10 WWE Title Changes Coming Soon (And Who Will Win The Championship Next)

WrestleMania season is fast approaching in WWE, who are under pressure to improve their product from the demanding fans. As their TV ratings keep on falling with each passing month, WWE will have to pick up its game big-time in order to bring their fans back into watching their shows. They can win back the trust of fans by making some crucial decisions in the form of title changes. There are many championships on the different brands of WWE, and they will definitely be changing hands heading into this hectic phase for the company.

It’s well known how popular a title change can be, and WWE will want to have some favorites win the belts to entertain fans. The Royal Rumble kicks off the Road to WrestleMania, and every prominent star would want to head into the show with a championship or either chasing some gold. WWE has shown a pattern in making many title changes during this phase in the past, and this year it won’t be any different. If rumors are to be believed, many title changes can be expected soon. This can stretch towards major changes to Raw, SmackDown and even NXT, which has gained a lot of popularity over the course of 2018.

WWE will look to have their top Superstars win championships to make their product more entertaining, thus putting an end to some relatively memorable title reigns. So, here, we will have a look at 10 WWE Title Changes Which Are Coming Soon and Which Superstars Will Win The Championship next.

20 Title Change: Shinsuke Nakamura Loses United States Championship

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Ever since winning the United States Championship, Shinsuke Nakamura’s stock in WWE has seemingly fallen through. He isn’t that charismatic, audacious “King of Strong Style” he was in NXT, and this peculiar heel turn hasn’t done him any good. As a matter of fact, Nakamura has been made to look quite weak as U.S. Champion and barely defends the title. Despite having quite a lengthy stint with the title, he should lose it sometime on the Road to WrestleMania as WWE definitely won’t be having him go into the show as champion. He could drop it at Royal Rumble and pick up a different feud heading into the grandest show of the year.

19 Will Win Next: Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio might be engulfed in a bitter feud with Randy Orton right now, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel for him. Mysterio should be victorious in this heated feud, after which he should be looking to get back some gold in WWE. While the legendary Luchador isn’t quite ready for the WWE Championship, WWE would love to increase the prestige of the U.S. Championship by handing it to him. Mysterio already teased a feud with Nakamura at WWE Starrcade and it could go down early next year. Mysterio winning the U.S. Title at Royal Rumble can be a real feel-good moment and help the title gain a bigger reputation.

18 Title Change: The Bar Loses Smackdown Tag Team Championship

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For The Bar, their latest Tag Team Championship reign hasn’t really been as memorable as some of their earlier ones on Raw. The Big Show has played a huge part in their success, helping them win the titles themselves and defend them easily with his distractions. While Sheamus and Cesaro are still terrific tag team wrestlers, one can feel that their time is coming up as champions. They will not head into WrestleMania as champions and could drop the titles very soon. With the Smackdown Tag Team Division gaining speed, The Bar’s title reign could come to an end soon, as they could drop the title at any moment in the immediate future.

17 Will Win Next: The Usos

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If one tag team is to be considered as “THE” tag team of SmackDown, it has to be The Usos. They have been ruling over the Tag Team Division on the blue brand for the past few years now and successfully led Team Blue to victory at Survivor Series. Since their change in gimmicks, The Usos have looked better than ever and maintained popularity among the fans. It’s high time WWE give them back their SmackDown Tag Team Championship and with successful results recently, one can feel it coming. The Usos should win back the SmackDown Tag Team belts soon, helping them rightfully regain their position at the top of the division.

16 Title Change: The Undisputed Era Drop The NXT Tag Team Championship

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The Undisputed Era has been ruling over the NXT Tag Team Division for almost a year now, as the tag team specialist have been using their superior man advantage to thwart every team on the roster. Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly look almost unstoppable with the titles, and considering the fantastic work they have done, almost nobody wants them to drop the titles. However, time for change is coming soon in the NXT Tag Team Division. The Undisputed Era will drop the titles soon and it could come early as NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. It will take some doing to dethrone them, but the blooming NXT Tag Team Division means they will drop the titles relatively soon.

