15 Former WCW Wrestlers Who Are Not Nice In Real Life

WCW produced some incredible stars from Booker T and this year's WWE Hall of Fame headliner Goldberg all the way to DDP and Sting. The company ushered in some of wrestling's biggest ever names that are now seen as legends of the sport. However, not every wrestler has aged well, with plenty of former WCW stars now washed up for a variety of reasons. Some have simply faded out into obscurity and not kept involved with the wrestling business, while others have tried too hard and suffered the consequences.

Some have let their personal lives tarnish their legacies and showcase how they are in real life, with many former WCW stars proving themselves to be true jerks over time, something that even their biggest fans will be disappointed with. It can sometimes be hard to blame them, as for many their careers wound up being a flash in the pan. But you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, and acting sour is only going make things worse. The fans have for the most part already forgotten these names, and their behaviour may cause fans to turn their backs on them too.

Whether it's their treatment of fans over time, comments they have made about the industry or fellow wrestlers or simply how they live their personal lives, these wrestlers have proven themselves to be true jerks. So sit back and read through 15 washed up WCW stars that are jerks in real life.

15 Scott Steiner

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Another name that is controversial in the wrestling world, people often forget just how great Scott Steiner was in the ring, tearing it up on both the tag team and main event scene. Steiner was always a loud mouth during his career, something which worked to his advantage. But after hanging up the boots he has remained just as loud and controversial which has changed peoples opinions on him.

Many stories have come out regarding Steiner being a bully and taking advantage in the ring against smaller opponents. He has made his feelings about people such as Triple H very clear. But it was his incident with Hulk Hogan's wife, threatening her at an airport that really crossed the line and showcased how much of a jerk he can be.

14 Nasty Boys

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Most fans on the internet wrestling community like seeing wrestlers work a little stiff. It's why people like Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the most entertaining stars to watch due to how realistic everything looks. But the Nasty Boys took that idea one step further with their work, establishing themselves as one of the hardest hitting tag teams in the history of wrestling.

This helped them make an impact but they then took it too far, taking advantage of lower tier talents with some incredible stiff shots which earned them a bad reputation.

But it isn't just in the ring where they have a bad reputation. The pair has used their close relationship with Hulk Hogan to full advantage over the years to ensure they get bookings instead of other teams, something that has rubbed people in the business the wrong way.

13 Virgil

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Virgil takes being washed up to a different level with the now famous 'Lonely Virgil' becoming something that wrestling fans and even those in the industry themselves mock on a regular basis. Now retired from wrestling, Virgil is known for charging any fans that do actually stop for a photo ridiculous amounts, not only at fan conventions but in everyday life, proving he will do anything to earn money from even his most loyal fans.

Even the man who helped make Virgil relevant has given up on him, with Ted DiBiase now refusing to do meet and greets alongside Virgil due to his reputation. Virgil has also used DiBiase's name to earn bookings when the Million Dollar Man had no clue until people complained about his absence.

12 Sid Vicious

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Sid Vicious is one of the most well-known names in the history of wrestling having reached main event status for both WWE and WCW due to his talent as a wrestler, but not due to how he was as a person.

Even though he worked his way to the top, he wasn't always a safe worker, with his infamous incident with Brian Pillman who Sid powerbombed during a steel cage match, before hitting the same move again, for some reason. He also reportedly once stabbed Arn Anderson with some scissors during a hotel brawl and has gone on record many times during shoot interviews to trash talk many people in the business, proving his fame and fortune might have inflated an ego.

11 Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett is arguably best known for his work creating TNA. During the Monday Night Wars, he also worked harder than most wrestlers to play WCW and WWE off against each other. Jarrett worked hard to get the best deal possible for himself and make as much money as he could, which isn't a bad thing. But he proved how much of a jerk he was willing to be when he reportedly held up Vince McMahon (of all people) for money.

Jarrett wanted a big pay off to drop the Intercontinental Championship on his way out of WWE, which would prove to be his final run with the company, and the fact he began dating Kurt Angle's ex-wife very soon after their divorce also didn't do much to help his reputation within the wrestling industry.

10 Hugh Morrus

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Of course, today people might know him better as Bill DeMott after all the stories that proved exactly why this former WCW star is one of the biggest jerks in the history of the business. But it was under Hugh Morrus where he originally made his name in WCW. It wasn't until he worked as a trainer for WWE that his mean tendencies began to creep out with countless wrestlers coming out to complain about his training methods.

Whether it was degrading comments to physically bullying talents, some of whom had injuries at the time, DeMott was a nightmare as the NXT head trainer and was forced to step down from the role before he was fired due to the horrendous publicity he was creating for the company.

9 Brutus Beefcake

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Twitter can be a great place for wrestling fans, giving people the chance to get to know wrestlers more than ever before. Some talents use this tool to their advantage, spreading charity work or connecting with an audience, others take the Brutus Beefcake approach.

