10 WWE Wives With The Best Instagram Accounts

WWE Superstars are incredibly popular celebrity figures nowadays with all aspects of their lives being exposed due to social media and reality shows such as Total Divas. Because of this, fans want to know more about them than ever before, including who they are married to.

For a lot of wrestlers, their wives tend to be fellow wrestlers as it makes life a lot easier due to the fact they can travel together, enjoy the highs and lows together and understand exactly what the other is going through.

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However, for other WWE Superstars, they are forced to leave their wives at home while they go on the road and travel the world, which can be a difficult situation.

With the power of social media though, even the wives who do not wrestle have become famous, gaining popularity and a major following from the WWE Universe. Fans are often searching the Instagram feeds of the women who are married to WWE Superstars and within this list, we will look at the 10 best accounts.

10 Reby Hardy (Matt Hardy)

The often controversial (but always entertaining) Reby Hardy has an incredibly entertaining Instagram feed that all fans of the wacky Hardy universe should be following. Reby is not known for holding back her feelings and that leads to some entertaining moments. As well as that, Reby shows more of the crazy broken universe that the Hardys live in, from their huge home to hilarious videos of Matt, in character, discussing various subjects.

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As well as that, their children have brilliant personalities and are WWE Superstars in the making, a journey that fans can go on from right at the start through her account.

9 Beth Hardy (Jeff Hardy)

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From one Hardy to another, although Beth Hardy doesn't find herself in the wrestling limelight in the same way that Reby does. Beth is married to Jeff Hardy and might not be the most well known WWE wife, but that doesn't mean she isn't a great one.

Unlike most of the women on this list, Beth's feed barely features anything to do with wrestling, outside the fact there are pictures of Jeff on it. But that is why the account is so great, as it shows a totally different side to Jeff Hardy.

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Fans have become conditioned to Jeff's wildness over the years, but one look at Beth's account and you would think totally different. Showing their family proudly, it is certainly an account worth checking out.

8 Maryse Mizanin (The Miz)

Former Divas Champion, Maryse, is married to The Miz in real life and her Instagram provides an incredible insight into their hilarious and lavish lifestyle. Fans have fallen in love with the couple through their reality show and her Instagram is a great way of keeping up with them.

The couple lives a lifestyle that suits their 'It Couple' nickname. From major themes parties at Haloween to massive baby gender reveals, they have a lot going on that can be seen for fans on Instagram. For those who enjoy baby content, Maryse is also currently pregnant (at the time of writing), and so people can follow along with that journey as it happens.

7 Candice LeRae (Johnny Gargano)

Unlike Maryse's Instagram, Candice LeRae's is very wrestling-centric, which is likely down to the fact that she is still at the peak of her career right now in NXT. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't a fun one to check out.

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As well as wrestling, Candice LeRae, who is married to former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano, has a major Disney obsession, especially with the theme parks. Of course, because of NXT's location the couple lives in Orlando and get to visit DisneyWorld often, which is showcased heavily on her account. LeRae is known for being a very bubbly person and that is also clear throughout her account, which is why it is one that every wrestling fan should check out.

6 Michelle McCool (The Undertaker)

Michelle McCool is a former Divas Champion who was incredibly popular during her era, and even though she has a huge following of her own, there are certainly a lot of people who now follow her because of her husband, The Undertaker. Although he is starting to show more of his real life nowadays, the best way to get a glimpse at who The Undertaker is as a person is through Michelle McCool's Instagram, and that is the biggest draw for WWE fans.

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For years fans have wanted to know more about the Deadman who has done an incredible job at keeping his private life exactly that. However, McCool's Instagram pulls the curtain back, just enough to keep the mystique, but also to give fans a glimpse at the man being the Phenom.

5 Giovanna Angle

Giovanna Angle is someone who the WWE Universe has become more aware of following the recent Table For Three that she featured in, but the wife of WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle has a fantastic Instagram account. Giovanna showcases a lot of images of Kurt Angle, allowing fans to gain a glimpse into his life which might attract many fans following his retirement from in-ring competition, and she often posts funny captions that involve the storylines along with them.

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As well as that, she showcases their beautiful family as well as some stunning images of herself, with the account providing something for everyone. However, it is her clear passion and love for wrestling that will hook the WWE Universe to give her a follow.

4 Lana (Rusev)

If you're not following Lana on Instagram then to put it simply, you are missing out. An obvious beauty on WWE TV, Lana makes sure you know she is one of the companies prettiest women with her Instagram.

The WWE Superstar isn't scared of pushing the boundaries and going past what you normally see on WWE's PG shows with her images and videos and often creates hilarious live videos for fans to see.

Lana knows how to work her audience and mixes up her content well. From showing her married life to modeling shots all the way to videos of herself partying, she really does have one of the most fun accounts which does not appear to be controlled like many WWE Superstars accounts.

3 Maria Kanellis

WWE confidently debuted Mike and Maria Kanellis as a couple when they first appeared together for the company, and even though things haven't exactly gone to plan for them, their relationship remains as strong as ever.

Maria Kanellis has always been incredibly confident of her body and looks and that is something that is shown throughout her Instagram. Her account provides images that will make many pulses raise whilst also empowering women to be confident of their bodies. Maria proudly showcases her daughter and embraces being a mom, a businesswoman, and a WWE Superstar, and often shares videos of herself and Mike on the road traveling from location to location.

2 Kim Orton (Randy Orton)

Whilst she isn't a former or current wrestler, Kim Orton is someone who is well known to the cast majority of WWE fans. This is mainly because of how proud her husband, Randy Orton, is of her.

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The Viper shares images and videos of his wife and talks about her constantly, to the point where she was invited onto the WWE Network with Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy's wives for a special Table For Three episode. Kim's Instagram provides a great glimpse into the life of Randy Orton, who has traditionally been very private during his career. As well as that, Kim posts some amazing pictures of her family that give everyone an idea of what it is like to be a family that has a WWE Superstar.

1 Brie Bella (Daniel Bryan)

Everyone's favorite WWE couple, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have been showcased heavily to the world through the reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. This has drawn a lot of public interest to them and their family, which is why it's no surprise that Brie Bella has an excellent Instagram account.

Her feed ranges from a whole manner of things, from modeling images to showing what Daniel Bryan is like in real life, which is something he doesn't tend to do. Brie's feed really does have something for everyone, including her often hilarious stories. However, the main reason people love Brie's Instagram account is her hilariously cute videos of her daughter, Birdie. Brie posts the cutest and most fun videos of her daughter which are bound to entertain everyone.

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