WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

It's been a strange year for the WWE. They've lost big names to injuries, brought back old stars, lost those stars to injury and experienced huge dips in ratings. They've also grown their own Indie wrestling brand in NXT and have emerging stars on the roster that could potentially become main event players and huge draws. So, let's say it's been a bad year, but one that could've been a lot worse.

If they want to salvage this year, their last chance to do it is at Survivor Series, the last of the big four PPVs. While last year's event wasn't great, it at least had the arrival of Sting to add to its luster and create excitement going into 2015. What will WWE produce to generate excitement about 2016 and its upcoming huge WrestleMania in Dallas? Well, read on to find out!

Event Card (in no particular order):

- Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Championship Tournament)

- Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Championship Tournament)

- Traditional Survivor Series Match

- Charlotte (c) vs, Paige for the Divas Championship

- The Undertaker and Kane vs. The Wyatt Family

- Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

- Finals of WWE Championship Tournament

Spoilers lie ahead. Be warned!!

#SurvivorSeries starts now! #RomanReigns heads to the ring to face #AlbertoDelRio!

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Let's get something out of the way here, Alberto Del Rio looks terrific, but his gimmick is absolutely terrible and there was absolutely no way the leader of Mex-America would win this match. That being said,  Del Rio is able to carry weaker wrestlers and that was definitely the case here. In fairness to Reigns, he had some decent moments, like a sit-down power bomb, but Del Rio was absolutely terrific here. The end came when Del Rio attempted an aerial attack, missed and then got hit with a spear. Predictable, but decent.

Winner: Roman Reigns

For a big man, Kevin Owens can really keep up a quick pace in a match. These guys kept their foot on the pedal the entire match and it made for some really entertaining stuff. When the pace did drop, we got to see Owens' amazing character work take over, as he truly knows how to get heat from the crowd. Small things like screaming "he said yes!" at the ref while putting Ambrose in a chin lock make Owens a future top heel in he WWE. At the same time, plenty of credit should go to Ambrose, as he was no slouch and had some great moments as well.

The end came after some terrific counters and Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds. Predictable, but incredibly entertaining.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Can #TheNewDay share their #UnicornMagic with @wadebarrett @wwesheamus? #WWENetwork #SurvivorSeries #WWE @wwebige @xavierwoodsphd

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Who's excited for this one? No one... yeah, we figured. Well, at least we got a New Day promo out of this.

If you didn't have to see it, we'll spare you the sadness of reading about it. They had a chance to make Sheamus a believable contender as the MITB holder, but they blew and had The Lucha Dragons, The Usos and Ryback win a bland match. Incredibly sad.

Winner: The Lucha Dragons, The Usos and Ryback

@charlottewwe takes time before her #DivasTitle defense against @realpaigewwe... #SurvivorSeries

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There's a bit of heat in the Divas division! Even though I'm not a fan of the WWE over-emphasizing Charlotte as Ric Flair's daughter, the promos going in were interesting and they're both pretty good wrestlers, so hopes were pretty high going in. Paige did her best Kevin Owens impression, which worked, and really continued to build herself as the top heel in the Divas division. Sadly, the match lacked energy and fell flat. Things got so boring that fans were  even heard chanting "We Want Sasha!" (we agree). The end came when Charlotte made Paige tap out with a Figure Eight. There's not much to say about this match other than that it was incredibly slow and boring. Not a way to continue to build the Divas Division.

Winner: Charlotte


Look, Tyler Breeze is a terrific wrestler, but his gimmick definitely won't work on the main roster. Pretty boys narcissists don't work in WWE anymore, so, in my opinion, he's going to flop.

On to the match and there's not much to say here. It was a short one (why did the five on five match take so long?) and the ending was pretty bland, as Breeze rolled up Ziggler out of nowhere. Another disappointment...

Winner: Tyler Breeze

The #BrothersOfDestruction make their entrance at #SurvivorSeries with a massive coffin looming overhead!

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Before this one took place, we got to see an epic Undertaker entrance that kinda overshadowed the match. In terms of who would fight, Bray Wyatt could only choose two members of his family to compete in the match, so he chose himself and Luke Harper. There were actually some pretty good moments in this match, like Taker and Kane putting Braun Strowman through the Spanish announce table with a double chokeslam. While it wasn't as exhilarating at Ambrose/Owens, the match played to the wrestlers' strengths and provided a good bit of nostalgia. The end came when The Undertaker tombstoned Luke Harper and got the win. Unsurprisingly, Wyatt lost the match (at least he wasn't pinned) and lost another feud. There was no way The Undertaker would lose on his anniversary, so this wasn't a shock, but it's frustrating to see Wyatt lose every single feud he's in.

Winner: The Undertaker and Kane


Surprise, surprise, Ambrose and Reigns made the finals. If you didn't see this coming, this is probably the first time you've watched wrestling.

The two besties put on a decent match and Reigns actually showed how much he's improved over the last calendar year. Their moves were crisp and the pace was high, but the ending was a bit suspect. In the end, Reigns won with a spear in a match that lacked high spots. For Reigns' first title win, the match lacked a big match feel. This tournament was a chance for WWE to do something interesting to get fans to tune in, but instead they churned out a predictable and bland victory. The crowd wasn't engaged and they could've done much better than this.


Then, they surprised us. After all the confetti fell and a spot between Reigns and Triple H, Sheamus came out, cashed in his MITB suitcase and hit Reigns with a Brogue Kick... but Reigns tapped out. It seemed like Sheamus would lose and that this all was a waste, but he hit a second one and we had another title change. Reigns' first title reign lasted about five minutes and it wasn't predictable like the rest of the night. At least they had a good ending to a boring event.

Winner: Roman Reigns Who Then Lost To Sheamus

Match Rating: 6/10

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