WWE Tag Teams: Each Member's Chances Of Solo Success

Despite having a reputation for developing or signing fantastic tag teams throughout its history (like the Shield, the Rockers or the Hardy Boyz), the WWE often likes to prematurely break up these units, and while sometimes it makes for shocking and entertaining programming, sometimes these breakups can be a bust and hurt both competitors in the process. Of course there are notable exceptions to this rule, as although many feel like the breakup of the Shield was premature, it has made three huge stars within the industry, and gave the fans the kind of shock factor that carried the main event programming even to this day. But more often than not, famous breakups leave one or both of the stars perishing in the mid or undercard of the company.

With that being said, and looking at the fantastic tag team division that WWE has finally started to assemble, here are the individual chances of success for the members of some of the hottest current tag team acts.

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38 Breezango

37 Tyler Breeze

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When Tyler Breeze made his debut on the main roster it was celebrated by the entire NXT roster, as he had worked hard for 3 years in developmental before finally getting that call. Upon arrival, not much was to be celebrated, as Tyler was treated like an after thought/enhancement talent, with no major story line after his initial feud with Dolph Ziggler. Despite this, Breeze has the in ring ability and a feel of his character that could make him an impressive addition to the under card following the brand split if this team ever goes their separate ways. Matches against smaller opponents such as Neville, Sami Zayn or even someone the level of AJ Styles would work in Breeze’s favor, as he has proven time and time again in NXT that he can put on a great match with the best of them, as well as being able to tell fantastic stories inside the ring.

Chance of success: Possible


35 Fandango

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Another former NXT talent (although the game show edition), Johnny Curtis was remade into ball room dancing Fandango, a gimmick which got over with the fans, while also having a great in ring ability, everything looked good for the young performer. However, after his defeat of Chris Jericho in his debut at WrestleMania (which had the world ‘Fandangoing’ for weeks), somehow everything went downhill from there, even though the crowd could sense his immense talent and potential. With the brand split, Fandango from 3 years ago would have been more than a valuable part of the mid-under card on either show, but after years of his talent being wasted and barely seeing him on television, it is hard to imagine that Fandango would have any major role within the company outside of this makeshift tag team.

Chance of success: Unlikely


33 The Club

32 Luke Gallows

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Despite a terrible run with the WWE where he was booked as the highly offensive Festus character, Gallows made his way to TNA and Japan, and began to prove that he was indeed one of the premiere big men in all of wrestling. With this amazing success in Japan, Gallows again caught the eye of the WWE while competing with the Bullet Club, and with his partner Karl Anderson, made his way back to the company in early 2016, creating WWE’s version of the Bullet Club in the process. While a singles run directly following the brand split, which saw the Club split up would be a terrible mistake on WWE’s part, there is potential in a storyline for these two members if WWE ever decide to make them part ways, as Gallows would be able to show both the wrestling talent which was so prominent in Japan, and the undeniable humor and charisma he possesses, which has reportedly made him popular back stage (check out the Talk is Jericho episode with the 2 to see for yourself).

Chance of success: Likely


30 Karl Anderson

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Out of the 3 members that were in the Club in WWE, Karl Anderson is the least known to the general audience, as unlike AJ and Gallows, he spent all of his 8 year career in Japan, where he became an incredibly respected member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster, having great matches with the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, despite primarily being a tag team wrestler. Unlike Gallows, who primarily uses strength and intimidation in the ring, Anderson is more of a smooth blend between technician and brawler, and can easily adapt his style in the ring to suit opponents, which allows for optimal performance, which gives him the potential to break out as a mid card star if WWE indeed go down this route in the future. Although this is not likely in the near future, as the Club will be helping New Day & Enzo and Cass anchor the RAW tag division, there could be a great story to tell if one day they decide to pull the trigger.

Chance of success: Possible


28 The Wyatts

27 Luke Harper

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In the WWE in the past decade, no superstar’s wrestling abilities have been underestimated like those of Luke Harper, who worked on the independent scene as Brodie Lee, as he is surprisingly agile and technically giften, despite the weird, intimidating look he possesses. Unfortunately for Harper, he sustained a serious knee injury just as the Wyatts were finally looking to be pushed seriously, but when he comes back to join Rowan and Bray on Smackdown, there is no doubt the group could be looking to be booked as the dominant force on the entire blue brand. However, if the group is indeed going to be split up again, Harper faces an uphill, though not impossible climb, as he possesses the wrestling ability needed to be a star, and with the brand split giving more talent opportunities to rise to the top, it could be the chance for Luke to rise and become a dominant yet technically sound heel on whichever brand he would be competing for.

