20 WWE Superstars Who Live Normal Lives Off The Grid

“It is a grind. It is a grind lifestyle and it never ends until you get hurt and then you sit home rehabbing for three months or whatever it is until you get back straight on that train grinding again, which is how you make your money in the pro wrestling world.”(Source TPWW)

Those are the honest words from former WWE star Wade Barrett following his release. Due to the tough schedule, Wade decided to call it a day with WWE. This isn’t the first time a talent has called it a career due to the grueling schedule nor will it be the last time.

What Wade forgot to mention is what wrestlers are doing when off the road. Some decide to travel back home to populated regions such as Florida or California. However, a select few decide to travel a little further in order to enjoy more peace and tranquility when off the road.

In this article, we will look at those specific cases. Some of the very best on the current roster isolate themselves when off the road, and seriously, can you blame them? In this list, we have wrestlers living off the grid in areas populated with only hundreds of people. We also have cases of WWE stars living in populated areas but are still considered off the map given it is out of norm for a WWE star to live in that area.

Enjoy the article as we take a look at 20 WWE stars who live normal lives off the grid.

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20 AJ Styles:  Gainesville, Georgia

via Instagram

During Styles' special WWE documentary, he shared the fact that those in his community are still be surprised when running into him. What is such a prominent WWE star doing in a small town like Gainesville, population slightly above 40,000?

When AJ would tell them he was from there, it would usually lead to disbelief. Nonetheless, despite his heightened fame, Styles remains true to his small community instead of moving to Florida, something similar to most WWE stars. AJ is just a simple family man that enjoys his private life away from hot spots like Florida or California.

19 Randy Orton: St. Charles, Missouri

via Instagram

Away from the ring, Randy Orton has his hands full, and that’s an understatement. Never mind his former days of hitting up a club during his days off. These days, Randy’s taking care of five kids when he’s off the road. Four of them, coming from his wife’s prior marriage.

Randy loves the role of being a family man. He does so away from the spotlight in a small Missouri suburb. Randy is a changed man both in and out of the ring. A once wild-child behind the scenes is now a tamed father figure. Time does in fact change all!

18 Rhyno: On A Boat In Michigan

via Twitter

Talk about living off the grid! Rhyno lives along the water on his boat in the Michigan area. For those that actively listen to the E&C Podcast, Rhyno made mention of his new home on the show. For those that listened, he was obviously excited about the boat as he was constantly bringing it up. Of course, Christian had to rib him about it.

Given his recent “firing,” it would be hilarious for WWE to shoot vignettes of Rhyno on his boat losing his mind. And heck, maybe he can return as a second coming of Paul Burchill!? They have done crazier things!

17 R-Truth: Indian Trails, North Carolina

via Instagram

R-Truth’s town has a smaller community than Styles', clocking in at 38,980 residents according to City-Data. Truth has a luxurious home that is big enough to fit a lot of family members. Truth has one daughter with current wife along with four from relationships prior. They have more than enough room at the former U.S. Champion's home, that’s for sure.

Set to turn 47 shortly, the performer hasn’t called it a career yet, and why should he? Truth still looks to be in phenomenal shape. Perhaps the quiet town of Indian-Trials has a lot to do with that?

16 The Miz and Maryse: Austin, Texas

via Instagram

Austin, Texas isn’t secluded or off the grid by any means. However, it terms of it being a mainstay for WWE stars, it really is out of the norm. In addition, The Miz and Maryse live off the grid in the capital of Texas, residing in a private community.

Things were different for the A-list couple residing in Los Angeles. However, with Monroe Sky entering the world, the couple wanted a little more privacy which is certainly understandable. As documented by Miz and Mrs., the former WWE Champion wanted to move back home to Ohio, though he would compromise for Austin instead.

15 Seth Rollins: Davenport, Iowa

via Moline Dispatch

WWE Shop made an “Iowa’s Own” Seth Rollins t-shirt for a reason. Not only did he grow up in the small town of Davenport, but he still resides in the area years later. It is pretty remarkable that he still calls the place home, despite his past with both FCW and NXT.

You would think he would have moved to Florida earlier in his career but this isn’t the case. He is more than happy in his community with a mere 100,000 inhabitants. What makes everything that much sweeter is the fact that he has both friends and family just a short drive away.

14 Dean Ambrose and Renee Youn: Las Vegas, Nevada

via Instagram

We have seen wrestlers billed from Las Vegas, but we have hardly seen wrestlers residing from Vegas itself. This is a big rarity in the world of pro wrestling, making this an off the grid location. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young also live in a quiet Vegas area, away from the madness of it all.

Dean adores that lifestyle. So much so that he’s constantly spotted in the Vegas area. Whether it be heading to a 7-Eleven shop or watching a Vegas Golden Knight game in the stands with his wife Renee. Not only is he a different dude backstage and on-screen but the same holds true for his personal life.

13 Bobby Roode: Toronto, Canada

via Instagram

Age 41, Bobby Roode is a proud dad outside of the ring. Unlike most of his other peers that travel to Florida on their days off, Roode goes the extra couple of miles, residing in Canada, That isn’t a norm among WWE stars.

Roode is all about being a dad when off the road. As evidenced by his Instagram account, he loves to take care of his three boys bringing them to games and practices in the Toronto area. For Roode, the extra miles are well worth it as long as it puts a smile on the face of his loved ones.

12 Matt Hardy: Cameron, North Carolina

via Instagram

During his Ultimate Deletion matches, some might have been thinking, “does this guy live in the middle of nowhere?” The answer is a simple, yes. Matt Hardy lives in Cameron, North Carolina. Get a Google Earth shot of the community and you will come to realize that most of the area is just land with limited residents. In fact, the town, if you can call it that, has a population of 332, this as of 2017 according to Area Vibes.

