WWE Teases Balor Vs Styles II After TLC 2017 Match

Despite the match being thrown together at the last minute thanks to an illness to WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor versus AJ Styles was likely the best match of the card on Sunday's TLC pay-per-view. It was considered one of the few dream matches left that the WWE Universe hadn't yet seen and while there was very little promotion, the bout delivered on a number of cylinders.

When all was said and done, "The Demon" came out on top, but few will suggest there was a real loser in the match. In the center of the ring, the two competitors showed a great deal of respect for one another when they mutually gave each other a "Too Sweet" hand gesture and Styles and Balor gave people a hope that there might be more coming in the future.

Balor was one of the first to suggest he'd like to continue working with Styles. In a WWE.com exclusive video, Balor spoke to the WWE Universe following his match. "For the longest time, the careers of Finn Balor and AJ Styles never crossed paths until tonight at TLC", he said. Balor continued to describe Styles as someone he's looked up to his entire career, someone he's admired and someone who took him to the absolute limits in their match.

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An opponent like that makes for great drama and the WWE would be silly to waste it on a one-night, never-do-this-again type match. Balor agrees and learned why they call Styles "The Phenomenal One"

Balor finished the video by suggesting he thinks there should be an AJ Styles versus Finn Balor too sweet.

This could be a call to a rematch or a call to reunite the founding members of the Bullet Club, a faction that made the Too Sweet gestures popular again but that might not be discovered for some time since Styles is heading back to SmackDown Live.

For now, this will be something the WWE Universe will keep in the back of their minds knowing it's likely something between the two fan favorites will happen again.


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