While he was never a main event talent, he enjoyed a good career, but it is his Twitter war with Hulk Hogan that is currently keeping him relevant in the eyes of many fans, discussing the much more popular wrestler as often as possible.

Even though his antics on Twitter might seem minimal, it shows he is unable to let things go and instead of dealing the situation in private.

He tries to use it to his advantage to stay in the limelight and promote his interests.

8 Hulk Hogan

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While he might be one of the biggest names in the history of wrestling who changed the sport forever, there is no forgiving any of the actions that have plagued his personal life, not only trashing his legacy but proving what he is like in real life. Banned from WWE and thrown out of the Hall of Fame, Hulk Hogan's remarks were some that just can't be forgiven and left a legion of his Hulkamaniacs disappointed in their hero, showing that he can be a real jerk at times.

On top of that, Hogan has always had a problem with power. Similar to Kevin Nash, he used that to politic his way around situations in both WCW and TNA and his true colours have been spoken about by many former wrestlers.

7 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash is often seen as a controversial figure in the wrestling world with some fans loving him and others detesting him. Those feelings have carried into the locker room with many former wrestlers talking trash about Nash's behaviour during his career.

The fact that so many wrestlers have had problems with him would lead you to believe that he has some attitude problems.

While he claims he didn't take the business too seriously, people still had major issues with him.

Nash is known for using his backstage power to politic his way to the top and put down other wrestlers that he didn't believe belonged at the top and this became worse when he stepped into the role of a booker.

6 Paul Roma

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Claiming that someone such as Ric Flair is jealous of you is quite a wild claim for even the greatest of wrestlers, but for someone who was mainly rejected by fans throughout his career and never really broke into the main event spot, it is a ridiculous one.

However, that is what Paul Roma has claimed, several times, believing that the Nature Boy was jealous of him for his looks, something he even stated during a WWE Network interview. However, if you have heard Flair's claim about the number of women he has been with, I don't think he had a jealousy issue. Roma was part of a new version of the Four Horsemen when he joined WCW after spending his WWE career as a jobber, and the fans immediately rejected the idea. The fact he talks trash about one of the groups original members is something that has left fans frustrated with him over time.

5 Michael P.S Hayes

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Currently, Michael P.S. Hayes works backstage for WWE, very closely with Vince McMahon, making him quite a powerful figure in the company. But there have been plenty stories about the Freebird member that have tarnished his reputation and popularity amongst fans and colleagues.

The story between him and Mark Henry is one that WWE seems to have brushed under the rug, but one that many fans have not forgotten as it showed exactly what Hayes is like in real life. Throwing a slur toward Henry, the World's Strongest Man demanded Hayes was let go from the company until cooler heads prevailed, but it is quite shocking that he was seemingly never punished at all, other than damaging his reputation.

4 Jim Cornette

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While technically not a wrestler, Jim Cornette was still a major player in the world of WCW and has not managed to keep that relevance, seemingly doing anything he can to keep attention. This includes exposing himself to fans at an event to make a headline.

Even though he is one of the greatest wrestling minds in history, it seems he has major problems with today's booking and has no problem in spouting off about it during any interview he gets.

Cornette's recent altercation with Santino Marella really shed a poor light on him and portrayed him as a true jerk.

Not letting go of an issue over a decade old and causing a major scene in front of fans is not exactly a classy move.

3 Greg Valentine

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It's never good to hear comments from a wrestler about the opposite gender not being good enough, but Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine took his to a different level, insinuating things that really highlighted his true colours.

Valentine is generally a respected figure in wrestling, but old comments about female wrestlers have highlighted that even respected people can be jerks. Claiming that women took money from the men, even though they really deserve to be in the kitchen, or working in exotic dance clubs is a statement that is never going to go down well. When you consider the fact that women's wrestling is one of the biggest things being talked about right now, from historic matches to main events, Valentine's cruel comments have not only shown how he feels but been proven to be very wrong.

2 Hardbody Harrison

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You may have forgotten that he was even part of WCW due to the fact he was mainly used as a jobber toward the end of his career, but the fact he is currently serving time might explain why he features on this list. Claiming he is a jerk doesn't even scratch the surface to what Hardbody Harrison is, hence his current life sentence. After leaving WCW, Harrison created a home enterprise centre where he trained women to become wrestlers.

Sadly, these women had rules they had to follow and several women went to the police claiming those rules included being used as well as Harrison taking advantage of them. When a rule was broken the women then had to pay Harrison money for doing so and he ended up serving life for trafficking.

1 Honky Tonk Man

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He's cool, he's confident, he's bad and he is also known as being a major jerk at times in real life. Never quite reaching that main event level, Honky Tonk Man was always a reliable hand who worked for both WWE and WCW during his time.

However, he believed that he was a bigger player during his era than was actually true and when he moved to WCW he attempted to squeeze major main event level money from them, something he is known for continuing to do with his independent dates to this day. This is something that has carried over to the fans where he has been known for overcharging people for autographs or signed pictures which is never going to go down well.

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