WWE Superstars Were Unhappy About Not Knowing Where They'd Land

Prior to day one of the 2019 WWE draft, it was reported that superstars weren't aware of where they would land, as the company wanted to keep everything in suspense before Friday.

But apparently, some superstars weren't exactly pleased about WWE's idea of keeping everything a surprise ahead of the draft.

According to Fightful Select (h/t Ringside News), some wrestlers expressed they were "frustrated that WWE kayfabed them all week," only for WWE to end up leaking the draft selections before they took place on Friday.

It's easy to understand why some superstars wouldn't be pleased about this. If WWE was going to end up (inadvertently) leaking the draft picks early, why wouldn't they just let the superstars know ahead of time where they were going?

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Among the marquee moves that took place on day one of the draft, Becky Lynch and Randy Orton moved to Raw, while Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt were moved to SmackDown Live.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns squared off for the rights to the No. 1 pick, which The Architect won via disqualification after Bray Wyatt interfered and attacked him. Lynch was taken first overall by Raw.

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Wyatt's move to SmackDown will be quite the game changer, considering how much his popularity has jumped up since debuting "The Fiend." Meanwhile, it's no surprise that Roman Reigns is staying on SmackDown given his status as one of the company's main event stars - and since Fox needs to load up on talents of his caliber.

The second half of the WWE draft takes place on Monday Night Raw. Once again, Raw will be making three picks for every two picks made by SmackDown, since the flagship program is a three-hour show.

Superstars Deserve To Be Informed Ahead Of Time

At the end of the day, it's only fair that superstars are told which brand they'll end up on. Real-life couples like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch plus Charlotte Flair and Andrade probably want to know if they'll be able to spend time together on the same brand or not. At any rate, the draft is just about over now, and superstars will settle in their new homes before long.

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