WWE Warned More Photo And Video Leaks Coming

WWE have begun taking extra precautions as the company is allegedly warned more video and photo leaks may be on the horizon.

Some of WWE's biggest stories this year have unfortunately been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Many celebrities' phones and clouds have been hacked resulting in private, and often very revealing, photos and videos being released on the internet for all to see. Paige, Xavier Woods, and Charlotte Flair have all fallen victim to the hacks, and now it seems like WWE have been warned more leaks are coming.

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Apparently, WWE has been taking extra precautions when it comes to protecting themselves and their Superstars from more of their private information being published on the web. Since certain company officials were warned of the potential leaks this past weekend, they have apparently been going over drills with talents on how to avoid becoming the latest victims of hackers. Superstars have also been told not to allow anyone to use their social media accounts, including their own partners and children.


Fightful.com reported on July 17, 2017, that WWE officials were warned of the leaks over the weekend. They also reported on the drills being held with WWE Superstars, and that they mainly consisted of teaching them how to spot and avoid fake websites and phishing scams. It was also made clear by the sources speaking to Fightful that the meetings were not scolding the talent in any way, and were actually 'fairly light hearted considering the content that was addressed'.

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Where the tip off to WWE has come from is unclear, but it will surely be appreciated by everyone at the company. As already touched upon, WWE Superstars have been a major feature of the celebrity photos and videos being leaked so far this year. The biggest scandal within the realms of WWE has been Paige's leaks with the former Divas' Champion still not returning to WWE television since her personal photos and videos were hacked.

While a warning of more potential leaks coming will undoubtedly have been welcomed by WWE, you have to imagine that the hackers in question already have the content ready to go if people are aware that it's about to be published. The easiest way to stop this from happening is for celebrities not to keep images they don't want others to see on their devices, and until that's the case we're unlikely to see an end to their private content being leaked.

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