Bury Or Build: 10 WWE Superstars Who Are Not Impressing Vince (And 10 Who Deserve A Push)

Vince McMahon remains the biggest variable for any wrestler trying to find success on the WWE main roster. A wrestler needs the seal of approval from McMahon to truly get a push with the chance to become a top star. Every wrestler is trying their best to stand out to Vince with impressive matches, entertaining characters and the showcase of a star quality he wants from his performers. The art of winning over McMahon is clearly easier said than done. History has shown that Vince will give up on a wrestler for a variety of reasons. One bad performance has been enough to sink careers while personality traits have led to pushes ending.

We will look at the current roster in WWE today and what life is looking for performers trying to impress McMahon. There are those that seemingly have no love from the boss right now. These Superstars have trended downhill with poor booking making them enhancement talents, getting inconsistent television time or not being showcased at all. Some other wrestlers that may not be on Vince’s good side do have it takes to stand out. These are the ones that deserve a push due to their talent and ability to succeed. Find out which =Superstars need to change things up and which Superstars the company needs to use better. Here are ten wrestlers that are failing to impress Vince McMahon along with ten that deserve a push from him.

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20 Not impressing Vince: Tye Dillinger

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SmackDown Superstar Tye Dillinger has rarely received much television since getting called up to the main roster from NXT. Dillinger had a special connection with the NXT fan base that he hoped to translate to a bigger star.

There have been a few small spurts of impressive showings by Dillinger, but Vince McMahon is clearly not high on him. Dillinger is mostly used when a heel on SmackDown needs to get a relevant win over a face. A recent injury to Tye could keep him sidelined, which is another bad sign for the future of his career in WWE with Vince in charge.

19 Deserves a push: Asuka

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Asuka had a great start to her main roster career. Fans were already invested in her, thanks to an undefeated streak in NXT lasting until she was called up to Raw. Asuka made history as the woman to win the first all-female Royal Rumble match.

The undefeated streak of Asuka ended at WrestleMania 34 when losing her title shot to Charlotte Flair. Asuka has not been the same since then. She has done nothing of note over the past six months aside from teaming with Naomi in short matches. Vince McMahon may not be high on Asuka’s star power, but she certainly deserves a push, given her success.

18 Not impressing Vince: The Revival

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Tag team wrestlers have an even tougher time winning over Vince McMahon. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are learning this the hard way on the main roster. Their NXT run showed that The Revival was among the best in-ring tag teams in the world today.

However, a couple of injuries slowed them down after getting called up and they have not been able to gain back the trust of McMahon. The only tag teams to get true respect from Vince are star duos that have proven their worth for years like The New Day and The Usos. Things aren’t looking good for The Revival as they continue to fall lower in the Raw pecking order.

17 Deserves a push: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn is currently on the injured list with the expectations of returning in early 2019. The heel work of Zayn was hit-or-miss as he was experimenting with a new character. Zayn proved in NXT that he could also play a perfect underdog face character.

The overall skill set of Zayn is too valuable for WWE to waste when he returns to the company. Zayn is someone that has yet to receive a relevant singles push, and he would likely hit a home run if given the chance. If WWE doesn’t use Zayn better when he returns, there’s a chance he could be the next to leave like his friend Neville.

16 Not impressing Vince: Dana Brooke

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The Women’s Division in WWE is more important than ever. WWE wants a plethora of talented ladies in all brands on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK. We witnessed just how talented some of the performers are for WWE during the incredible Evolution show.

One lady on the Raw roster not standing out much these days is Dana Brooke. There was huge hype for Brooke in NXT as many believed she would become a favorite of Vince McMahon whenever called up to the main roster. Brooke has struggled to get any push and is just trying to find any consistent television time moving forward.

15 Deserves a push: Aiden English

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The split between Rusev and Aiden English has been on and off when it comes to the storytelling. It started off English trying to create an issue between Rusev and Lana. The heel work of English has been quite impressive, with entertaining promos and a character he’s playing with all his might.

