5 Things WWE Need To Keep In The Tag Team Division (& 5 They Need To Change)

With AEW right around the corner, it is presumed to give a big focus to tag team wrestling and give it the spotlight we haven't seen since the old territory days. With WWE bleeding fans lately, it needs to do what it can to avoid those numbers dipping further once the upcoming promotion arrives.

If they play their cards right, the WWE could generate a lot of goodwill if they give their tag teams the opportunities the fans have been clamoring for. With that in mind, here are five things the WWE need to keep in the tag divisions, and five more that need to change.

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10 Keep: Diverse Tag Teams

When it comes to singles action, a lot of the roster suffer from feeling like carbon copies of wrestlers we already like, if not just slightly altered versions of Superstars currently performing on the main brands, sometimes even against each other. The same cannot be said for their tag teams.

Whether its The Usos, The Bar, The New Day or (disregarding their current treatment) The Revival, the WWE are sitting on a wealth of tag team talent that really stands out and shows the depth the roster truly has on offer.

9 Change: Start Respecting Tag Teams

Despite this, the WWE often give the impression that unless you're chasing the WWE or Universal titles, then you are "lesser than". And it is imperative that this changes. Let's face it, considering how long the WWE likes to keep feuds going, they are simply more interesting when there are more than two superstars involved.

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It shouldn't need to be said, but a teams goal should not be to become so popular that they are then split up and either feud against each other, or join the singles mid-card scene.

8 Keep: Match Quality

Every tag team has their own unique skill sets and characters that help make every match feel fresh. Not only that, we'd have to go quite a ways back to think of a tag team PPV match that didn't deliver.

While we can't say the same for the RAW titles, the Smackdown Tag Titles have often been at the heart of matches that exceed our expectations and when in given that spotlight, never fail to deliver.

7 Change: Get Them Off The Preshow

At the same time, we have to go a ways back to see when the last time one of the men's tag titles was defended off the preshow. These superstars constantly give their all in trying to establish and boost the status of their brand, yet are consistently made to perform before the event has even begun.

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We get it, with such a bloated roster, not everyone can get the main event, but shouldn't stars that often give us the highlight match be more deserving of main card status, if not a marquee match?

6 Keep: The Potential of The Women's Divison

It took some time to get there, but the WWE has finally given the fans what they wanted and added tag team gold for the women's roster to attain. With the expectation that they are defended across all brands, there is a lot of good to be gained here for every female superstar involved.

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With the inception of the titles, we have seen the formulation of several new teams, and if all things go well, there will be far more varied and exciting storylines and match-ups to come.

5  Change: The Current Direction of The Women's Divison

Ever since Sasha Banks and Bayley lost the titles, the feedback has been unkind. Before Wrestlemania 34, we were promised champions that would defend the titles across all WWE brands, with NXT included. The excitement for the titles was palpable.

And then the IIconics became champions.

In the month and a half since winning the belts, they have yet to be defended. There is an excellent opportunity to build the prestige that the fans feel the titles deserve if only WWE will go back to what we were initially promised.

4 Keep: Less Influenced Promos

One thing the division has no shortage of is excellent talkers and thankfully, the WWE clearly recognize this. Before they were separated, Enzo and Big Cass were trusted enough to shape their promos and these days, it's any member of The New Day or The Usos that are given free rein.

And that trust is seen anytime these teams clash on the mic. Who can forget the verbal throwdown when New Day had a rap battle against The Usos? With the addition of Daniel Bryan and Rowan, we can't wait to see these teams go on a verbal beatdown against each other.

3 Change: Improve Their Storylines

And it's a good thing they are as talented as we say because, well, have you seen the current product? Having sacrificed the RAW tag team division on Raw in order for Vince to do everything in his power to bury The Revival, the Monday night show feels more like torture than ever.

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Smackdown has a chance by involving Daniel Bryan in their title scene, but with the haphazard booking of late, it's hard to judge if a course correction is needed, or if they are finally heading in the right direction.

2 Keep: Belt Designs

In the last few years, we have seen many belts be created or even re-designed. While some people have never gotten past the design of the Universal belt, the majority of the fanbase got behind the design and aesthetics of the Women's Tag Title Championships.

These belts, if they last the test of time, have a look that really stands out.

1 Change: Unify The Men's Belts

With a look that invokes both the old and the new, the only flak the titles receive is their silver plating, which once again tells us that the titles, and therefore the division, are second rate.

Money in The Bank has only one tag match for the men's roster and at time of typing, has yet to even place a belt on the line. While that is likely to change, there needs to be a greater focus on the titles. The solution here is simple; unify the men's division. It may be too late now for Money in The Bank, but they have ample time to set up a match for Summerslam and to unify the division.

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