Putting things into perspective, the backstage area at WrestleMania likely holds more people!

11 Rusev and Lana: Nashville, Tennessee

via Instagram

As we have seen in the past, WWE can create personal relationships to spill over into real-life. That's the case with Rusev and Lana who were matched together early on. It led to their real-life relationship and two are not happily married since 2016.

Nashville is no small city. However, it isn’t exactly common for a wrestling couple to reside in the area. Therefore, it is considered an off the grid location among WWE Superstars. The couple resides in a quiet part of town. However, they aren’t afraid to attend a Nashville Predators hockey game every now and then. Especially come playoff time.

10 Kane: Knox County, Tennessee

via Instagram

We hate to burst your bubble but Kane isn’t from "Part Unknown." Instead, the place he currently calls home is pretty well known due to the fact that he’s the mayor of the area; Knox County, Tennessee.

The area isn’t necessarily off the grid with a decent population. However, once again, it is out of the norm for a WWE star to hail from the region. Kane resided in the Tennessee area throughout his WWE career. That continues to be the theme in his life away from the company.

9 Scott Dawson: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

via Instagram

Making it to WWE was never a guarantee for a guy residing in a community that holds a population of just above 7,000 inhabitants. In fact, Scott Dawson was about to call it a career after a tour in Japan in order to find something more stable to provide for his family. Then all of a sudden, no, not an RKO out of nowhere but instead, a great surprise' an email from William Regal.

Dawson would thrive in his tryout and he’s now a main roster act. Despite the life changes, he remains a member of a small North Carolina community.

8 Karl Anderson: Fairfield, Ohio

via Instagram

Speaking of small populations. Outside of the ring, Karl Anderson heads back to Fairfield, Ohio. Population 42,730, according to City-Data. Although he was enjoying tremendous success with New Japan, the travel life wasn’t easy to sustain. Having four children, wrestling overseas became that much harder.

Moving to WWE helped Anderson’s personal life in so many ways. These days, when he’s off the road, he isn’t flying across the world back home but instead, he has everything he needs in the quiet town of Fairfield, alongside his four kids and wife.

7 Erick Rowan: Small Town In Minnesota

via Instagram

Similar to Scott Dawson earlier in the article, making it to WWE was never a guarantee for Erick Rowan. In fact, seven years into his career, he wasn’t part of the WWE family.

That would all change with a developmental deal. Slotted alongside Bray Wyatt in The Wyatt Family, Rowan became a consistent act. Despite the fame, Rowan continues to live a low key life in a quiet Minnesota town alongside his daughter and wife. At the age of 37, we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

6 Shelton Benjamin: Spring, Texas

via Instagram

A population of a mere 54, 298, WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin calls this place home, one that can be regarded as off the map. Benjamin seems to enjoy his privacy, as evidenced by his Instagram account. Shelton even works out in the comfort of his own home, where he has a private gym. Clearly, the veteran loves his privacy and Spring, Texas is a wise place to live for a private person.

Age 43 and growing up in South Carolina, it is likely that he will call Texas home even when the wheels fall off on his WWE career.

5 Eric Young: Nashville, Tennessee

via twitter.com

Freedomland, Metropolis, The Orient and An Undisclosed Location. These are some of the areas that wrestling promotions claimed to be Eric Young’s home. However, he really comes from Nashville, Tennessee, leaving his British Columbia days in the past.

The 38-year-old veteran also had a brief stint in Orlando when signing a deal with NXT. Surprisingly, he opted against calling the place home permanently, maybe due to wanting a little more privacy. We wonder if he takes the same flight as Rusev and Lana when it’s time to go back home?

4 Kevin Owens: Montreal, Quebec

via Instagram

Kevin Owens has a unique personal life, spending time in both the Florida and the Montreal areas. Basically, Kevin calls both places home. However, once his WWE ride comes to an end, he might call Montreal home, permanently.

Montreal is a hot city when it comes to WWE shows. However, when it comes to wrestlers residing in the area, it has been few and far between. Seriously, who likes to dig their cars out of snow in the winter time? Apparently, Kevin does. For what’s its worth, Sami Zayn has also spent a lot of time back home in Montreal while rehabbing his injury.

3 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella: Small Town In Phoenix, Arizona

via Instagram

According to Ring Side News, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are once again set to move. They recently moved to a quiet area in Seattle. However, given the recent news, they are scheduled for a move back to Phoenix, Arizona, once again opting for a quiet area.

As evidenced by Total Bellas and their social media accounts, the two love that quiet and peaceful life away from the fans. Especially with the newest family addition Birdie, the couple values off the grid locations that much more. Whichever part of Arizona the couple decides to move to, it will be in a quiet part of town.

2 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Weston, Connecticut

via Instagram

Judging by the view of Triple H and McMahon's house from above, fans would think they are living in a forest isolated from the rest of the world. In truth, the area that they live in is a gated community. The town itself only features a little more than 10,000 according to City-Data. So yeah, it is definitely off the map.

The plus side of living in such an isolated area is the amount of land at the couple’s disposal. Stephanie posted photos of the backyard and there is more than enough room for the dogs to run free while the children also enjoy a great time in the outdoors. Being the WWE’s power couple certainly has its benefits.

1 Brock Lesnar: Maryfield, Saskatchewan

via Pinterest

Paul Heyman said it himself, Brock Lesnar not liking people is in fact a shoot. So much so, that Lesnar moved his family to an area in Canada that has a population of 348! Never mind the blistering hot Florida weather, Lesnar’s living in the negatives with only cold climates in the winter and a lot of snow as well.

Brock doesn’t seem to be bothered, though. Especially due to the fact that he grew up on a ranch himself during his earlier days as a youth. Brock is a simple dude living life off the grid.

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