10 Most Wasted Talents In WWE History

It is well known that Vince McMahon the Chairman and Mastermind of the WWE Empire pushes who he pleases. Names like Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Roman Reigns come to mind. It is also known throughout the Wrestling community that not everyone gets a fair shake.  In fact, there are many who fans felt are wasted and robbed.

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There are hundreds of talents that were given the cold shoulder and forgotten.  Whether it was bad timing, lack of flare or just a gut feeling of Mr. McMahon we look at the Top 10 Most Wasted Talents in WWE history.

10 Sting

When the word Icon comes up in wrestling, there are only a few, and Sting is one of them.  The inner heat of the Monday Night Wars is a deep-seated reason for this total waste of talent.  Sting was the one who got away until he finally made his debut on WWE television at the age of 55 years old.  His best years were already far behind the once great superstar.  He only had a few matches and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. All of that time not in WWE was truly a shame.

9 Owen Hart

A true tragedy in so many ways to the wrestling community.  Aside from the obvious, Owen's untimely death, another misfortune was the waste of his superior skill set. Being trained so well, and with such charisma and heat, it is hard to wonder why he wasn't a Heavyweight Champion.

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Beating his brother unexpectedly at WM X was his crowning moment of otherwise being a mid-carder.  He was popular in the locker room and always got a huge reaction no matter what role he played.  He is one of the best heels in history.  He just doesn't get the recognition associated with such greatness.

8 Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian or "Kaz" as he is affectionately known by the masses had a short term relationship with WWE in 2005. Kazarian had a decent win streak and seemed to be rising to the top.  He abruptly asked for his release after not seeing any potential in his future with the company. Kazarian is a master on the microphone, and his in-ring presence and psychology are unmatched. Although the "Wrestling Community" will never know how big Kazarian could have been, if his success in Impact and ROH are any indication, WWE missed the boat big time and had a legend in their possession.

7 Tyler Breeze

Prince Pretty himself had the wrestling world eating out of his hands. He was set to be a more charismatic Shawn Michaels. Tyler Breeze is a pure heel and knew how to get a reaction of even the most casual fan. Breeze has the looks, appeal, and abilities to have been taken seriously as a top Main Event talent. Instead, WWE found humor in making him a laughing stock and used as comedy relief and a "jobber" who barely got in-ring air time. Anytime someone is compared to "Mr. Wrestlemania" and isn't used as such, is a total waste of talent.

6 Cody Rhodes

The Mastermind of AEW. Who would ever believe that his distaste for the McMahon way could push him to the extreme and create an alternative? His "t-shirt" company has a significant deal with TNT and has lit a fire under the entire Wrestling world.

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To have a leader and genius being in your presence and not utilizing such a gifted person, is not only a waste but bad for business and for WWE could mean the real first threat to their empire since the fall of WCW. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, WWE did not use Cody to his full potential.

5 Sonya Deville

A former MMA fighter, who is bravely combating the norms as the first openly lesbian Professional Wrestler. She is gorgeous and fierce, with a mesmerizing sidekick and instigator Mandy Rose. Deville has a ton of in-ring abilities and can outwork many who have seen a lot more opportunities, including previously mentioned Mandy Rose. Deville should have been up against Ronda Rousey and could have made a legitimate foe to the "Rowdy One." Instead, she is rarely seen and used even less in the ring.  Hopefully, she will have her time to shine, but it just hasn't happened yet.

4 Rusev

The "Bulgarian Brute" famously started his WWE career looking like he was the modern-day Bulgarian Iron Sheik. The fans loved to hate him. He successfully feuded with the likes of then, United States Champion John Cena and having a Manager like the "Ravishing Russian" Lana didn't hurt his appeal. It has been rumored that he is on his way out, but "anything can happen in the WWE" right? One thing is for sure, he has fallen off and hasn't been seen in way too long, and since every day is "Rusev Day" it is a shame the big guy is MIA.

3 Robert Roode

Glorious indeed, Bobby Roode was a Main Event level Superstar both in Impact and even in NXT. The fans are drawn to his greatness. WWE simply had to plug him in to make him an even bigger star and line their pockets with pure gold. Instead aside from a short-lived time as a Tag Team Champion, he has all but been forgotten. He is used as an extra and not taken seriously as a competitor. It is unfortunate that such a fantastic talent is made to wait for a small role to open up for him. Gloriously wasteful and tragic.

2 Mike Kanellis (Mike Bennett)

Mike Kanellis real name and formerly known as "Miracle" Mike Bennett was wasted from the start. WWE has mocked his manhood, gave him the worst theme song of all time, and legitimately broke this acclaimed talent down to nothing. His biggest moment so far has just passed by him pinning his pregnant wife Maria in a Doctor's Office for the 24/7 title.  Even as the unofficial spokesman of 205 Live, he hasn't had the chance to show his true self-worth. Bennett is well-traveled and internationally known as a great talent, but in WWE, he is simply Mr. Maria Kanellis.

1 Ethan Carter III (EC3)

Ethan Carter III aka "EC3" was comparable to John Cena for the TNA/Impact brand. He also shined in NXT while there getting plenty of fans interested in what would come next for the established star.  What happened instead is this great man, is still like John Cena only now it is because we "can't see him." He is rarely seen on television and the amount of ring time he has been given is criminally neglectful.  Whatever the reason is, EC3 deserves better. He is a Main Event talent, who isn't even booked on the Pre-Show. That is why he tops the list and makes the biggest claim to being "screwed" by the McMahon machine.

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