Chance of success: Possible


25 Erick Rowan

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When the Wyatt Family were first split up, Bray had some fantastic feuds and Luke Harper went on to win the Intercontinental Championship, but other than a minor pop for joining Team Cena at Survivor Series, Erick Rowan got completely lost in the shuffle of WWE, showing he was out of his depth as a solo competitor at the time. Nothing much has changed in the time since, as Rowan works better as a tag team performer or Bray Wyatt’s intimidating muscle, and while it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Rowan can improve enough to become a solid undercard performer in the event of another break up, it is highly unlikely that the company would have any significant role for him.

Chance of success: Unlikely


23 Bray Wyatt

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Has any star in the WWE been more underutilized than Bray Wyatt? A man with uncanny amount of charisma who frequently had the crowd firmly behind him (even when he was a heel), a unique look and character, and more than passable in ring ability, it is baffling that WWE have never found the time to truly pull the trigger on Wyatt and his intimidating cult, despite the fact that they are quite possibly the most entertaining group in WWE not named the New Day. However, this brand split, which sees Wyatt on the Smackdown brand with other top notch stars like Dean Ambrose, John Cena and AJ Styles, could spell the beginning of the long awaited push the Bray sorely deserves, and whether or not he does it with his henchmen by his side, the time is most definitely now to pull the trigger on Bray finally living up to the billing, and becoming the ‘New face of fear.’

Chance of success: Certain


21 The Dudleyz

20 D-Von

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Many fans did not know what to expect of the Dudleyz upon their return in 2015, whether they would be pushed as serious contenders (as they are one of the most decorated teams in over all wrestling history), or if they would just be a nostalgia act that would soon run dry and turn them into glorified enhancement talent. Unfortunately it was the latter, as many teams have risen above them, and while not many expected a top tier run from the duo, them remaining solid and credible would have made them much more valuable to the tag team division, but where to go from here? During the original brand split, the Dudleyz were split up, and that worked out for neither competitor, as they fizzled out and eventually went to TNA, where they again became stars. If a repeat of this would happen, do not expect D-Von Dudley to become a major, credible star for the company.

Chance of success: Unlikely


18 Bubba Ray

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Bubba Ray however has been rumored to be looking at a major push, no doubt due to the incredible work he did as the lead heel in TNA for years as Bully Ray, which showed just how amazing he is on the microphone and working a crowd. Another contributing factor to this rumored push is the amazing shape that Bubba got himself into during this heel run with TNA, and while he may not have ever been the strongest in ring performer in the world, his uncanny ability to control the crowds emotion and wrestle a true, old school heel style make him a very strong candidate for a mid card, or maybe even higher heel within the recent brand split. Don’t expect the industry veteran to become a corner stone of either brand, but if he is handled correctly, he could be responsible for some of the most entertaining TV in the upcoming year and could contribute to the getting over of baby face stars on Raw such as Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Neville.

Chance of success: Likely


16 American Alpha

15 Chad Gable

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Though many main roster fans aren’t aware of the immensely talented and popular American Alpha, they will soon be witness to the rebirth of Team Angle (a team consisting of amateur wrestlers Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in the early 2000’s), as many fans, and even Angle himself have made the very positive connections. Where American Alpha and Team Angle differ though is the connection with the crowd, which in the case of AA, is unlike anything we have seen in recent times, as they combine an amazing confidence and charisma, which can be backed up with versatile and exciting moves inside the ring. Gable is the mastermind behind this confidence, as he has helped transform Jordan from a potential star into that star, all while standing out in his own right, as the former Olympian, despite his size looks like an absolute star himself. Only time will tell how the WWE want to book this amazing duo, but as individuals, there is no doubt that there is a great story to tell and great ratings on offer if these two were to ever have a heated rivalry against each other.

