5 WWE Superstars With Violent Pasts

The sport of wrestling is more than just athletics. There is a mix of charisma and psychology thrown into the mix which makes the sport more interesting than any other sport today. There are many sports that have charismatic figures included in them such as boxing, baseball, and football; but there are more charismatic athletes in wrestling to the umpteenth degree.

Although there are theatrics involved in the sport, there are times where the theatrics stop and reality sets in. The reality may occur in or out of the ring. These WWE wrestlers have done violent things that have followed them throughout their lives and have often brought about unintended consequences as you will see further.

5. Scott Hall

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Scott Hall played the role of a seedy but macho tough guy to the tee with his Razor Ramon character. He has very convincing when it came to playing a guy who was raised in the rough streets of Miami. When he was interviewed by Vince McMahon upon arriving to the WWE, his delivery of lines from Scarface was convincing enough to get him the job in 1992.

Many people might not know about the other side of Scott Hall, a side that he is deeply ashamed of revealing. In 1983, Scott Hall got into a fight with a patron at a nightclub in Orlando. The fight spilled out into the parking lot and the guy he was fighting with grabbed a gun. Scott Hall shot the man and killed him in self-defense. The charges against Hall were later dropped due to lack of evidence. The homicide that he committed was perhaps the beginning of his chronicled drug addiction problems that have haunted him for a majority of his career.

4. Jimmy Snuka

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The late "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka had several high points that occurred in his career. During his WWE tenure, he began his career as a heel. He was over with the fans because of his high-flying abilities in the ring, and so he in turn became a face. The face turn proved to be very successful as he has had many memorable matches and feuds, notably with Don Muraco and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Aside from the high-flying antics of the Superfly, he had a low point in his career when it was believed he had something to do with the death of his then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino. After a match with Jose Estrada in 1983, Snuka came back to his hotel and found out that Argentino had been injured. An autopsy of Argentino's body showed signs of domestic abuse. Towards the end of Snuka's life, he was involved in a court battle about the death of Nancy Argentino but the case was dropped because Snuka was not mentally competent to stand trial.


3. Ahmed Johnson

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Ahmed Johnson's time with the WWE was less than memorable. During his time with the company, he received a push and became the first African-American man to capture the Intercontinental Title. His future seemed to be going straight ahead, but many people were not satisfied with his in-ring work, and he was also prone to injury. In his feud with Goldust, he became irate after a "kiss" from The Golden One which resulted in Johnson literally running a man through a door with all of his might. He later joined the Nation of Domination when the group was waning.

In an RF Video shoot interview, Ahmed Johnson said that his anger stemmed from his abusive mother and father. He said the always had an "extra edge", in sports, which he claims was not a good thing. He even battered a student with a bat while he was in junior high school and purposefully shot himself in the arm when he formed a faction of the Bloods gang to prove how violent he was before becoming a professional wrestler.

2. The Dynamite Kid

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Many things have been said about Tom Billington, a.k.a. The Dynamite Kid. He was one of the most impressive athletes to ever wrestle in Stampede Wrestling. He was so talented that Bret Hart said that he is the greatest in-ring wrestler that he has ever seen.

There have been many stories about the power of the Dynamite Kid. As they say, power corrupts, and he has done some unsavory things to several people throughout his career. He has bullied several wrestlers, and even went as far as physically assaulting Jacques and Raymond Rougeau because of a rib done on him.

1. Haku

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Many people who have worked in the wrestling business disagree on many things, but when it comes to asking the question of who is the absolute toughest man ever in wrestling outside of the ring, one name always surfaces as number one, and that is Haku.

Haku has had some memorable moments in the WWE, such as becoming the "king" of the WWE while Harley Race was injured in 1988, and also winning the Tag Team titles with Andre the Giant in the late 80s. Haku's legendary status is more outside of the ring according to many wrestlers. In various altercations Haku has bitten people's noses off, gouged people's eyes out, fought a group of policemen, and even given a bar patron a Tonga Death Grip according to Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat fame. All in all, many wrestlers say that Haku is one of the nicest people in wrestling, just don't make him angry!


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