WWE Upset with Sunny? HOFer Responds to Rumors

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It was said on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials are rumored to be unhappy with Sunny, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2011. Her several DUI arrests, as well as her openly advertising Skype sessions with fans.

Sunny regularly tweets out that she is available for Skype sessions for $10 and fans can email her for more info. While the Observer said that officials are upset with Sunny, her status in the Hall of Fame hasn't changed.

Sunny responded to these rumors with a lengthy Facebook post:

guess what?? the wrestling "news sites" are at it again! Now they are 'reporting' that the WWE is unhappy with me due to my current career choices and path... WELL....Let me let you all in on a little something...... The last time the WWE paid me ANYTHING was in 2012, a check for $1000, for an interview I did at Axxess during WM weekend. Before that it was 2011, a check for $5000, for the HOF weekend that I was inducted. NOTHING since then, not even royalties. They have done NOTHING to help me pay MY BILLS, and have paid me ZERO in 3 1/2 YEARS!! So, I ask you:::: WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE CONCERNED WITH WHAT THEIR OPINION IS ON MY CAREER CHOICE, IF THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED IN THE LEAST BIT WITH MY FINANCIAL WELL-BEING AND STABILITY AND ABILITY TO PAY MY LIVING EXPENSES???? So I should live in a cardboard box just to make the WWE look good??? I THINK NOT. I'm making more $$ weekly than they used to pay me weekly when I was on the road with them FULL-TIME!!!! SO, until they start paying me weekly, I will continue to do what is best for ME, and no one else. So for now, THAT IS ALL. ( go ahead, so-called journalists.... copy and paste my post...I know you will....losers)....

While we don't know if the rumors are true, in any case, Sunny does have a point in saying she has a right to make a living how she sees fit.

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