10 WWE Tag Team Champions We Forgot About

The history of Tag Team Champions in WWE features a mixed bag of teams. Many legendary teams like the Hardy Boyz, Demolition and The Hart Foundation won the titles to cement their status in tag team wrestling. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that every duo to have such a run will be remembered as fondly as those teams. WWE has taken the chance on quite a few forgettable teams over the years.

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The teams in question have different stories, from failed ideas by WWE to makeshift duos of singles wrestlers that worked together for a short time to everything in between. We will look at some teams that won the gold despite most fans failing to remember it happening.

10 Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes

The tag team of Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes saw two underrated young talents placed together. Both wrestlers needed something to change their standing in the company. Rhodes and McIntyre had a couple of solid matches as a team, but they didn’t last long in the end.

The wrestlers would use this former tag team to create some drama in the independent promotion Evolve after they were each released by WWE. Rhodes and McIntyre each had similar stories of proving their worth outside of WWE, years after they were a makeshift team that won the WWE Tag Team Championship.

9 Paul London and Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman and Paul London were both known for having impressive Shooting Star Press finishers. WWE placed them together when Kidman was nearing the end of his time on the roster, while London was in the early years of his tenure.

Kidman and London won the WWE Tag Team Championship together, but their breakup was the most memorable aspect of their duo. London have a better tag team run with his best friend, Brian Kendrick.

8 Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

WWE went a bit lazy with the teaming of Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree as a very similar pair who often used cheap insults to rile up the crowd. Both men had lackluster singles pushes in the mid-card of SmackDown before being paired together.

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Fans often seemed bored during their matches, given the lack of chemistry between them. Dupree and Suzuki had a short WWE Tag Team Championship run that did not help them get over. The team ended quickly and both men would find their way on the free agent market after being fired from WWE.

7 Charlie Haas and Rico

Charlie Haas struggled to find a consistent role in WWE after his tag team with Shelton Benjamin ended. WWE split them up to push Benjamin as a singles performer, but Haas struggled to find his spot. A strange tag team pairing would see him united with Rico.

Jackie Gayda would become their manager and eventually married Haas in real life. However, there was little chemistry between the tag team. Rico was known for his character work, while Haas was all about the in-ring aspect. They never fitted well together but were lucky enough to have a WWE Tag Team Championship run, taking advantage of a weak tag division.

6 Lance Storm and Chief Morley

Val Venis adopted the name of Chief Morley when moving towards a new heel character who worked under the General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff. This formed a tag team between Morley and Lance Storm, two of the more serious heel characters on the roster.

Storm and Morley won the WWE Tag Team Championship on one occasion. Their most memorable moment came when defeating Rob Van Dam and Kane to retain the titles on the Sunday Night Heat pre-show special, ahead of WrestleMania XIX.

5 Ric Flair and Roddy Piper

The legends that are Ric Flair and Roddy Piper teamed together late in their careers, in 2006. Piper returned for a few appearances and Flair teamed with him in the tag team division. Flair and Piper won the WWE World Tag Team Championship by defeating the Spirit Squad.

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The title reign of the legends only lasted a week, before they lost to Edge and Randy Orton’s Rated RKO team. Still, it was a great moment to see Flair and Piper win the gold together and they helped the top two young heels get heat by defeating them for it.

4 William Regal and Tajiri

The pairing of William Regal and Tajiri is most remembered for their comedic skits in 2001, when Regal was the Commissioner of WWE. Their chemistry was quite impressive as they were both hilarious in backstage segments while bringing tremendous skills to the ring.

Fans often forget that Regal and Tajiri reunited to have their first major run as a tag team in 2005. Tajiri and Regal defeated La Resistance to win the WWE World Tag Team Championship on the Raw brand at the time. The run lasted a few months before they split up.

3 New Legion of Doom

WWE tried to bring back the Legion of Doom years after Hawk passed away. Failing prospect Heidenreich was given the honor of replacing Hawk in the new Legion of Doom. Christy Hemme eventually joined them as a manager to get them more fan support.

Unfortunately, the team had little chemistry. Animal and Heidenreich just didn't seem to be on the same page. WWE did give them the Tag Team Championship win over MNM, but the new Legion of Doom just couldn’t get over, which led to the early ending.

2 The Miz and John Cena

The recent WWE storyline of Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins winning the Raw Tag Team Championship while feuding with each other for the Universal Championship is not the first instance of this angle. John Cena and The Miz had the same angle for one night.

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Both wrestlers were involved in a personal feud heading into the main event of WrestleMania XXVII. Miz and Cena were forced to work together, though, as they defeated The Corre to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. The reign lasted less than one night, as they lost it back to The Corre just hours later.

1 The Basham Brothers

One of the most unique ideas in WWE featured the Basham Brothers being called up to the main roster with Shaniqua. She led them in the tag division using various motivational techniques.

The gimmick was over the top, but it led to the Basham Brothers winning the WWE Tag Team Championship. Shaniqua left the company shortly after and the team was repackaged with new gimmicks. A second tag title reign came as the sidekicks for JBL in his Cabinet faction. The Basham Brothers are rarely remembered today, but they actually achieved the top tag team success twice!

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