WWE Uses Fan Made Title For Live Event Promotion

An arena that will be hosting an upcoming WWE live event posted some pictures promoting the show that left fans a little confused.

WWE Championships are a precious and coveted commodity. They're no joke either. If you want to buy yourself a replica of any of WWE's titles, they'll set you back a fair few hundred dollars each. That's not asking much really if you want to be carrying around something akin to what your favorite WWE Superstars have over their shoulders and around their waists.

Not all of the belts' designs are very popular though. When the Universal Championship was unveiled last year, it was actively booed by fans at the time. The design seems to have grown on the WWE Universe now, plus no one would dare tell Brock Lesnar that his championship looks stupid. Some fans not liking certain titles has even led to them designing their own belts.

Therein lies the confusion at the heart of this article. On Jan. 20, 2018, WWE will be holding a live event at the Florence Civic Center in South Carolina. As a part of the promotion for that event, the venue itself shared a picture of the United States Championship across its social media. Except it was a very different looking US Title. This sparked speculation that WWE will soon be changing the belt's design, that was until somebody pointed out that the picture is actually of a fan-made belt that was posted on Reddit a year ago. The promotion has since been taken down.

Via Sportskeeda.com

On top of that, Florence Civic Center also posted a photo of Charlotte's SmackDown Live Women's Championship with Natalya's nameplates on it. A slightly more forgivable mistake. What's really confusing is that WWE is normally the ones who supply arenas with promotional material such as these pictures. That means either someone within the company made a big mistake, or the venue decided to go into business for itself.

It's not often that a live event as insignificant as this one makes the headlines, but it will when it does something to catch the eye like this. What's more is the 'fake' United States Title actually looks quite nice, dare we say better than the one Baron Corbin is currently in possession of. Maybe WWE thinks the same and this is, in fact, a foreshadowing of them changing the title's design to the fan made one, or at least one very similar.


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