10 WWE Superstars Who Would Thrive Outside Of The Company

The wrestling scene is healthier than it has in decades, and its stars now have a wealth of options when it comes to getting work. Promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling are steadily growing, and all eyes are on AEW for what hopefully turns into an exciting alternative for both fans and the wrestlers themselves.

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Considering Cody Rhodes success since his departure, and now that Dean Ambrose has revived his Jon Moxley persona to much acclaim, it is clear that the wrestling scene has far more to offer these days to those who are willing to bet on themselves. With the WWE's roster being as bloated as it is, there are many WWE superstars currently being under-used or flat out ignored, who could be huge draws for any promotion looking to increase their viewership. With that in mind, here are 10 wrestlers or tag teams that would thrive away from 16WWE.

10 The Revival

During their time in NXT, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, otherwise known as The Revival, put on tag time matches that harkened back to an older, more methodical style of wrestling. This team was certain for success on the main roster until ill-timed injuries left them on the shelf, and the WWE seemingly cooled off on tag team wrestling in general.

Having made no secret of their will to leave, The Revival exists on borrowed time in the WWE. Frequently cited as favorites of personalities like Jim Cornette as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin and if they can hold on to something akin to their "no flips, just fists" gimmick, any promotion looking to develop or get fresh eyes on their tag team division will be sure to sweep them up.

9 Authors of Pain

Man oh man, what happened here? It is no question that their rivals had more than a helping hand in making this team a credible threat, but the potential here cannot be understated. Once they stepped up to the main roster, they were crippled by unnecessary dirty finishes and over-booked matches. Need we remind you how they won the Smackdown titles?

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That mean old "Hoss" power move style is something sorely lacking almost universally across tag team wrestling right now. A smart booker who can utilize their strengths would be able to get many great "Davids vs Goliaths" matches from the intimidating pair.

8 Mojo Rawley

We know what your thinking, but hear us out! As part of the Hype Bros, there was always going to be a certain point when things turned stale, but Mojo himself has all the makings of a star. His promo style has a unique energy and passion to it that makes him incredibly engaging, especially when given creative freedom.

With Ring of Honor appearing to want to go more "sports entertainment" based on some recent angles, Mojo Rawley could get a response that would surprise many. Thanks to wrestlers like EC3 having proved that the less "work-rate," heavy style is more than viable outside the WWE. Mojo could be massively popular in the indies, so long as we all agree the "Stay hype" schtick is left behind.

7 Tyler Breeze

Be it as the heelish Prince Pretty or as a beloved member of the Fashion Police, Tyler Breeze has proven himself capable across singles title action to comedy tag team spots.

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That he seems to be returning to NXT proves two things. That he was too quickly dismissed as a singles star on the main roster, and that someone in the WWE that he is a talent not to be pointlessly shelved. Quick-witted, agile, and sporting a great moveset, Tyler Breeze would be a popular addition to any promotion, overseas or otherwise.

6 Sonya Deville

Having worked her way through Tough Enough only to fail, the WWE saw something in Sonya and soon after she was welcomed into the performance center. At the time of joining, her MMA background really helped shine a spotlight on the young performer.

However, with Shayna Baszler dominating the NXT scene and Ronda Rousey's recent run, it's likely that Sonya's MMA skills could standout better elsewhere. Both as an upcoming talent and with her never-say-die attitude, Sonya could excel away from the WWE and possibly in time, lead a women's division of her own.

5 Cesaro

The Swiss Superman has had a surprisingly strong run as a member of The Bar with Sheamus, but with talk of his tag partner retiring soon, it is worrying to think what Cesaro's place on the roster will be.

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A constant hit on any show, he would be sure to get a huge push and bring his match quality with him where ever he goes. Having already been a highlight of the indies for years, his time in the WWE would ensure he'd be a draw for any promotion if he were ever to return the scene he once called home.

4 Braun Strowman

It's hard to determine what is next for Braun Strowman. Every time his star rises, they find a way to bring crashing back down. If things carry on the current path, the fans are likely to lose faith altogether, requiring a revamp not unlike Bray Wyatt's to get the audience back on board.

Is Braun the best wrestler? No, but he doesn't have to be. Deceptively fast and an absolute powerhouse, Braun excels when you let him be the cartoon monster he's supposed to be. With WWE contracting pretty much all the big men in the indies, Braun would be highly coveted if he were ever to bet on himself.

3 Rusev

Possibly one of the greatest victims to WWE's unwillingness to commit to a star that's over, Rusev has been, shall we say, overlooked as of late. The Lion of Bulgaria's charisma and likeability is often ignored, and its a shame as in 2019, the audience has grown more than weary of the "foreign" heel.

At the same time, it feels like we are still waiting on that classic match we know that's in him. A promotion like NJPW would be a surefire hit for a wrestler like Rusev. Even without a long term stay, something like the G1 would lead to an incredible showing for the man. Just picture Rusev vs Tomohiro Ishii. Don't worry, its only natural, we're salivating too.

2 Luke Harper

When he inevitably retires, Luke Harper should be talked about as one of the best large wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in the ring. Intimidating, dangerous and with a lariat that will knock your head off, fans have long been clamoring for Luke to become part of the title scene.

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Alas, that was not to be. Now, with his desire to depart the WWE being no secret, it will shock no one to see him return to the indies within the next year, likely as returning to his Brodie Lee character. Similar to Dean Ambrose, it's not a question of when, and simply a question of where.

1 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks the character has a strange contradiction with Sasha Banks the wrestler. Whereas Sasha the wrestler is one of the best wrestlers, female or otherwise, on the any WWE brand today, the strongest character trait she has appears to be that she's a choke artist. From her NXT match with Bayley to her recent showing against Ronda Rousey, Sasha Banks is the common connection with many superstars best singles match, yet the WWE continue to undermine the talent they have.

More than comfortable in the heel role, she would be a terrific get for any promotion out there. Where-ever she goes, she will be inundated with fan support and is likely to show the WWE exactly what they were missing.

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