15 Will Win Next: The War Raiders

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A team which has dominated the Undisputed Era like none other has been the War Raiders, who have made life a nightmare for the stable. The War Raiders have come close to dethroning O’Reilly and Strong as Tag team Champions, but have been thwarted by the man-advantage. However, after their TakeOver: War Games II victory, they have the upper hand on the stable and will go all in to win the titles from them. The War Raiders’ dominance should continue for a long time and finally allow them to overcome the Undisputed Era. They should win the titles in a big way which can properly establish them as the new kings of the NXT Tag Team Division.

14 Title Change: Buddy Murphy Loses The Cruiserweight Championship

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Buddy Murphy has helped boost the Cruiserweight Division with his excellent work and was rewarded at WWE Super Show-Down when he won the Cruiserweight Championship in his home country. Murphy looks unstoppable with the championship, putting down anyone who dares to challenge him, while acting as this tough heel. However, Murphy can only continue his dominance for so long, and with the rising popularity of some other stars, he will need to drop the title sometime soon. Murphy looks perfect as the Cruiserweight Champion, but the fantastic work of others make them deserving of the title. Because of this, Murphy will drop the title during WrestleMania season.

13 Will Win Next: Mustafa Ali

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If there’s someone to stand toe-to-toe with Buddy Murphy in terms of popularity in the Cruiserweight Division, that has to be Mustafa Ali. He’s been doing some fantastic work in the division for years now and has propelled into the top babyface spot because of his impressive character. Ali’s incredible skill in the ring and underdog babyface gimmick has helped him get quite over with fans. He’s had a long story with trying to win the Cruiserweight Championship and one has to feel his time is coming. Ali has already failed many times in trying to win the title but can pull off a heart-warming underdog story by defeating Murphy to win the championship in the near future.

12 Title Change: Rey Mysterio Loses The United States Championship

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Rey Mysterio is expected to be the next United States Champion on Smackdown Live, and could win it relatively soon to give the title a fresh start. However, Mysterio probably won’t be enjoying a lengthy reign with the Championship as WWE want him available to feud with a number of different Superstars. He will win the title and defend it courageously for a short period to help elevate it’s poor reputation, after which it will be passed on to someone younger. Mysterio can really help put over another star on SmackDown by losing the United States Championship to that person, as this seems to be WWE's way to go towards booking the U.S. Championship during the Road to WrestleMania.

11 Will Win Next: Andrade “Cien” Almas

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For Andrade “Cien” Almas, something big on SmackDown Live is a long time coming. The former NXT Champion hasn’t really been treated that well, losing to top stars and failing to make a breakthrough on the brand. However, as per rumors, Vince McMahon is a big fan of Almas’ work and sees him as a future star of SmackDown Live. That’s why he seems destined for big things and could be a future contender for the United States Championship. A Rey Mysterio and Almas feud can be money for WWE. Mysterio putting over Almas by dropping the U.S. Championship to him - probably after WrestleMania - can help give Cien’s WWE career a huge boost.

10 Title Change: Shayna Baszler Drops The NXT Women’s Championship

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“The Queen of Spades,” Shayna Baszler is loving life as two-time NXT Women’s Champion and looks dominant as ever, especially after getting her buddies Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke by her side. Baszler has been sneaking through victories to continue her reign, but with a main roster call looming in the background, she’s destined to drop the title soon. While it’s to be seen whether she drops it at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix or New York, Baszler will not be having a lengthy reign this time. She will help put over someone else as the top star of the division and then ride away into dominating the main roster scene.

9 Will Win Next: Bianca Belair

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Bianca Belair has shaped herself into becoming quite the dominant star IN NXT, who is yet to be defeated by anyone. Belair has plowed through everyone who has come in her way and looks set to be the new dominant force of the NXT Women’s Division. Belair should get an NXT Women’s Championship run relatively soon and would be a perfect candidate to take the title from Shayna Baszler. While it will be interesting to see how she overcomes the odds, the cunning Belair could sneak her way into winning the championship early next year. Triple H seems to be really high on Belair could reward her great work with a title run soon.

8 Title Change: Brock Lesnar Loses The Universal Championship

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The Universal Championship has almost become Brock Lesnar’s property for the past year or so, as The Beast Incarnate has held it for so long that it’s difficult to picture anyone else with it. Lesnar has been extremely dominant with the championship, but will not have an long reign with it this time. He is only carrying the championship to defend it during WrestleMania season and could drop it on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Lesnar could help give whoever he drops the title to a huge boost as a main eventer and elevate their reputation as the deserving holder of the Universal Championship.

