WWE To Debut New Sets For Raw And SmackDown With New Network Changes

Recent reports suggest that WWE will be revamping the looks of both the Raw and SmackDown sets with the changes coming to each brand.

Apparently, WWE isn’t just moving SmackDown to a new night and time. They aren’t just holding a draft to place Superstars on the respective brands for good. WWE is also creating news sets for both Raw and SmackDown that should debut around the same time as the other major changes the company is making.

In fact, this week's RAW and SmackDown will be the final week with the current stages, according to @WrestlingVotes.

As many people are now aware, SmackDown will be headed to FOX on Friday, October 4 in a major change to the brand. According to the new report by the popular social media rumors reporter, both shows will be "getting an updated, fresh feeling set."

When asked for clarification on whether or not just SmackDown would see a new set, WrestleVotes responded that, each show will be getting a different set, including Raw. There was no report on whether or not NXT would see something new, although the ramp was gone from Full Sail University during the debut episode on USA Network.

New Brands, New Unique Look

The idea behind the WWE freshening up each respective set is that the company seems to want to distinguish between the brands with new stars, new decor and perhaps new lighting. With the WWE Draft coming on the October 11 episode of SmackDown, then continuing on the following Monday's Raw, the feeling backstage is that each roster gets to start with a fresh slate.

This is exciting news for WWE fans who are tired of seeing WWE try to “change things up” but really just going back to the same old stuff with things like The WildCard Rule. It will be fun to see if these changes actually stick.

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