10 Third-Generation Wrestlers We Didn’t Know Existed

When Rocky Mavia debuted way back at the 1996 Survivor Series, he became the first ever third generation star to step into a WWE ring. He was the first, but certainly not the last. The next generation of family dynasties has brought all kinds of wrestlers over the years - more Samoans like the Usos, Ted and Brett DiBiase gave it a go to follow in dad, grandma and grandpa’s footsteps.

With 357 Hart grandchildren running around and having babies of their own, new wrestling children keep coming down the pipeline. Those are just some of the dynasties we know about. Then there’s entire roster of third generation stars that we might not have heard of or realized were the next generation. Here are 10 third-generation wrestlers we didn't know existed.

10 Chavo Guerrero

Coming to WCW in 1996 and joining his uncle Eddie, it’s sometimes easy to confuse Los Guerreros as brothers. After all, with just three years apart, they were certainly raised as such. But Chavo’s dad is Eddie’s older brother, making “Chavito” a third-generation star.

He even predates the Rock for appearing on TV, although WCW seldom promoted him as such. He followed his father and uncles into the ring and nowadays followed his Uncle Mondo into Hollywood - Chavo advises on GLOW like Mondo did for the original series.

9 Andrade

Andrade might be the heir apparent in WWE right now. It took him a little bit to get cooking down in NXT, but once he paired up with Zelina Vega, the former La Sombra began catching fire. He won the NXT title and on the main roster has had a thrilling series of matches with Rey Mysterio.

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Like several Luchadors, Andrade is also a third-generation superstar. In Mexico, when he started Andrade took the name Brillante Jr. after his father, the original Brillante. His grandfather worked as “El Moro,” before having to retire from a nasty injury that left him dead for several minutes.

8 Tessa Blanchard

Being the daughter of one of the founding Four Horsewomen, Tessa Blanchard definitely comes from good genes. At just 24 years old, she’s already the talk of a lot of critics about how much of a future she has in the business.

With her father being Tully and her step-dad NWA legend Magnum TA, she already comes from excellent stock. But her grandpa also was part of the industry - Joe Blanchard was a former wrestler from Stampede and several other territories before running his own promotion out of San Antonio.

7 Bray Wyatt

The Fiend, despite a botched finish at Hell In A Cell, is currently one of the most intriguing characters in WWE or any other promotion for that matter. Bray Wyatt has been on the cusp of transcendence (like the Undertaker or Mankind) for quite some time now. Hopefully, the WWE will pull the trigger and turn him completely loose.

He definitely has the pedigree - his grandfather was one of the legendary Blackjacks - Blackjack Mulligan and his dad is IRS. Wyatt's uncle is one of the most highly regarded superstars of the eighties, Hall Of Famer Barry Windham.

6 Jacob Fatu

The current MLW World Champion is someone that plenty of people should start getting to know. The name Fatu is synonymous with the Anoai family. Jacob Fatu has been hailed by MLW head honcho (and former WWE writer) Court Bauer as someone who could be the next great Samoan in the sport.

His lineage connects him to his father, the Samoan Savage, the Tonga Kid. His grandfather is the High Chief Peter Mavia and unless you’re Samoa Joe, Fatu is related to all of the other wrestling Samoans.

5 Marshall And Ross Von Erich

According to Court Bauer’s recent podcast with Chris Jericho, Marshall and Ross Von Erich were actually offered a contract with the WWE to carry on their familial legacy on the grandest stage.

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But the sons of Kevin Von Erich like living in Hawaii too much (can’t argue with that). WWE’s loss is MLW’s gain. The brothers have been with the company since May. As MLW continues to grow, the Von Erich legacy will also continue to grow and live on.

4 Dominick Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has been wrestling for over half of his life and he’s still relatively young! At 44 years old, he has had some of the best matches of his career these past few years. He’s also has been working with his son, Dominick to get him in the ring. Most recently, Dom was part of a high-profile angle to set up Brock and Velasquez for Crown Jewel.

Dominick could wind up being the first third generation Luchador to debut for WWE instead of AAA or CMLL. He has yet to have a major match, but the great-nephew of Rey Misterio has some big shoes to fill when he steps into the ring.

3 Matt Hart

With Nattie reigning as the Queen of Harts and Tyson working backstage in WWE, and the Foundation reborn in MLW, the Hart family dynasty is still going strong. Matt Hart, the son of Smith has been gaining some traction on the Indy circuit in Canada, including the family’s Hart Legacy promotion.

He might be only 26 but being a member of the Hart family means that’s 26 years of wrestling experience. He’ll certainly be on a bigger stage sooner than later.

2 Shaul Guerrero

With so many different options for wrestling on TV these days, it’s actually hard to keep up (#FirstWorldWrestlingFanProblems). On AXS TV, the women are dominating Saturday nights. Women Of Wrestling, owned and operated by original GLOW owner, David McLane.

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The beautiful lady announcing the wrestlers to the ring is none other than Shaul Guerrero. Along with Ted DiBiase, Shaul is one of the few superstars whose parents were both in the business (Eddie and Vickie). While currently she’s just ring announcing, she’s been trained down in FCW and has the business in her blood. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the patented Guerrero shimmy again real soon.

1 Dave Finlay

For American wrestling fans, Fit Finley was a talented mid-card wrestler known for being “tougher than shoe leather.” After his in-ring career ended he became a huge part of training the women’s division. But he also had a hand in training his own son. Dave Finlay, Jr. isn’t just third-generation, he’s actually fourth-generation!

He’s making headway being part of the Young Lion Dojo in Japan. The Finlay wrestling family is one of the biggest on the other side of the pond, and David III looks to extend that lineage on both sides of the planet as part of New Japan and Ring Of Honor.

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