Aiden's quirk of singing before matches ensures he will always get microphone time. It does remain to be seen if he will get many matches or television time in general as the Rusev angle ends. English has shown enough to warrant at least a slight push in the mid-card picture.

14 Not impressing Vince: Tyler Breeze

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Tyler Breeze is a very talented wrestler, as shown in his work in NXT. Breeze delivered both outstanding matches and great character work. Matches against world-class athletes like Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, and Hideo Itami proved to fans that Breeze can hang with the best of them.

This has not been the case on the main roster as Breeze struggled to find momentum from the start. A terrible feud with Dolph Ziggler and a lack of chemistry with manager Summer Rae ended Vince McMahon’s confidence in him. Breeze did get more television time in a tag team with Fandango, but he’s not getting any love these days, with Fandango injured.

13 Deserves a push: Chad Gable

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Chad Gable deserves to be in the conversation when breaking down the most underrated wrestlers in WWE today. The tag team run with Jason Jordan as American Alpha in NXT and on SmackDown provided the best run of Gable’s WWE career.

Following the split of American Alpha, Gable has struggled to get any story on television. The current WWE landscape has Gable teaming with Bobby Roode as both men needed something new. Gable deserves a push on his own whether on Raw, SmackDown, or even 205 Live. The overall in-ring greatness of Gable is too impressive to continue wasting away.

12 Not impressing Vince: Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews suffered from getting called up to the main roster too slowly. It took Crews less than a year to make the jump from NXT to the main roster. WWE wanted him up with the brand split getting ready to take place back in 2016. Crews barely did much in NXT, but he had huge potential due to his look.

Any expectations of Vince McMahon pushing him due to his look ended when Crews started falling down the card. Most of Crews’ matches will see him lose and put over heels needing a win. McMahon is not impressed with Crews and it will take a lot of convincing for him to get another shot at credibility in WWE.

11 Deserves a push: Heath Slater

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Heath Slater has quietly become one of the veterans on WWE’s roster. Slater's eight-year main roster run has seen him holding down a WWE roster spot since the days of the Nexus. Slater has become extremely underrated. The fact that fans react positively to him in his rare television appearances is enough to show he has a connection.

Slater will never be a world champion/title contender like his former 3 Man Band partners Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a push of some sorts. The comedic presence and general likability of Slater should see him get some consistent television time and a winning streak at some point before too late.

10 Not impressing Vince: SAnitY

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The faction of SAnitY has been among the most disappointing things in WWE this year. Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain worked perfectly together during their time in NXT. They were called up to the main roster without Nikki Cross and have struggled to stand out at all.

SAnitY had a short feud with The New Day after debuting and lost the more important matches. Since then, we have rarely seen the trio doing anything on SmackDown. Worse, Cross being fed to Becky Lynch in a recent cameo appearance in the U.K. might not bode well for her once she gets called up for real. The roster is so deep, and SAnitY just doesn’t have the support or interest from Vince McMahon to get a real push on the SmackDown brand.

9 Deserves a push: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor has been treading water on the Raw brand for a few years now since returning from injury. The same injury ended his run as the first-ever Universal Champion after just one day. Balor lost any confidence Vince McMahon had in him when relinquishing the title.

We have not seen Balor spotlighted at the level of Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, or Dean Ambrose. McMahon views him as a mid-carder, but the fan support for Balor proves he deserves another chance. Finn is clearly one of the best wrestlers in WWE with the Demon gimmick adding a strong merchandise mover.

8 Not impressing Vince: Mojo Rawley

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Mojo Rawley has never lived up to the potential many felt he had in NXT. Older reports indicated that WWE wanted Rawley to become a future main event Superstar and world champion. Mojo's NFL background already makes him more interesting than the average prospect to WWE.

However, Rawley's lack of success on the main roster has seen him failing to get any relevant television time on the Raw brand. Mojo turned heel to end the failing face character from NXT. The heel run does seem more impressive, but Vince McMahon is still not impressed to do anything of note with Rawley.

