5 WWE Tag Teams That Need To Split Up (& 5 That Should Form)

The WWE tag team division seems to get weaker and less relevant every year, and it's simply on the officials and creative department for not investing enough time into it.

There are a couple of primary ways WWE could reinvent and improve the tag team picture. For starters, they should look at splitting up some duos that haven't worked well together and/or have simply lost their steam. On the flip side, WWE could shake up its division big time by putting together a handful of different tag teams.

Here are five duos that WWE should split up, and five that should form in short time.

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10 Split: The IIconics

Kay and Royce kept the titles for four months before dropping them to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross on the Aug. 5 episode of Raw, and we haven't seen The IIconics on TV much ever since.

It may be best for WWE to split this duo up and pit them against one another in singles competition since creative clearly isn't keen on pushing them as a pair anymore.

9 Form: Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

Well, Harper and Strowman are both on the SmackDown Live brand together now. Erick Rowan, Harper's long-time partner, was moved over to Raw. It makes good sense for WWE to give the two former Wyatt Family another run together for several reasons.

For one, Harper is dissatisfied in WWE, having asked for his release several months ago. Meanwhile, Strowman is in no man's land following his feud with Tyson Fury. WWE may as well piece these two together, where they can flourish as a top team in the tag team division.

8 Split: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

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These two aren't on television that much, so it doesn't make sense to keep them around as a tag team. Splitting up Ryder and Hawkins would spice things up quite a bit, especially if they were placed in a feud against one another.

7 Form: Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe

These are two elite in-ring performers with immense popularity among the WWE Universe. The tag team division in WWE has been extremely weak as of late, but if you put Owens and Samoa Joe together, it could provide a nice change. They'd immediately emerge as the top tag team on the Raw roster, so why not go for it if you're Vince McMahon?

6 Split: Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler

WWE stopped pushing these two after they lost the titles, and with Ziggler working on a stand-up career, it doesn't make sense to keep him and Roode together - since it's not built to last long.

Roode is long overdue for a legitimate heel turn, while Ziggler could leave WWE in the near future. WWE has to stop dragging this on and simply let them go back to singles competition again.

5 Form: Tamina & Lacey Evans

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Both Tamina and Evans work nicely as heels, but SmackDown Live isn't using either of them very much in the singles division. Why not put the two together, and even give them a chance with the Women's Tag Team Championships?

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It's better than simply doing very little with the both of them as singles competitors.

4 Split: The New Day

If WWE wants to split them up, the time is now. Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship reign is over, and Xavier Woods is out long-term with an Achilles injury.

WWE should think about giving Kingston another main event push in the singles division, and Big E should get his chance to perform as a dominant and fierce competitor like Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. And if it doesn't work out, WWE can always reunite New Day once Woods returns from injury.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that Kofi has been open with the fact that they never want to split so don't hold your breath.

3 Form: Randy Orton & Ricochet

Both Orton and Ricochet are supreme talents in the ring, and they seem to mesh well as a duo in terms of both personalities and in-ring work. The Raw tag team division is stale right now, but these two could really turn it up a notch.

Ricochet is also among WWE's top young talents, and his push would be greatly enhanced if they paired him with a future Hall of Famer like Orton.

2 Split: The Usos

These two have been stuck in an era where WWE has refused to devote much time or energy to the tag team division, making a lot of their feuds feel flat and extremely uneventful.

It'd be interesting to see Jimmy and Jey engage in a feud of their very own. The brother-vs-brother storyline has worked well before (see Bret and Owen Hart plus Matt and Jeff Hardy). You may as well see what these two can do in a singles feud.

1 Form: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

Bryan and Reigns worked together to defeat Rowan and Harper at Hell in a Cell, and they were victorious over Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin on the Oct. 18 episode of SmackDown Live.

The two former WWE Champions displayed excellent chemistry and in-ring work together. They're both prime babyfaces on SmackDown, and this is the perfect duo to reignite the tag team division. If WWE isn't going to use Bryan or Reigns in the main event spotlight for a while, then creative may as well give them a long-term look as a tag team.

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