10 Cool Things WWE Keeps In Their Warehouse

WWE's warehouse is a fan's dream, with this being the (huge) building where the company stores all of its props, weapons, signs, and everything you can think of, keeping it safe to be used if and when they want to. WWE often dips into the warehouse to use the old props for major events such as WrestleMania Axxess, while they also do reuse plenty of things in segments that require certain things.

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Of course, some of the props hold major nostalgic value to the company and are now worth an incredible sum of money, which is why the company has them under safe protection, and within this article, we will list 10 cool things that WWE keeps in the warehouse.

10 XFL Jerseys And Helmets

Nobody ever thought that Vince McMahon would go near professional football again after the disaster that was the original XFL season, but here we are in 2019 and the XFL is preparing to return once again.

Vince McMahon will be hoping for better success the second time around, although if he needs a reminder of the past mistake he can nip into the WWE Warehouse where the original XFL jerseys and helmets are. Teams such as the Chicago Enforcers and the Las Vegas Outlaws' jerseys are there to be seen, which is something that any major football fan would also likely be interested in seeing.

9 Andre The Giant's Boots

There is plenty of wrestling attire within the WWE warehouse from all sorts of legends, and of course, Andre The Giant is one of them, with WWE having some of his ring-worn wrestling boots in storage.

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Andre The Giant is one of the greatest who has ever laced up a pair of boots, and it is them that you can see within the WWE warehouse, with the huge boots likely surprising most fans, even those who saw how big he was as a person live. The company even used the boots to help create the bronze statue of Andre, as you can see in the image above, but it is the giant boots themselves that people would really love to see.

8 The Undertaker's Caskets

You might think that caskets are a strange thing to have hanging around places, but in the WWE it really isn't that surprising is it? WWE has tons of caskets hanging around in the warehouse, with a whole section being dedicated to them. Of course, the vast majority have been used by The Undertaker over time, but WWE has created tons of caskets over the years, all for different purposes with some needing to be larger due to the size of the person who would be using it.

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Some caskets have ended up being burnt and damaged, but all of them still remain in the warehouse for people to view, with WWE having the option to pull them out if they want to for an Undertaker segment.

7 Headstones

Speaking of The Undertaker, because he is such a character-based wrestler whose gimmick is very reliant on adding special effects, with WWE adding countless props over the years to enhance him, there is plenty of hidden treasures related to the Deadman to be found.

The WWE warehouse is home to some classic Undertaker related items, including all of the headstones that have ever been used in a buried alive match with the Deadman, with his opponents ranging from Mankind to Kane. Because they have only been used one time, all of them have been kept in brilliant condition and are fantastic to look at, with these being items WWE will likely use at Axxess events as props.

6 Chairshot City

WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley has been involved in some huge moments in wrestling history and plenty of the props and weapons that have helped Foley become the Hardcore Legend can be found in the WWE warehouse. One example is the chair that is pictured above, with that being the exact chair that The Rock used to smash Foley around during their infamous match at the 1999 Royal Rumble, where the People's Champion used the chair an uncomfortable amount of times.

With Foley having his hands handcuffed behind his back, every single chair shot landed, unprotected, to Foley's skull, creating one of the most haunting images in wrestling history, and that chair can still be seen to this day.

5 Stardust Ladder

WWE has had countless ladder matches to this point, and the company doesn't buy tons of new ones every single time they have a match, and instead, they keep as many that don't get destroyed, as possible.

Throughout history, certain special ladders have been used, with Cody Rhodes having two of them. Once he had a Stardust specific match, while the other time he paid tribute to his father with a polka dot ladder, both of which WWE has kept. Of course, given that Cody Rhodes is now leading the charge against WWE by helping to create AEW, it is unlikely that WWE will be showcasing either of these ladders anytime soon.

4 WrestleMania Sets

Over the years WWE has become incredibly creative when it comes to the WrestleMania sets, with the company even going as far to make some theme park-style rides for the event in Orlando, Florida for WrestleMania 33.

WWE keeps all of these parts as storage, even though they are very unlikely to actually use them again, but they are props that people love to look at when they go for a tour of the warehouse. As you can see in the image, that is the head of the Statue Of Liberty, which WWE used as part of the WrestleMania 29 set, and that is just a small example of what they created and kept.

3 King Of The Ring Throne

With King of the Ring having returned to WWE in the past month, with the new King set to be crowned at Clash of Champions, now feels like an appropriate time to reveal that the original King of the Ring throne is actually still in the WWE warehouse.

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Nowadays, WWE uses the bright red chair, but the classic purple-coloured chair that saw the classic "Austin 3:16" line be created, is still around and in the warehouse, which is quite surprising. You would think that WWE would possibly use the original throne if they still have it in possession, but there is a chance that it isn't at the quality needed to be shot in HD every week while the tournament goes on.

2 WrestleMania 1 Ring

When it comes to things that have major historical value to the company, this is a perfect example with the WWE warehouse being the home to the original WrestleMania 1 ring, in all of its glory. Of course, there really is nothing that WWE could do with this ring now as it wouldn't be safe to use and isn't at the standard of today's rings, with this being far too big and difficult to transport and set up to simply display.

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However, it isn't something that WWE will ever get rid of because of how much it means to the company in general, as the ring played host to one of the most important shows of all time.

1 The SmackDown Fist

Nowadays, one of the biggest complaints from wrestling fans is that the set designs for WWE shows are too basic and similar. There is nothing different between Raw and SmackDown which doesn't help set them apart.

Gone are the days of massively themed PPV sets, with the latest WrestleMania event simply providing a giant screen. However, just because WWE doesn't do themed sets anymore doesn't mean they have forgotten about them. There is a constant reminder in the WWE warehouse in the form of the giant SmackDown fist which used to be at the top of the ramp every week for the blue brand, creating one of the most iconic sets in wrestling history.

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