WWE To Offer Huge Incentive Over Christmas For Raw Talent

It would have been unthinkable in the past to give every talent on one show a break at the same time, but that's exactly what WWE is doing.

Over the Christmas break, WWE is going to give all of the Superstars who now comprise the roster for Raw, time off. At the same time.

If you're asking how Raw will air live with all of its Superstars on Christmas break, the answer is, it won't. For this first time in a long time, Raw will offer a pre-taped, non-live show to its viewers. The company is set to tape the pre-Christmas edition of RAW on Tuesday, December 17 in Sioux City, Iowa. The taped show will air on Monday, December 23, according to @Wrestlevotes.

Not everyone is so luck. The roster that makes up the Friday Night SmackDown crew will have to be back in action, live on December 27th.

This will give Raw stars, and essentially the rest of the talent roster, time off between December 22 and December 26th to spend with their family and friends with no shows, no tapings and no live events to worry about. Considering the demanding travel schedule WWE asks its talent to keep, this is pretty big news and a sign they understand they'll need to offer more incentives to workers to provide a happier environment.

Speculation is that the NXT episode that would have been scheduled for December 25th on the Wednesday, will not be presented as a normal NXT show might be. It will either be taped or a Christmas special will run in its place.

What Will AEW Do?

Considering one of the big draws to a company like AEW was the less hectic travel schedule, will they also not ask workers to work on Christmas Day?

Their new show on TNT is set to run right into the holiday and while sports like the NBA make a big deal out of the day and draw large viewers, one has to think AEW wouldn't run a Christmas show considering everything they've said about being a workplace that doesn't overwork its talent.

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