10 Unwritten Rules That WWE Seems To Follow All The Time

WWE does a lot of things well, but there’s a ‘regimented’ feeling to a lot of their programming that certainly requires some further analysis – in our mind, anyway.

They’re still the top dogs in town and will be for a long time to come, but we wonder whether or not the rise of All Elite Wrestling is going to put that status under threat. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see whether the fans agree with some of our theories as to the unwritten rules that WWE wants to follow.

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10 50/50 Booking

It’s a pretty simple process: someone wins one match in a feud, and then the next week, the other person evens it up with a win. It’s such a lazy way of doing things, and it showcases the kind of laziness that many of us have come to expect with WWE’s booking.

Some fans enjoy it from time to time, with the feud between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks a few years back being a shining example of that, but there’s so much more that could (and should) be done to get a rivalry over.

9 Mainstream Media Must Be Adored

Whether it’s ESPN or Good Morning America, WWE seems to thrive on the attention they gain from the mainstream media. It’s almost as if they feed off of it in some kind of bizarre way, in the sense that it gives them the kind of attention that sometimes leads to more coverage (and eyes on the product).

Even with that being the case, though, we aren’t convinced that they’re taken particularly seriously – especially by the big shows that they try oh so hard to get on.

It’s a vicious cycle, really.

8 Don’t Turn The Golden Boy Heel

In the good old days, this wasn’t really the case, but in recent years, it certainly has been. We’re going to take the company’s last two leading stars as an example: Roman Reigns and John Cena.

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There’s such an investment in them being the respective top faces in the company that they almost seem afraid to turn them heel. You could argue that Seth Rollins is the man nowadays as opposed to Roman, but even so, there’s no way of denying the fact that babyface Reigns and babyface Cena have been shoved down our throats for longer than we can remember.

7 The Third Hour Is Sacred

One thing that cannot be denied is that WWE seems to have an obsession with making the third hour of RAW as special as they possibly can. This is despite the fact that there’s a notable drop in viewership every single week, and once it gets into the third hour, fans just tend to lose interest due to sheer fatigue.

That’s why SmackDown Live is so much more watchable these days than RAW.

We all know that the reason they’re doing it is because of money, which raises a whole other debate that includes Saudi Arabia shows.

6 The Art of War

For some reason, WWE seems to thrive off the idea of war. They’re still making digs about WCW, and the Monday Night War came to an end almost two decades ago now. Then it was TNA, and while it was short-lived, they still took their shots as and when they could.

Now that All Elite Wrestling is right around the corner, they’ve made NXT two hours in order for it to go head to head with AEW.

It’s not the biggest war in the history of the business, but Vince just loves to get after that feeling of competitiveness, doesn’t he?

5 Rematch Overkill

With each and every passing month, we continue to wonder how WWE manages to fit so many rematches into such a short space of time. They quite literally have one of the most talented rosters they’ve ever had, and yet, they can’t bring themselves to put together enough of a ‘variety’ show to ensure that things don’t go stale.

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The Corbin/Rollins/Lynch/Evans saga from a few months back serves as a perfect example of that, and it’s not all too surprising to see Corbin and Evans taking a bit more of a backseat than usual in recent weeks.

4 The Legends Must Look Strong

These reunion shows are all well and good, but when the legends/veterans are going over 95% of the time, what’s even the point? These older guys and girls are supposed to be there in order to try and get the younger talent over, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way.

Triple H is the worst offender of this because even after all these years, he still feels the need to be winning high profile matches at WrestleMania – in 2019. Yes, it was over another old-timer in Batista, but that spot could’ve so easily gone to someone else.

3 More Is Always Better

More programming than ever before. More superstars than ever before. A never-ending need to put out more content than we could possibly ask for. If a decision ever falls onto the lap of any higher-up in WWE, we’re pretty confident in suggesting that they ask themselves one thing: can we go bigger?

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because there’s a lot of good stuff happening in WWE right now, but we aren’t going to pretend like it isn’t a talking point. Will WWE decrease this as the years go on? Only time will tell.

2 The Vince/HHH Divide

Vince McMahon stays far away from NXT and Triple H leaves Vince to run RAW. It seems as if these rules have been set in place, and while The Game may make an occasional appearance backstage for the red brand, we can’t see him taking over on a permanent basis for quite some time.

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Plus, while Vinnie Mac may have been linked with a ‘move’ to NXT in recent weeks, we just can’t imagine that is going to come to fruition.

He’s going to be busy enough as it is with the XFL.

1 Cole Catchphrases

“Oh my!”

Michael Cole seems to come out with similar phrases on a week to week basis, to the point where everything feels and seems incredibly manufactured. If he wasn’t so heavily produced and was allowed to do his own thing from time to time, then it might not be so bad.

As it stands, though, we just aren’t big fans of Cole as a lead commentator, and repetition is one of the keys to that.

After all, there’s a reason why so many fans prefer listening to Jim Ross, even at this stage of his career.

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