5 Ways War Games Is Not Like The Elimination Chamber

On Thursday, WWE revealed the official rules for the WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames main event that will take place on November 18th at the Toyota Center in Houston. The pay-per-view will happen one night before Survivor Series and feature a match that includes members of each team waiting inside a cage for their turn to enter the fray and wreak havoc on a potentially outnumbered opponent.

Many fans wondered how much would this match be like the WarGames matches that WCW made famous. Would the competitors enter the same way, would there be a time limit, how lopsided and brutal would these intervals be?

With the rules that WWE announced on Thursday, this match looks very similar to an Elimination Chamber Match. Competitors start in a cage, enter after a certain time limit and they can't escape the structure. But, do not fear, while there some obvious similarities, we're here to give you five reasons WarGames and The Elimination Chamber are not the same.

5. Two Cages And Two Rings

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The three-member teams of SAnitY, Undisputed ERA and The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong will wage war inside a massive steel cage that surrounds TWO rings. The Elimination Chamber is one ring with a monstrous cage. Competitors will not be inside the cage as they await their turn to enter but rather in the entryway before being allowed to enter the two-ring structure.

This is the thing that visually sets WarGames apart from any other match. Two rings and two cages are exclusive to this event.

4. Three People Start At Once

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In an Elimination Chamber match, two very unlucky competitors are drawn to face off first and second in the match. If they are to win, they have to outlast all the other members of the chamber. In WarGames, each team selects one person to start the match, similar to a Triple Threat. When the next team enters, it quickly becomes a three-on-two or four-on-one.

Most of the match will be fought at a huge advantage or disadvantage for a team. Only those first five minutes, where all three competitors (one from each team) are in the ring will things be even.


3. One Team Gets Shafted

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As we briefly hinted at before, teams are a big part of WarGames and not so much in the Elimination Chamber. The chamber promotes every man for himself. In this match, one team is lucky enough after the first five minutes to have both his teammates join him in the two cages. After three more minutes, the second team gets all their members included and the last team has to wait another three minutes while six competitors potentially beat up on one person.

The action will be extremely lopsided for much of the match and that's kind of the point.

2. There Are No Actual Eliminations

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In the chamber, once you're pinned or submitted, you are out. In this match, any team member can pin any other team member once all the three members of all three teams are in the match. No winner can be declared prior to all three teams entering all their members and you don't actually have to be pinned or submit to lose (at least that's not how it appears).

There is no real disadvantage to entering the cages first in this match. That is, unless, your teammates are drawn to enter last. In that case, you can't get eliminated but you can receive a massive beating.

1. Room To Move

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One of the biggest differences will be the sheer space these teams will have to beat the tar out of each other. The chamber is quite restrictive and while the metal floor surrounding the ring adds an element of danger, the cages in WarGames allow for wrestlers to move in and out of different rings and escape (if for only a moment).

It will fun to watch these competitors split off and use all the space allotted to them. It should lead to some incredible high spots throughout the match.


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