WWE Tag Team Returns In Interview Segment With New Look

Sporting a new look, speaking for themselves (sort of) and ready to return to WWE, AOP made a shocking return to Raw and challenged every tag team.

Raw was full of returns. From Kane to Rusev, it was one of the most jam-packed three hours WWE has delivered to fans in some time. Not to be left out, however, was the shocking return of the dominant tag team, AOP.

The last time fans saw The Authors of Pain, they were wearing army gear and made a bried appearance in the 50-Man Battle Royal at SuperShow Down. This week on Raw, they had a new look, totally different attitude and the team looks ready to destroy almost everyone.

You can see their promo in the video below:

Obviously, WWE has decided to repackage the team. It looks like the decision is being met with mostly rave reviews. Fans on social media seemed to love the new look. Dressed in mafia-style suits and speaking in their native tongue, the entire promo required subtitles. It was something we've never really seen before in WWE. It gave the team a much more ominous, mysterious and dangerous vibe.

Preaching that no one in WWE wants to fight them because they hurt everyone and that MMA would let them stick around because they were too dangerous, the show hinted at the team being fiercely destructive when they do come back.

What Does The Future Hold For AOP?

Whether they stay on Raw moving forward or when they actually return to WWE and have a match was not brought up or made clear during their segment. One thing that does appear to be clear is that WWE is going to providing the team with a major push when it comes time to put them back in the squared circle.

This may have been one of the most entertaining Raw episodes in some time. That said, the AOP segment may have been the few seconds that will stick in the minds of fans the most.

It's a lock everyone will be wondering what's next for this massive and intimidating duo.

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