WWE Weekly Power Rankings – August 31st, 2016

Well, it was a pretty slow week for SmackDown, and because of that the WWE power rankings only consists of 20 instead of 25. With that being said, both shows were pretty good this week; especially RAW. Let’s breakdown the shows a little further though, and rank individual performers based on their impact, positioning on the card, and overall momentum moving forward.

If you haven't yet, check out our takeaways from RAW and Smackdown for more insight and observations.

20. Apollo Crews - Not Ranked - SmackDown

It seems that the WWE is going to try hard to push the Rocky Mavia-esque Apollo Crews. Despite losing his last two televised matches, the upside on Crews looks to be un-measurable, as both of his losses came to opponents ranked way higher on this list. It’s just a wonder of how long it will take for fans to turn on a babyface who doesn’t seem to have a mean streak in him, and only smiles while on screen.

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WWE Weekly Power Rankings – August 31st, 2016