WWE Survivor Series 2017: 5 Superstar Debuts We NEED To See

When you think Survivor Series, you think team matches. You think team captains and sole survivors. You think eliminations, swerves and, sometimes, Thanksgiving. What many in the WWE Universe think it debuts.

Whether it's The Undertaker make his first WWE appearance, The Shield making a huge and impactful debut or The Gobbledy Gooker, there are a number of wrestlers or characters that have debuted at one of WWE's oldest and most iconic pay-per-views. The question becomes, who will debut this year?

Will it be a returning wrestler? Will it be a new face? Or, will WWE let everyone down and not use a golden opportunity to bring out a new face?

Taking a closer look at what's currently going on in the WWE, here are five Superstars we want to debut on the show.

5. Neville

Via Bleacher Report

It's not really a debut, but it would be a return. It could feel like a debut since he was all but gone from the WWE not a couple months ago, however. There is speculation that Neville has potentially worked things out with WWE and could be on his way back to the company. If so, the Enzo Amore match would be a great place to shock a few people.

The downside here is that this would be during the Kickoff show and there are rumors Neville being under-showcased was part of the problem.


4. New Member of The Shield

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The Shield is going to be a threesome in only their second match in three years and they have a lot of buzz going into Sunday's Survivor Series card. Could you imagine if WWE used this opportunity to add another member?

To say another member would not mean a temporary one, much like the recent live events that saw Kurt Angle, Triple H, and others wear The Shield outfits. We mean a permanent fourth member to add some extra sizzle to the group and eventually allow a member to break out again without disbanding the faction.

3. Ronda Rousey

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One of the reasons Survivor Series is so good for debuting new talents is because, in the melee that is 10 competitors in the ring, you can easily hide deficiencies or script a debut any way you like and still make that person look strong. Such would be the case if someone like Ronda Rousey debuted.

Rousey is going to be a huge star in the WWE  but the question is, how quickly can she pick up the craft? She could make a one-time appearance at Survivor Series and go back to training at the Performance Center. That would be a pretty cool moment.

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2. Authors of Pain

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They were part of a huge match on Saturday when NXT hosted TakeOver: WarGames but WWE is thin for tag teams on SmackDown Live and The Authors of Pain are due for an arrival with the main roster.

Perhaps they take liberties with one of the teams during the Usos vs Cesaro and Sheamus match. Finn Balor recently referred to them as a team he'd like to faction up with so maybe their arrival in WWE is closer than we think.


1. Paige

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It's frankly a little surprising that Paige hasn't shown up on television yet. She's been training for a WWE return, she's been backstage at events but to date, hasn't popped her head out from behind the curtain. Many think that could change come Survivor Series.

If it does, the WWE Universe will go bananas as her return has been long overdue and highly anticipated. There might be a spot on The SmackDown Live women's team thanks to Charlotte no longer being in the traditional elimination match. SmackDown Live could need a last-minute replacement.


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