WWE Weekly Power Rankings – September 14th, 2016

What a week for the world of professional wrestling. AJ Styles has shocked the world, and become the champ who runs the camp, John Cena returned, Jack Swagger jumped shows, and James Ellsworth made a surprise appearance on SmackDown.

Let’s break down the shows a little further though, and rank individual performers based on their impact, positioning on the card, and overall momentum moving forward.

If you haven't yet, check out our huge takeaways from this week in the WWE... that is, right after you scroll down to see who is ranked number one this week!

20. Jack Swagger

Even though Jack Swagger lost his match on RAW this week, it would seem that his "signing" to SmackDown is supposed to be a huge deal. After forcing Baron Corbin to leave the ring, Swagger cut a promo that was OK, and made it clear that we didn't "know jack" about his ability. After finishing it off with his signature "we the people" chant, Swagger left, and has left us with questions about what SmackDown plans on doing with the former World Champion.

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WWE Weekly Power Rankings – September 14th, 2016