5 Times Vince McMahon Refused To Listen To Fans (& 5 Times He Had No Choice)

Wrestling fans are passionate and vocal. The crowd can make or break a wrestling show as it is their support - or distaste - that fuel everything that is happening in the ring. Throughout the years Vince McMahon has had a strange relationship with fans as he has listened to their demands and, sometimes, straight up ignored them.

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The Chairman of the Board has proved stubborn on occasion, usually at the expense of the very wrestlers he worked to get over. Here are five times Vince McMahon refused to listen to the crowd and five times he had no choice.

10 Refused: Romans Wins The Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns is a perfect example of a wrestler who fits Vince McMahon's preferred criteria and has been pushed at the expense of other indie-grown talents in the locker room. Nothing displayed fans distaste towards The Big Dog more than their reaction to him winning the Royal Rumble match in 2015.

Reigns was booed out of the building as fans had gradually lost interest after Daniel Bryan's elimination. Even an appearance from The Rock couldn't sway the crowd to WWE's side.

9 Listened: Becky Lynch Becomes The Man

Becky Lynch had been treated as an afterthought before her heel turn in 2018. She is the only member of the Four Horsewomen to never hold the NXT Women's Championship and her inaugural reign as SmackDown Women's Champion was never elevated to the same level as Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks' program on Raw.

However, once The Man debuted her new Stone Cold-like gimmick there was no logical way WWE could not push her to the top. Fans were fully behind Lynch as she became the biggest star in the company.

8 Refused: Zack Ryder's Push

Zack Ryder was another Superstar who got himself over with fans, though his push was far less successful. It appeared as if WWE were getting behind Long Island Iced-Z in 2011 after he won the United States Championship, but his momentum ultimately went nowhere.

The Internet Champion had a drastically different 2012. He was written into a mid-card romance with Eve Torres, which ended in heartbreak after witnessing the former Divas Champion kiss John Cena before being wheeled off the stage by Kane.

7 Listened: ECW's Cancellation

ECW was a shadow of its former self by the time Vince McMahon made the announcement on-air that he was canceling the promotion. He vowed to replace it with "groundbreaking" material, NXT being the revolutionary WWE product that came after it.

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ECW's former rebellious spirit and anarchistic tone clashed with the corporate feel of WWE, and its popularity gradually dwindled until the Chairman of the Board put it out of its misery.

6 Refused: Pushing Damien Mizdow

Nobody could have anticipated that Damien Sandow would become so popular with fans, but the crowd chose him as one of their favorites following a program with The Miz in which he played a comedic stunt double for the A-Lister.

Fans were eager to see The Miz and his stunt double face off in a match against each other, though the eagerly-anticipated bout was given little care, crammed onto an episode of Raw that did nothing to signify a push for Mizdow.

5 Listened: Letting Go Of The Hogan Era

Vince McMahon excelled in the 1980s. He knew how to package wrestling to American audiences and rallied fans behind his promotion with iconic figures such as Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. WWF floundered in the early 1990s, however, as Vince was reluctant to that era go.

The chairman had no choice but to eventually cave to fans and the transition into the Attitude Era. D-Generation X and their rebellious, controversial personas signified a big change in the company that would elevate it to even further heights.

4 Refused: Not Turning John Cena Heel

Fans have wanted to see John Cena turn heel for a long time. The Champ has long been accused of having a stale, lackluster character in dire need of a new direction and gimmick. However, considering how much merchandise Cena moved, a heel turn was never going to happen.

Cena addressed the fan complaints in the ring during a segment on Raw in 2013. It is little wonder why this is one demand Vince won't back down to, as Cena has long been the Superstar who appeals most to the PG audience.

3 Listened: Bringing Matt Hardy Back

Matt Hardy's feud with Edge in 2005 was intense, as their kayfabe rivalry was based on a real-life conflict that involved Hardy's girlfriend Lita having an affair with the Rated-R Superstar. Hardy leaked this information online and was promptly released from the company.

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Fans rallied behind Hardy and bombarded WWE with chants such as "You Screwed Matt" at all WWE events. Vince eventually admitted defeat and reinstated Hardy, interweaving his personal life into kayfabe.

2 Refused: Batista Wins Royal Rumble, Not Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan's ascension in WWE was meteoric. Fans were fully behind him as he shattered glass ceilings in the company, getting himself over with sheer charisma and in-ring ability. WWE eventually conceded defeat and put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on him, though they were initially reluctant.

Batista entering and winning 2014's Royal Rumble match instead of Bryan was a decision that was booed out of the building. The crowd turned on Batista and, during an episode of RawBryan led the crowd into the ring for a protest that saw Triple H award him a title match at WrestleMania XXX.

1 Listened: Post-Montreal Screwjob Heel Turn

Vince McMahon did not originally intend to turn heel following the controversial antics of the Montreal Screwjob. Vince and other WWE officials intervened without Bret Hart's knowledge or consent during his match with Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series in 1997, declaring Michaels the winner in Hart's home town despite him never winning the match.

Vince didn't anticipate the visceral reactions the crowd later had towards him, expecting to return to a role as an announcer. Eventually, he conceded defeat and began to morph into his villainous Mr. McMahon character in 1998.

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