7 Deserves a push: Luke Harper

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Luke Harper has had a lot of unfortunate luck in WWE. The most recent instance of this came when his tag team partner Erick Rowan sustained an injury to end their SmackDown Tag Team Championship reign. Harper has since been off television as WWE tries to figure out what to do with him.

The character skills and in-ring work of Harper make him a unique performer. It was not long ago that Harper held his own in the main event picture against the likes of AJ Styles and Randy Orton. WWE must find some way to spotlight Harper before it’s too late. There’s no excuse for keeping a performer this talented off television for such a long time.

6 Not impressing Vince: Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal shows that it is hard to keep the support of Vince McMahon going in the long haul. McMahon fell in love with Mahal’s potential in 2017 enough to have him rise from enhancement talent to WWE Champion within a couple of months.

Jinder’s WWE Championship reign did not have many great moments. The matches were disappointing, the feuds were lackluster at best, and his run as champion did not drive international revenue like Vince McMahon had hoped. Mahal moved to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup and has fallen back towards enhancement talent level. It is obvious that Vince is no longer impressed with Jinder, given his status on the Raw brand.

5 Deserves a push: Drew McIntyre

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One wrestler realistically ready for a major push at the moment is Drew McIntyre. The return of McIntyre to the main roster has seen him showcase his potential. McIntyre improved immensely during his time away from WWE on the independent circuit and is finally ready for the biggest stage.

WWE does have hopes of making Drew a main eventer, as seen from him holding his own against the likes of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. There’s a great chance McIntyre wins the Universal Championship and if he does win it, he'll deserve it. McIntyre is the instance of someone ready to run with the ball and not so patiently awaiting it.

4 Not impressing Vince: Bayley

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Bayley has been unable to impress Vince McMahon since getting called up to the Raw brand. An incredible NXT run made Bayley one of the most important pieces to the Women’s Evolution in WWE. Bayley did have some high-profile matches against Charlotte Flair to start her main roster run, but the momentum ended quickly.

McMahon clearly lost faith in Bayley and essentially buried her to build up Alexa Bliss as the dominant woman on the Raw brand. Bayley has been struggling to find a consistent role on Raw since the brand split. The current tag team with Sasha Banks is at least getting her television time, but it is still not a comfortable role.

3 Deserves a push: Ruby Riott

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The Riott Squad has become a more reliable act than anyone could have expected in the Women’s Division. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan seemed like an odd combination on paper when the three wrestlers randomly were called up to start a new heel faction.

Ruby's work has been most impressive in becoming a credible leader of a credible group. All three members of the Riott Squad work well together, but it is obvious that Ruby has the star quality. There’s no doubt Ruby deserves a singles push as either the Raw Women’s Champion or SmackDown Women’s Champion within the next year.

2 Not impressing Vince: Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode has had one of the toughest transitions from NXT to the main roster. The instant success of Roode in NXT gave him hopes of a potential main event run on Raw or Smackdown. Roode’s incredible run in Impact Wrestling showed he was an extremely talented performer with WWE potential.

One of the problems for Roode is his age. The older age of 40 and the lack of popularity compared to other rising stars has seen Roode fall behind in Vince McMahon’s pecking order. Roode is struggling to find television time while in a throwaway tag team with Chad Gable. The future won’t be bright unless he can change Vince’s opinion of him.

1 Deserves a push: Andrade Almas

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One wrestler with the potential to become a huge star for WWE is Andrade Almas. Almas'  in-ring talent, general presence, and star quality stands out right away. His manager Zelina Vega is a tremendous promo and both performers have found great chemistry together.

Almas reportedly did impress Vince McMahon enough to have plans in place for a good 2019. WWE has been trying to increase their audience in the Latino demographic. Almas could easily be the star WWE is looking for. The future of Almas should be bright, and McMahon must be smart enough to realize he has something special.

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