still getting paid to work because the independent wrestling promotions aren't exactly begging for his services.


16 Ashley Massaro: Part-Time Model

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When the highlights of your career are winning a Diva Search Contest and posing for Heff, then not much else needs to be said. Ashley Massaro came at a time when female wrestlers were expected to impress with looks rather than with their wrestling talents and she benefited greatly. But whenever she did get into the ring, it was so sloppy that it made you want to switch the channel. Since leaving the WWE, Massaro hasn't exactly been a relevant figure as her prime days are clearly behind her.

She attempted to break into the acting industry by appearing on various shows, but that didn't work out for her. These days, she still works as a model although it's more of a part time gig for her. She was recently named as the cover girl of Kandy magazine, so she hasn't evolved much since you last saw her in the ring.

15 Heidenreich: Wrestling At Local Promotions

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Heidenreich is one of the many big men who debuted in the mid 2000s and fell flat despite the company doing its best to push him to the next level. How many Superstars get to feud with The Undertaker in their first year? Heidenreich was one of the lucky wrestlers, as their feud spanned a couple months before the company finally dropped it. Fresh off a feud with an all-time great, Heidenreich teamed up with Road Warrior Animal to bring back the Legion of Doom.

But apparently being associated with a legendary team wasn't enough to change his fortunes, and it wasn't long before Heidenreich was finally released from the WWE. Since then, he has wrestled for a couple of independent promotions but his appearances have gotten fewer in recent years. He competes for local wrestling organizations from time to time, but not much else is known about Heidenreich.


14 Vladimir Kozlov: Stuntman For Major Films

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Vladimir Kozlov was the typical foreign monster heel that we have become familiar with, and managed to remain with the WWE much longer than he should have. From being promoted as a main eventer to a comedy act, it's a story that we have witnessed with plenty of Superstars in the mid 2000s. It's hard to believe, but Kozlov looks much better today than he did during his WWE run. He seems to be on the same diet as The Rock, as his physique has massively improved.

He also grew a beard which definitely suits him, but just don't let Vince McMahon know or else he may be back in the WWE again. Kozlov has gone away from wrestling to become a stuntman for some Hollywood films that will certainly impress you, such as Fast & Furious 6 and John Wick 2 which were major box office hits.

13 Jack Swagger: Bellator MMA Fighter

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This may be the most controversial entry on this list considering that he wasn't a bad wrestler like so many names on here. But he was far from being great either, and certainly even more so when you remember that he was supposed to fill the void left by Kurt Angle. He never came close to impress the WWE Universe half as much as Angle did despite a major push.

During his time with the WWE, he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, ECW title, US title and Money in the Bank - an impressive resume that Swagger certainly is unworthy of having. As of November 2017, he has joined Bellator MMA where he will be competing for the next few years. It may turn out to be a good decision for his career since Swagger never truly had the entertainment factor.


12 Snitsky: Bodybuilder

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It wasn't his fault that Vince McMahon was simply in love with tall wrestlers and tried to make a star out of every single one of them. Snitsky had many characters and looks, including yellow teeth, but the fans never cared to see him. All of his gimmicks were equally as bad, and his low quality matches meant that he became an afterthought despite the company attempting to shove him in our face. Snitsky was involved in a major storyline with Kane and Lita, which became the highlight of his career.

Snitsky has given up on his wrestling career, and is now competing in bodybuilding contests. His physique looks significantly different than his WWE days as he has gotten ripped since those days. If you happen to follow Snitsky on social media, he practically spams selfies of himself to show off his muscles and long beard.

11 Shannon Moore: Wrestling For Local Promotions

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Shannon Moore is one of wrestling's greatest mysteries. WWE tried their best to get him over with the fans but failed to do so over a period of three years. He defeated some of wrestling's biggest names such as Eddie Guerero, and received WWE title matches against JBL and Brock Lesnar. It's unknown exactly as to what the company exactly saw in him to get behind him so much, but fans never bought into the hype.

He has become a meme with wrestling fans - a legacy that he probably isn't very proud of. Two years ago, Moore announced his retirement from wrestling but it seems like he was immediately itching to get back and has returned to competing on the independent circuit. Apparently he changed his wrestling style and while we are glad that someone is still booking him in 2018, he definitely deserves to be listed here.


10 Eva Marie: Acting And Modelling

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Eva Marie is essentially the last true Diva in the WWE. Most Superstars are usually given a chance or two to prove themselves, she was on the receiving end of several more yet she failed to find a place on the roster when her peers successfully did. She came at a bad time since the company was in a transitional period, and she simply wasn't talented enough in the ring. Eva Marie didn't really improve either, and was prone to botch during her matches.

WWE eventually gave up on her and let her go when they realized that there is no hope for Eva Marie in the modern PG era. She has moved on to other ventures since then, and resumed her modelling career. Eva Marie is also aiming to break into the acting scene after having made her film debut in 2017 with the release of Inconceivable

9 James Ellsworth: Wrestling For Independent Promotions

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James Ellsworth was never meant to be a serious Superstar and was brought in to be squashed by Braun Strowman, but since he got a positive reaction from the fans, Vince McMahon hired him as a full-time wrestler. From there, he was involved in some major storylines alongside Carmella where he assisted her in capturing the first ever Ms Money in the Bank.

Additionally, Ellsworth had a feud with AJ Styles and even got victories over him. While his act was amusing at first, it got tired very quickly to the point he was unbearable especially since he would receive so much time on the mic and inside the squared circle. This past November, he was released from the company. Ellsworth hasn't given up on his wrestling career as he immediately began taking independent bookings, and confirmed his wish to stay in the industry for several years to come.