7 Will Win Next: Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman seemed destined to win the Universal Championship at WWE Crown Jewel, only to be screwed over by Baron Corbin, allowing an easy win for Brock Lesnar. However, Strowman isn’t done with the title yet and is guaranteed a rematch for the Universal Championship after he’s done with Corbin. Strowman will face Lesnar for the title at the Royal Rumble, which could be the event where he wins it. Even if he doesn’t then, he could win the title at WrestleMania, which can be huge for him. A Universal Championship run for Strowman seems inevitable and he should realistically be the one to dethrone The Beast.

6 Title Change: Tommaso Ciampa Drops The NXT Championship

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NXT has been superior to both Raw and SmackDown Live lately in terms of product. Their NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa is a big reason for that. “The Champ” has been a more entertaining title-holder than many on the main roster while doing some excellent heel work in the “developmental brand” of WWE. Ciampa has given us some classics already in his title reign, which makes him look quite unstoppable. However, Ciampa’s amazing work is attracting attention from the main roster and Vince McMahon would love to call him up soon. Ciampa should drop the title during WrestleMania season, after which he will be ready to make the main-roster jump to terrorize superstars on either Raw or SmackDown.

5 Will Win Next: Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano’s quest towards the NXT Championship has become such an obsession that it’s compelled him to turn towards the dark side. Gargano has been playing the heel lately after being broken by constant losses. He even seems to be okay with his arch-rival Tommaso Ciampa right now, but this peculiar heel turn could all be a smoke-screen for something bigger. Gargano could side with Ciampa as a heel but then double-cross him soon-after to win the NXT Championship. This would be excellent storytelling and a symbolic manner for Gargano to capture the NXT title. Something which he’s been deserving for a long time due to his incredible work-rate.

4 Title Change: Braun Strowman Loses The Universal Championship

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So, Braun Strowman might be the next Universal Champion after Brock Lesnar, but WWE must plan for the future of the title. Strowman is arguably the most dominant Superstars on Raw right now and it would  be a gigantic task for anyone to take the title from him. However, knowing WWE’s feelings on “giants” holding their prime championship, it’s well known that Braun won’t have that long a reign. He will probably have a short, dominant reign before handing it to someone who is a “better fit” in WWE’s eyes. and can convincingly carry the title in the long-term.

3 Will Win Next: Drew McIntyre

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“The Scottish Psychopath,” Drew McIntyre is arguably the strongest heel in the WWE and has taken Monday Night Raw by storm with his excellent work. McIntyre is working as a powerful heel and is being booked strongly as a result. Vince McMahon is also very high on him, and considers him top-star material. As a result, a Universal Championship reign could be in line for McIntyre. He has already feuded with Braun Strowman and would actually be the perfect guy to take the title from him. McIntyre has the brawn and brains to outlast Strowman and deservedly become the top guy on Raw by winning the Universal Championship.

2 Title Change: Daniel Bryan Loses The WWE Championship

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Daniel Bryan has seemingly turned a new leaf after becoming “The New” Daniel Bryan following his WWE Championship victory over AJ Styles. Bryan’s now a brutal heel character, thrashing the fans and loving to hurt his opponents. Bryan looks much more focused in this character and it will be difficult for anyone to take the championship off him. However, after going into WrestleMania as champion, Bryan could drop the title in the event or soon after. WWE won’t have Bryan reign as champion that long. The mainly want him to headline Mania' with the championship. He should put over someone else by dropping the title and going a different way on Smackdown Live.

1 Will Win Next: The Miz

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The sudden heel turn of Daniel Bryan put off his feud with The Miz, who now seems to be on the same page as Bryan. The A-Lister is somewhat enjoying this side of Bryan, but also getting shocked by certain actions. With The Miz now playing a tweener, one would think he would be the perfect opponent for Bryan. The Miz is also over enough for fans to appreciate him as WWE Champion, and the company shouldn’t hesitate anymore with making the move. It would be symbolic for The Miz to take the title from Bryan, which could happen sometime during or after WrestleMania season and help usher a new era for Smackdown Live.

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