WWE Trying To Delete All Footage From Embarrassing Raw Segment?

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw saw the final build up to Sunday's Extreme Rules event. It also saw Alexa Bliss host her own cringeworthy version of "This is Your Life" with many members of Bayley's past.

This was a segment that saw the WWE crowd in attendance chanting "this is boring" throughout and now we know that WWE didn't feel that the segment went as well as could be expected.

The company has removed videos on Twitter and have edited the entire performance from Bliss for their YouTube. They are now only showing the part where Bayley makes her way to the ring.

It seems that this was another idea that creative thought would be a great final push towards their match but instead it left Alexa in a poor position as she attempted to work with the lack of creativity WWE had given to her as the segment went on for much too long as well.

Alexa and Bayley meet on Sunday night in a Kendo Stick on a Pole match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship at Extreme Rules.

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