5 Reasons WWE Should Sign Tyson Fury Full Time (& 5 Why They Shouldn't)

At the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV, professional boxing star, Tyson Fury is set to make his WWE debut as he goes one on one with Braun Strowman in a match that is set to bring a lot of fresh viewers to the product.

Fury has dominated the boxing world, winning 29 of his 30 fights, drawing the other as he remains undefeated for the time being, and while his match with Strowman certainly came out of nowhere, it has still gained a lot of news.

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The Gypsy King is a name known all around the world and it is that celebrity factor that WWE is hoping will work for them, but whether he continues to work for the company afterwards remains to be seen and within this article, we will give five reasons why WWE should sign him, and five reasons why they shouldn't.

10 They Shouldn't: His Segments Have Fallen Flat

There was a lot of hype when Tyson Fury first appeared in the world of WWE, squaring off with Braun Strowman on SmackDown's FOX debut, and the segment was well done with the two men making it clear they wanted to get these hands.

However, since that point a lot of the segments involving the Gyspy King have fallen a little flat, not quite working in the way that WWE might have hoped with a real lack of reactions from the fans.

The recent contract signing and the ridiculous pen snapping spot was a perfect example of that, with fans simply not caring, which isn't a sign that they are desperate to see him sign with the company.

9 They Should: He's A Big Name

Whether WWE wants to admit it or not, the company is in a war with AEW right now, with views not being at their best for either Raw or SmackDown right now, the company needs to start pulling out all the stops in order to change that.

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One way the company can do that is by signing some big names that are well known around the world, and Tyson Fury is an example of that as he attracts boxing fans who might not normally tune into WWE.

Signing him up would make some of those fans tune on a more regular basis in order to see what he is going to be doing each time, which is what WWE needs right now, a legitimate sporting star who brings in eyeballs to the product.

8 They Shouldn't: He Will Be Expensive

While you might be thinking this really doesn't matter as WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world which pays out huge contracts on a yearly basis to the likes of Brock Lesnar and John Cena, it is something to consider.

There have been plenty of reports about how much money Fury is set to earn from his one-time fight at Crown Jewel, and if that is to be believed then WWE would need to pay him a ridiculous amount in order to sign him.

While he might bring a lot of casual fans to the product, a lot of the current WWE Superstars would likely not be best pleased about the company paying Fury more than them.

7 They Should: Brings A New Style

Tyson Fury is unlike anyone else in the company right now, with the boxing star having a very English sense of humor, with his promo style reflecting that which is something unique on the WWE roster right now.

Fury hasn't been fully unleashed on the microphone just yet, which has been a wasted opportunity by the company, but hopefully, there will be time for him to cut a truly unscripted promo at some stage.

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His style of performance is very much in the mind of boxing promotion and bringing that into the WWE Universe could create some superb storylines.

6 They Shouldn't: He's A Controversial Figure

While WWE isn't exactly going to be screaming this information from the rooftops, Tyson Fury is actually quite a controversial figure as he has made plenty of comments in the past that have upset a lot of people.

From making homophobic comments to sexist and anti-Semitic comments, Fury's personal beliefs have often crossed a line that should never be crossed and considering WWE's PG nature, that is something they will be careful about.

Because of that, many fans don't have respect for Fury and do not want to see him in a WWE ring at all, which could be a reason for WWE to opt against signing him at all.

5 They Should: He Can Be A Babyface Or A Heel

When WWE signs big names from outside the wrestling bubble such as Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury himself, it is always better if the company can use them in either a babyface or a heel capacity, as it opens up more possibilities for them.

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Tyson Fury is certainly someone who would work perfectly in either role, with Fury being very open about his mental health problems and being a very funny man helping to develop him as a sympathetic and loveable babyface.

While his cocky side and his size and strength would certainly work in a monstrous heel role as well, which means if WWE signed him he would certainly open up a lot of opportunities for the company in terms of storytelling.

4 They Shouldn't: He Isn't Going To Retire From Boxing

Should WWE want to sign Tyson Fury, there is no doubt that the company would want him exclusively on a full-time deal if possible, but the fact is that Tyson Fury isn't going to be retiring from boxing anytime soon.

The Gypsy King still has several fights that he wants to have in his future, and while WWE could potentially work around that schedule, this would mean Fury missing a lot of time from the company in order to train and prepare.

Fury couldn't do both at the same time as the risk of injuring would be too high for him, meaning he would effectively only be able to appear in WWE for very limited dates.

3 They Should: Adds Legitimacy To The Heavyweight Division

The days of huge heavyweight wrestlers dominating the world of WWE is long behind us with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston all being considered top main event talent in today's WWE.

However, that doesn't mean the company should just give up on the classic heavyweights completely, as there is still a lot that they can add and if WWE wants to start building that division up again, adding Tyson Fury would certainly bring some legitimacy to it.

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Fury is someone who you have to take seriously inside the ring due to his boxing record, which means you can book him in a similar way to Brock Lesnar, making all of his matches have a big fight feel.

2 They Shouldn't: He Isn't A Trained Wrestler

Granted, we do not yet know how good or bad Tyson Fury is going to be inside a wrestling ring as the match hasn't happened yet and there is a chance he could take to the sport just like Ronda Rousey did in her debut.

However, Fury is a big man and he isn't known for his mobility, which is why a career in wrestling could be a difficult one for him and if he is a poor wrestler, then signing him just for his name value would be wrong.

1 They Should: He's A Born Entertainer

While everyone likes to watch a fantastic in-ring wrestler, the fact is that the most important aspect of WWE is the final letter, which stands for Entertainment, and that is exactly what Tyson Fury is.

He is a showman, a born entertainer who knows how to get a reaction from a crowd as he has proven throughout his boxing career, always doing whatever it took in order to drum up interest in his fights to earn as much money as possible. If WWE lets him run wild, he can no doubt put on a show.

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