WWE Talent Worried About Recent NXT Call-Ups

It sounds like some of the Women's Superstars within WWE are a little worried about the competition that's coming their way with new talent getting called up from NXT.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer wrote in a recent newsletter that the return of Paige, as well as the call-up of some younger wrestlers, is leaving some of the talent on Raw and SmackDown worried, according to WrestleZone.com.

The female wrestlers that aren't cutting it should be worried, because I doubt that WWE will add some new wrestlers without moving on from others.

ProWrestlingSheet.com mentioned that WWE decided to call up five female wrestlers from NXT in order to shake things up. Vince McMahon believes things have gotten stale within the women's division.

Many people have been wondering if there will be a women's Royal Rumble now that their are so many females, but ProWrestlingSheet.com says they haven't heard anything regarding that as of yet.

The women that are joining Raw are Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Joining SmackDown! are Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

WWE did release Emma and Summer Rae earlier in the year, so this is a way to replace them. While they only got rid of two wrestlers, I'm sure others could be on the way out.


Just like any other job, if you're not making your employer happy with the way you're performing, you will likely lose your job at some point and be replaced by someone who will get the job done.

Whether WWE moves on from some of their current females wrestlers or not, adding five new women will make things a lot more interesting and less stale. The only problem is that we end up not seeing some women wrestle for weeks or months if they end up getting left out of a story line.

Feel free to comment below and tell us whether you think WWE will move on from some of the female wrestlers on their rosters. If so, which ones? Also do you like that they added some new talent?

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