5 WWE Tag Team Break-Ups That Actually Worked Out (And 5 That Didn't)

Tag team wrestling was, at one point, the place to go in the WWE if you wanted to see intense matches put on by performers at the top of their game. And even though those glory days are long gone, seemingly with no sign of an impending return, there are still enough wrestlers willing to team up and chase the gold.

But these alliance always have a limited shelf life and, sooner or later, you know that one member is going to turn on the other in the most spectacular way, ending the partnership with a well-placed superkick or a chair shot to the head. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and what follows is a look at the best and worst tag team breakups.

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10 Worked Out: The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy, along with Edge and Christian and them damn Dudley's, revolutionized tag team wrestling within the WWE. They gave us epic match after epic match and made their division must-watch TV, but all good things must come to an end, and at the Royal Rumble in 2009 that's just what happened.

Costing Jeff the WWE Championship, the two would go onto feud at Wrestlemania in an Extreme Rules match that was just as insane as you'd imagine, even more so considering that Matt would go onto win via a Twist of Fate delivered with his brother's head wedge inside a chair.

9 Didn't Work Out: Air Boom.

It may seem strange to say this particular break up didn't work out. After all, Kofi Kingston has since gone on to great things with the New Day, as well as facing Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at this years Wrestlemania. But the fact remains that even though he's a stalwart of the WWE Universe, his partner can't say the same.

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First, there was the failed drug test which cost them their titles and then the motorcycle accident, which would leave Bourne with a broken foot and out of action for a year. No real return ever happened and he was subsequently released from his contract.

8 Worked Out: Edge and Christian

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The Rated R-Superstar and Captain Charisma had a stellar career in the WWE, prior to their break up. The seven-time tag team champs were childhood friends who had broken into the business together, getting to live out their dreams side by side as they took the division by storm. They were also, hands down, the funniest thing on WWE TV in their prime.

But no amount of five-second poses could prepare us for Christian turning on his kayfabe brother and beaming him in the head with his "One-Man Con-Chair-To" allowing them to go their separate ways and on to varying degrees of success as singles competitors.

7 Didn't Work Out: The Dudley Boyz

The most decorated tag team of all time, the Dudley Boyz (cause it was the 2000s and everything was spelled with a Z) were still a hot commodity when, inexplicably, the WWE decided that it was time for Bubba and D-Von to go their separate ways.

And how did the folks at Titan Towers achieve this? By having them drafted to different rosters. There was no intense implosion between the two, no knife jammed into anyone's back, just a simple "Yup, time to shake things up" and just like that one of the best tag teams of all time was over.


6 Worked Out: The Shield

The Shield was the biggest thing to hit the WWE in the past ten years. The Hounds of Justice ran roughshod over the WWE for two glorious years and nobody was safe from their triple powerbomb. Cena, The Rock, even The Undertaker have all fallen victim to this devastating move, marking this group out as something special.

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So it came as a massive shock when Seth Rollins turned on his compatriots and unleashed the "Chair Shots Heard Around The World", setting in motion three of the biggest single pushes the company has handed out in a long time.

5 Didn't Work Out: The Wyatt Family

Everything about the Wyatt Family's run on the main roster is a cautionary tale of how bad booking can ruin a perfectly good idea. When they first showed up on RAW hopes were high, they were positioned to be the new demonic clan of the WWE, a role normally reserved for the Brothers of Destruction.

But within a year they would be disbanded, with Harper and Rowan being set free by Bray and none of them really attaining the heights that their debuts promised. Nowadays Bray is known as someone who can't back up his insane rambling, Harper is on the injured list and Rowan is Daniel Bryan's sidekick.

4 Worked Out: The Rockers

This entry could've easily have fallen on the 'Didn't Work Out' side of things, if you take into consideration the car crash that Marty Jannetty's career became after it, but as it also gave us one of the greatest wrestlers ever, in Shawn Michaels, it's only right to say it worked out in the end.

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One well-placed superkick and a head through a window later and the die was cast, The Heart Break Kid was the one Vince was going to strap a rocket too. And strap it he did. Firing Mr. Wrestlemania into the wrestling stratosphere and giving us one of, if not the G.O.A.T

3 Didn't Work Out: The Bella Twins

The fact there wasn't a Women's Tag Team Division in the WWE when Brie and Nikki first showed up, shouldn't take away from the fact they were one in everything but name. And love them or hate them, you've got to admit their schtick worked. Right up to when WWE decided they needed to have them feud. Oh, sweet God, it was terrible.

With lines like "I wish you died in the womb" and those vomit-inducing "Growing Up Bella" promos Nikki was reduced to doing, this whole thing sucked on a level previously unheard of. And the less said about their sudden reformation, with no damn explanation, the better.

2 Worked Out: DIY

Thrown together for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2015, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa would go on to make DIY one of the best, and most beloved, duos not just only in NXT, but in wrestling worldwide. But losing to The Authors of Pain, in a ladder match, would prove to be the breaking point for Ciampa.

Turning on his friend and leveling him with a well-timed attack, Tommaso would take some time away from the squared circle for an operation on his ACL, but when he returned the feud between him and Gargano would win plaudits from everywhere and rightly so.

1 Didn't Work Out: Enzo and Cass

The Smack Talker Skywalker and The Man Who You Can't Teach Anything About Height, are the perfect example of what happens when Vince McMahon tries too hard to make something happen, instead of letting it run its natural course.

Neither of them came out of this well, with both being released within a short space of time due to personal issues and some really, really stupid behavior. And it's a shame, as both had enough promise and natural raw talent about them to have long runs with the WWE. Ah well, at least Enzo's got his rap career to fall back on. Lucky us.

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