10 Things That Will Change In WWE When Triple H Takes Over

Sooner or later, Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, will be completely taking over WWE, and when that time comes, there will probably be a few changes made to how things are done on the main roster.

The former fourteen time WWE World Heavyweight Champion has already proven that he knows how to run and produce a show via NXT, which some would argue is a better, more exciting brand than the two main roster shows.

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One thing we've learned during Triple H's time as the Vince McMahon of NXT is that he's far more open minded about who he'll push, so it'll be interesting to see if he continues to be when he's running things on the main roster.

But, without a doubt, things will change when "The Game" takes over, and here are a few adjustments that the ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion will make after he officially takes over the biggest pro wrestling company in the world.

10 Better Match Quality

Most subscribers to the WWE Network would probably argue that the NXT Takeover shows are far better than anything the company does on the main roster. If you've been following WWE's developmental brand for a significant period of time, then you know that almost every NXT call-up stops having five-star matches as soon as they get to the main roster. But when Triple H takes over, he'll probably bring more of a focus to the in-ring action, which will make main roster pay per views and television shows a lot easier to watch.

9 The Word "Wrestling" Will No Longer Be Banned

Even though the second W in WWE stands for wrestling, and despite the fact that the company's biggest show of the year is called WrestleMania, Vince McMahon has made it quite clear that his performers must be referred to as WWE Superstars and not professional wrestlers. However, that will likely change when Triple H, who clearly doesn't see being called a pro wrestler as a bad thing, takes over the company.

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Also, the term "sports-entertainment" will probably be dropped simply because no one other than Vince McMahon uses that term unless they're instructed to do so by the boss himself.

8 Raw Cut To 2 Hours

There probably isn't a WWE fan out there who enjoys the fact that Monday Night Raw is a three hour show. Ideally, every wrestling television show should probably be one hour, but that's probably not going to pay the bills for the world's biggest pro wrestling company. They did make the move to go to three hours because of the incredible amount of money they were being offered to do so, but it clearly hasn't been worth it. Triple H has done a great job at keeping his wrestlers fresh in NXT, and the first step to doing so on the main roster would be to cut their main show to two hours.

7 Protecting Champions At Every Level

One thing that WWE hasn't done in recent years is protect their champions, especially the ones who hold their secondary titles such as the Intercontinental and the United States Championship. It does seem that the company is more than willing to have their champions get beat in non-title matches simply because they believe that, even though the current champ lost clean, they'll still be over because they're still a champion. Triple H has put a major emphasis on the titles down in NXT, as he's done a great job at protecting the brand's champions by making them look strong. So expect that to continue when he's in charge of the main roster.

6 Shorter Pay Per Views

WWE's pay per views keep getting longer, as their biggest shows can have a seven hour run-time. Of course, there is a strategy behind this, as WWE does want to be able to tell their share holders that fans are watching more hours of original content on their network than ever before.

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But due to his own experience during his prime in-ring years, and from his own experience with running NXT, Triple H probably knows that you probably don't want to have a pay per view run longer than three hours. Also, this will mean that there will be fewer matches on these shows, which is another huge plus.

5 No Overly Produced Commentary

One of the greatest things about the NXT shows is that the commentary isn't embarrassingly bad like it is on the main roster, as Mauro Ranallo and whoever he's paired with on the brand always do a fantastic job calling the action. Sure, there are probably moments when the NXT commentary crew are being produced, but from listening to it for all these years, it's quite clear that they're not constantly being bothered by their producer. This makes the commentary seem more real, as the men and women calling the action seem more engaged with the product. This is something that must, and probably will happen on the main roster when it's time for Triple H to take over.

4 Long Term Planning

One of the reasons why WWE can be hard to follow is that there's really no long term plans for anyone, so it can seem like a wrestler is getting a pretty good push for a few weeks, and then all of the sudden, their role changes with no real explanation. It's been reported several times over the last few years that he current WWE chairman is constantly changing his mind about things, which does make it hard to have any long term plans. But due to the fact that NXT is taped in advance, Triple H does have to make long term plans and see them through, which is something that he'll bring to the main roster.

3 More Freedom On Promos

WWE legends such as Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and Jim Ross have all expressed their discontent with the company making the shift to having their promos be completely scripted in advance.

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In the past, Triple H has talked about how he's giving the wrestlers down in NXT a little more freedom with their promos, and while the talking segments will probably never go back to being completely unscripted, they'll probably be far less scripted when the former fourteen time WWE World Heavyweight Champion takes over.

2 Wins And Losses Will Matter

One thing that WWE hasn't done the greatest job with is making sure that wins and losses matter, as they're regularly ignoring the results of their own matches. In fact, some of WWE's highest ranking producers have publicly said that wins and losses don't matter in the company, which even the most casual fan could pick up on just from watching just a few segments every week. In NXT, wins and losses clearly matter, and when someone does lose, it's usually for a good reason. This will definitely be something that's addressed when Triple H gets full control of the company.

1 Pushing Wrestlers Who Get Over On Their Own

While WWE did listen to the fans when it came to Becky Lynch, they usually don't always go with wrestlers who are able to get over without a full green light push, with the best examples of this being Zack Ryder and Rusev. Of course, they did eventually give in to the fans when Daniel Bryan was at his peak, but it took them several months to change their mind. When Triple H takes over, he'll be more willing to change plans when it makes sense, and go with someone who is getting over on their own instead of beating them into the ground until the fans don't care about them anymore.

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