Chance of success: Likely


13 Jason Jordan

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Though the less popular of the duo (although there isn’t much difference, have you seen the rabid NXT fans when these two appear?), Jordan definitely has the higher ceiling, as his diverse mix of speed, strength and pure explosiveness make him one of the most exciting NXT prospects in history. Somewhat reminiscent of Kurt Angle, Jordan can go on a suplexing rampage that would make Brock Lesnar jealous (you know, because he has other moves, so fans don’t get sick of it so quickly), and he combines this with an amazingly agile move set and good look that are certainly a positive for Vince McMahon. It’s uncertain how this duo will fair on the main roster after being drafted to Smackdown, but one thing is for certain, whether it is with American Alpha or on his own (can you imagine a series of matches with a heel Jordan vs. face Gable? Makes the mouth water), Jason Jordan is meant for success in the WWE.

Chance of success: Certain


11 Enzo & Cass

10 Enzo Amore

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After witnessing the epic promo that Amore gave before the 6-man tag match at Battleground, there is no doubt in fans minds that Enzo will be an absolute superstar in this industry if he can make a few improvements to his in ring ability, but do WWE management know it? Enzo is one of the smoothest trash talkers in the WWE today (arguably the best), and has a style all to his own, which makes him easy to connect with as a crowd, and if the WWE ever do decide to split them up, Enzo will have a bright future as a brawling cruiserweight or a trash talking mid card star. Although it’s unlikely we will ever see Amore rise to the top of the WWE and carry a brand on his back, he could become a valuable star in the mid-upper card, as he often has the crowd in the palm of his hands, and so far the duo have sold merchandise at a fantastic rate, which is a huge positive in the eyes of the boss himself.

Chance of success: Likely


8 Colin Cassady

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For fans of this duo (which is basically everyone who attends a WWE event, seriously have you heard those pops?), rumors of a Big Cass solo push after Enzo’s injury at Payback may have been worrying, but for the time being, WWE have made the wise move to continue to elevate the brash talking, charismatic duo. When this does happen however (because we know WWE like messing around with good things), Cass will surely be pushed quite heavily, as he possesses a great look, good charisma (although not at the level of Enzo), and can really work in the ring, although he hasn’t been given any time to shine in the ring on his own, its quite obvious to see the talent in tag team matches.

Chance of success: Certain


6 The New Day

5 Xavier Woods

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Out of the New Day trio, Xavier Woods looks least likely to succeed as a solo performer, yet this shouldn’t be the case, as he has shown when given the chance in recent times, he is an exciting in ring performer, and is well spoken and knowledgeable enough to work a character and become a fantastic addition to either the IC or US title divisions. For anyone who was a fan of his work as Consequences Creed in TNA, they will know that Woods is a fantastic blend of smooth high flying and great story telling ability, and with the popularity that his you tube channel is experiencing, there is no doubt it would be wise for WWE to capitalize on this and push him. While no one expects the New Day’s reign to end any time soon, in that unforeseen circumstance, there would be plenty of avenues that WWE could explore with Woods, as he is an extremely talented individual, much of which the WWE audience has not yet seen.

Chance of success: possible if used correctly


3 Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston stands out as a member of the New Day, as he was the only one of the trio to experience success within the company before their formation, as he has won the IC, US and Tag Team titles on multiple occasions, yet was never allowed to develop beyond the Jamaican character he portrayed upon arrival. Time and Time again the veteran high flier impressed crowds and his peers alike, but could never rise beyond the under card due to never being given stories he could sink his teeth into and becoming one dimensional as a performer. That all changed when he joined the New Day, as he has reinvented himself and shown what a versatile and entertaining performer he can be, and while this may not lead to multiple World Heavyweight Title runs (although many, including myself feel it should), Kingston will no doubt be given more time to show his overall talent when he becomes a singles performer again, and that will do wonders for not only Kingston himself, but the younger Raw performers he could work with like Neville, Seth Rollins and even some of the upcoming cruiserweight performers.

Chance of success: Likely


1 Big E

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When Big E Langston joined the WWE main roster as Dolph Ziggler’s body guard during his World title run, many within the company were hoping he could develop his in ring abilities, as he had the potential to be a break out star and a future world champion in his own right. What was in question was his character and microphone abilities, which have all been confidently put to bed in his time with the New Day, as time and time again he proves that he can handle the microphone on his own, and play both a serious and comedy character, which will all come in handy, depending on how WWE play the inevitable break up of the New Day. With an amazing combination of size, speed and charisma, there is no doubting WWE would have big plans in store for the former power lifter if that dark day does indeed come.

Chance of success: Certain!

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