5 Superstars That Tried And Failed To Cheat WWE’s Wellness Policy

Throughout the years, many WWE superstars (past and present) took steroids which led to lingering health issues throughout their lives. This contributed to untimely deaths of Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero and others.

As such, the WWE was forced to institute its Wellness Policy in 2006 which is a program that ensures the health and well-being of all performers. If a superstar is caught taking PEDs of any kind, they receive an indefinite suspension.

Though some of these stars have been around for a while and have been aware of the policy, a handful of them violated the policy anyway and expected to get away with it. Spoiler alert: It didn't work, and they paid the price.

Here are five superstars that cheated the WWE's Wellness Policy.

5. R-Truth

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R-Truth has been your Average Joe of a mid-card wrestler. He's entertaining on the mic (What's Up!) and has won four championships in the WWE. Truth most recently had a comedic partnership with Goldust but hasn't been relevant in quite some time.

He did make headlines in November 2011, however, when he was caught violating the company's Wellness Policy. Because it was his first offense, R-Truth was given just a 30-day suspension for the incident.

Truth has seemingly learned from the mistake, as he's been out of trouble since being caught the one time. Perhaps his good behavior is why the company hasn't parted ways with him in a while, even if he's rarely on television anymore.


4. Dolph Ziggler

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Ziggler has had a fairly successful 12 years in the WWE thus far, though his character/gimmick seems to change every few months. He was taken off television to be "repackaged", and his latest gimmick has him coming out to mock wrestlers like D-Generation X and The Undertaker.

But in late 2008, Ziggler got in trouble for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. He was given a 30-day suspension and came back to feud with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and Batista.

Because it was happened nearly a decade ago and has been his only offense thus far, many don't remember that Ziggler got busted. Good thing he's learned his lesson.

3. Jeff Hardy

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Though Jeff Hardy is undeniably one of the biggest risk-takers and all-around wrestlers in history, there's no denying that he's his fair share of troubles with both the law and the WWE.

The former Raw Tag Team Champion (with brother Matt), has been suspended twice by the company for violating its Wellness Policy. The second suspension caused him to miss his match at WrestleMania XXIV.

Hardy also received suspensions in TNA for not showing up to some events. He also had drug and alcohol issues, which led to some law troubles. Since returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33, Hardy has kept it clean. Let's hope he can keep it that way for the rest of his career.

2. Roman Reigns

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Since The Shield broke up in 2014, Roman Reigns has been pushed by Vince McMahon and the creative team to be THE Guy in WWE. Despite some excellent athleticism and ability in the ring, Reigns' lack of personality and charisma on the mic have failed him in getting over with the fans.

Last year, Reigns was suspended after violating the company's Wellness Policy. Reigns was given a 30-day suspension, as it was his first offence. He issued this statement on Twitter:

His suspension didn't stop the creative team from pushing Reigns, however. Shortly after returning, he became the United States Champion and continued to headline multiple pay-per-views. But he better stay out of trouble, because a second violation wouldn't fly well with Vince or the WWE Universe.


1. Randy Orton

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Few superstars on the WWE roster have had as much success as Randy Orton. The third-generation superstar has four World Heavyweight Championships and nine WWE Championships under his belt (no pun intended). He's also been part of some legendary tag teams, including The Legacy and Evolution.

But Orton's career has not been without controversy, of course. In 2012, he got a 60-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy. Because it was his second offense, Orton got the lengthier suspension.

In 2013, WWE changed the policies of their Wellness program. That was great news for Orton, as one of his "two strikes" was essentially wiped out. Orton has since stayed out of trouble, so we'll see if he continues to keep it clean until the end of his career.

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