WWE Weekly Power Rankings - August 24th, 2016

Monday’s RAW was pretty good, and the SmackDown that followed wasn’t bad either. The crowds were hot, the matches were good, and aside from a bad segment or two, it was a pretty good post SummerSlam week. Let’s breakdown the shows a little further though, and rank individual performers based on their impact, positioning on the card, and overall momentum moving forward.

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25. Carmella - SmackDown

When Carmella mounted Nikki Bella during her apparent heel turn this week on Smackdown, it looked as if she was pretending to imitate Brock Lesnar’s beatdown of Randy Orton at SummerSlam. The segment would have been so much more convincing if the camera wasn’t showing Carmella pulling her punches against the former Women’s Champion. In either case, a good heel Carmella could balance out Smackdown’s women’s division nicely.

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WWE Weekly Power Rankings - August 24th, 2016