WWE To Add Some Unique Wrestling Content To WWE Network

WWE is in the process of negotiating the rights to air CMLL wrestling on the WWE Network. This would give the platform and entirely different feel.

While all the traditional programs would stay on the Network, such as pay-per-views, NXT, WWE 24, Table of 3 and Ride Along, among other popular shows, adding CMLL would give the WWE Network something it really doesn't already have: that is, a good chunk of Lucha Libre wrestling.

It was reported earlier this summer, via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that WWE officials were in talks with the legendary CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) wrestling promotion of Mexico. The idea was the WWE wanted a representation of Lucha Libre wrestling on the network. Not a lot came from those initial talks.

Bu, speculation continued and according to Planeta Wrestling. WWE has reportedly approached CMLL about purchasing access to their video library. This addition would coincide with the potential change of the WWE Network to a tiered system where users could pay different monthly rates for access to different content.

It is also being reported that WWE is talking to more than just CMLL in the hopes of arranging similar type deals with other wrestling promotions and having a lot of content to entire WWE Network subscribers to up their monthly payments to a higher tier.

Is a Higher-Tiered WWE Network System Going to Work?

Initial critiques of the WWE Network when it was first introduced was that WWE was giving away a lot of revenue for members at only $9.99 per month. The idea was that WWE would need millions of subscribers if they were to really make huge money with the digital system.

One way to work around that, is to get the die-hard subscribers (of which there are many) to spend more. These are the same subscribers who watch as much wrestling as possible so adding something like CMLL would help convince them to part with a couple more dollars per month.

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