8 Original Sin Cara: Back In CMLL

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For many years, it was rumoured that the WWE was interested in bringing the (original) Sin Cara, also known as Mistico, over to the company. They viewed him as the heir of Rey Mysterio for obvious reasons, and was finally signed in 2011 with a new identity. The hype died down in a matter of weeks, as Mistico failed to make any positive impression with the audience. He became known for botching during his matches, and even messed up his entrance a number of times which got WWE to change it altogether.

Following a failed run with the WWE, Mistico remained in wrestling and competed for several companies, including CMLL where he initially made a name for himself. Outside of the WWE, he has carved out a respectable career but he was one of the biggest flops of the 2000s who could never reach the anticipated expectations.

7 Orlando Jordan: Wrestling And Fitness Trainer

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As far as in-ring talent, Orlando Jordan was decent although far from great. He was apart of JBL's stable during his WWE Title run, which earned him a top spot on SmackDown. He would engaged in feuds with John Cena and Chris Benoit, a spot which he didn't earn. Jordan was very bland despite his association with JBL and never truly got over with the fans.

He even held the United States champion at some point, which the company would love for fans to erase from their memories. Jordan hasn't retired from wrestling and competes from time to time, but he devotes his days to serving as a wrestling and fitness trainer. Probably not the greatest teacher to learn from when you consider his wrestling path, but at least he knows what really goes on in the business and behind the scenes, therefore he can spread some knowledge to his students.


6 Eugene: Local Wrestler

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Before he took on one of WWE's most memorable characters in the mid 2000s, Nick Dinsmore was an impressive wrestler. Like so many, I was a fan of Eugene at first and Dinsmore certainly portrayed the gimmick to perfection. But like most things in WWE, things went south rather quickly and Eugene became disastrous. He lost the fans' interest and became one of the most annoying Superstars that nobody wanted to see.

He was never allowed to truly show off his talent as Eugene was limited to basic move sets and mostly stealing signature finishers from legendary wrestlers. Dinsmore truly loves the wrestling industry though and remains a part of it today as he competes for several local promotions. Last year, he won a World Heavyweight Title for an independent company - and if you were wondering, he is still portraying the very same character that got him over.

5 Kenzo Suzuki: Wrestling For AJPW

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Kenzo Suzuki was signed by the WWE at a time when they were trying to diversify their roster. While some of their signings worked out for the better, Suzuki was released just a year later. He got booed in his own home country during a WWE show, which sums up his career with the company. He never made an impression inside the ring while his generic persona failed to capture the attention of WWE fans.

Suzuki got the opportunity to work with the likes of Eddie Guerrero and John Cena, but failed to capitalize on any momentum. These days, he is working for AJPW although his appearances have gotten fewer over the past two years. WWE moved on from Suzuki over a decade ago, but he hasn't been prepared to call it quit just yet as he continues being booked by AJPW and fellow local companies.


4 David Otunga: Pre-Show Panelist

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David Otunga is one of the few members of The Nexus who remain with the WWE, although he transitioned from a wrestler to a commentator. He was awful in the ring, and showed very little despite being given various opportunities to improve. Otunga claims to have quit wrestling as per the request of his now ex-wife Jennifer Hudson, who didn't want him to be away from home for the majority of the year.

Otunga became a commentator for a while before being demoted once again, as he now works the pre-show. His days in the WWE are likely numbered, especially with the controversy surrounding his relationship with Hudson. We wouldn't be surprised to see him among the Superstars to be released in a few months. He hasn't been able to make the most out of his opportunities and it's now only a matter of time before he departs.

3 Enzo Amore: Fighting Allegations And Becoming A Rapper

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The most recently released WWE Superstars finds himself on this list. Some fans will be quick to defend Enzo Amore, mostly due to his mic skills. He practically cut the same promo with the same played out catchphrases for years. After many years with the company, Enzo failed to improve in the ring and often embarrassed himself among some of the best wrestlers in the world.

But he was over enough to be pushed for some time before the company finally realized he wasn't worth the trouble. These days, Enzo is busy defending himself against the latest charges brought against him. Prior to being released from the WWE, he was planning on leaving wrestling to become a full time rapper so it's very likely that he is preparing for that at the moment, but we are not so confident in his abilities after hearing a freestyle of his.


2 Cameron: Aspiring Actress

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Say what you will about Eva Marie but you can't claim that she is the worst female Superstar in recent years because Cameron holds that prestigious crown. She didn't really have anything going for her despite being put into different situations to succeed. Her matches were terrible while her character was an uninteresting, especially when compared to her former partner Naomi. To make matter worse, she was very stiff in the ring and difficult to work with, which is why she had major heat with Paige who complained about her aggressive wrestling style.

Cameron got released once she tweeted out a support message at the height of a rivalry between the WWE and RyBack. Upon her release, she stated that the independent circuit was a step down from WWE therefore she wouldn't pursue that option. She has now become an aspiring actress so we will see if that works out for her.

1 The Boogeyman: Wrestling On The Independent Scene

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The Boogeyman was given air time more than most WWE Superstars ever do, yet his career revolved around eating worms and being creepy in every possible way. Creepy as he may have been, The Boogeyman was never interesting and put on some terrible matches whenever he had to compete. Fans got tired of him rather quickly, but when Vince McMahon supports you then you are likely to be given more chances than the average Superstar.

For whatever reason, The Boogeyman is signed to a WWE legends contract which is pretty mind blowing if you ask me. He still competes on the independent circuit although major promotions aren't exactly booking him for obvious reasons. The Boogeyman is one of those gimmicks that should have never materialized because not only was the character an unpleasant watch, but his wrestling talent was somehow even worse to witness.


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