WWE In Talks To Change Networks

With WWE continuing to grow, they may be able to cash in even more now that their television contract with the USA Network set to expire very soon.

Leaving USA Network would be quite a move, since WWE Monday Night Raw has been broadcasting on USA for 19 of the 24 years that Raw has aired. says that WWE has been flirting with the idea of broadcasting events on social media, like Facebook Live. They're in talks with the tech giant about broadcasting an exclusive live show on Tuesday night. As of right now, Raw and SmackDown! aren't expected to to be aired on a streaming platform like Facebook Live.


There is an article that was recently published by Sports Business Journal that reveals that the UFC could end up landing a new TV deal that could bring in $450 million in revenue. It's a potential deal with FOX and that would air their events on FS1 and FS2.

If the UFC can get $450 million, I can't imagine the WWE getting any less than that. I actually think they can get a contract that will hand them around $600 million due to the fact that their product is a lot more popular and has been around longer.

Some people do believe that if the UFC decides to move on from FOX and sign with another network, then the WWE could slide in and fill their spot, according to

The Sports Business Journal piece did say that WWE has held talks with FOX, so we do know that there is some interest. They've also been talking to CBS, Disney, Amazon and YouTube.


YouTube as a partner with WWE is interesting, given the fact that they've demonetized a lot of their "edgy" content.  But I guess signing a massive multi-million dollar company is very enticing for them.

Comment below and tell us which company you think WWE will sign with. Will they stick around on the USA Network, or sign with either FOX or CBS, who've signed deals with major sports leagues like the MLS, NFL and MLB in the past? Also is there a network you would prefer them to sign with?

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WWE In Talks To Change Networks