15 WWE Women Caught Having Too Much Fun

By know WWE fans know that the superstars love to party. It’s a well-known fact that wrestlers like to indulge in a night of drinking and dancing every once in a while. Most of the time they’re caught partying after a wrestling show. Thanks to the social media age, we can see our favourite wrestlers having a wild night on the town.

Male superstars have a reputation for being notorious party animals, however some of the women have them beat. The Bellas, Maryse, and Kelly Kelly are just a few of the Divas, who’ve been caught acting wild. While these moments don’t show the ladies in their finest moments, it proves that they’re just like regular people, who like to unwind at the end of the day.

In recent years, a string of WWE women have been caught on camera partying. The moments were either captured on the reality show Total Divas or they were posted online by a friend of the star. Either way, these photos of the women show them letting loose. Some of the photos aren’t too bad, but others will have you wondering what the heck was going on that night.

A few of these photos have been seen before, but a few are probably new to the public. Some of the WWE women featured are known to be partiers, while others may be a surprise to wrestling fans.

So let’s take a look at 15 WWE women who were caught having a wild night out.


15 Lita as a punk rock singer

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To WWE fans, the fiery redhead known as Lita will be remembered as a former Women’s champion. But following her retirement in 2006, she decided to branch out into another career path. The ex-Diva and a group of her friends formed a punk rock band known as The Luchagors.

While they never hit the big time, The Luchagors became a small time success thanks to Lita. Wrestling fans of the sultry redhead flocked to buy the band’s album and see them perform live. Lita and her band played a lot of bar gigs, which showcased the wrestler’s vocal chops along with her onstage antics. Seeing Lita as a singer in a bar was a strong departure from her days in a WWE ring. Yet, it showed that she had other talents other than wrestling.

14 The Bellas Hit Vegas

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The Bella Twins have become the famous set of WWE female Superstars. Aside from achieving accomplishments inside the squared circle, they’ve also started to find success in Hollywood. As their fame continues to grow, the twins find themselves invited to red carpet events and after parties with other celebrities.

At the height of their career, Brie and Nikki hosted a concert at the esteemed MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The twins showed up ready to party in red mini dresses. The Bellas proved to be a hit as they helped DJ the party, danced with the guests, and indulged in mixed drinks. Judging by the photos, it looks like a party all Bella fans wish they were invited to. Who wouldn’t love to party with these twins?

13 Maryse And Jack Swagger dance

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Maryse is happily married to The Miz, but years ago a photo surfaced which showed her getting a bit too close to another wrestler. In what appears to be a Halloween party, Maryse is dressed in a sexy cop outfit. The French beauty is having a good time, probably too much of it as she grinds up against Jack Swagger. As for Swagger, he seems to have no problem with Maryse’s dance moves as he’s getting into the groove himself.

It is unknown when and where this photo was taken, but we have a feeling The Miz didn’t appreciated the closeness between his wife and one of his friends. This is one photo Maryse and her A-lister husband probably wish kept hidden from the public, the same could be said for Jack Swagger and his wife.

12 Maria's PDA With Punk

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Long before she became Mrs. Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis was in a relationship with CM Punk. The two dated during their days at OVW before breaking upon being called up to the main roster. Maria has gone on record saying that she loved CM Punk and considered him her soulmate.

In one photo of the couple out on the town, they enjoyed a night of dancing, then sneaked away to a table for a makeout session. These photos show just how in love the couple were at one time. Punk has been known as a private person, yet he didn’t have any problem showing affection to Maria in public. As for Maria, she didn’t seem to mind that people were staring or had their cameras flashing pics. Yet, Mike Bennett and AJ Lee may have a bit of a problem with it.

11 Renee Young & Dean Ambrose At A Concert

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Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are one of WWE’s popular couples. Despite being in the public eye, the two maintain a private relationship. Although, there are occasions where you see candid photos of the couple together.

In 2014, years before they tied the knot, rumours circulated on whether the two were an item. While it wasn’t confirmed at the time, photos of them getting cozy outside of work surfaced online. One photo was of the couple and their friends having fun at a rock concert. Renee and Dean Renee seems to be enjoying herself as she’s sipping beer, while Ambrose grinds up against her. Judging by the smile on her face, Renee seems to like Dean's dance moves. These photos proved that they were indeed a couple and that Renee can be just as wild at her lunatic husband.

10 Total Divas Party In New Orleans

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The reality show Total Divas has become a hit with WWE fans. The series has showcased the female Superstars in and out of the ring. When they’re not busy kicking butt, the women like to have some fun. Each season, the ladies embark on a vacation in which lots of drama ensues.

During the one episode of the show’s early seasons, Naomi, Cameron, Brie Bella, and Natalya embark on a trip to New Orleans. Since New Orleans is known as a party town, the Divas couldn’t resist hitting up the bars and indulging in a round of shots. After a night of drinking and collecting beads, drama ensued for one of the Divas. Natalya, who is often viewed as prune by fans, showed that she can be wild as the other women. Yet, after having a bit too much and ended up calling her boss Stephanie McMahon.

9 Kelly Kelly Parties With Jericho

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Fans of Kelly Kelly know that the former Diva loved to party. Candid pics from her wrestling days, showed the blonde beauty hitting the clubs with her co-workers. One co-worker that Kelly loved to party with was Chris Jericho. The two were often spotted together at bars, enjoying a round of drinks. But photos of them together had fans speculating whether they were friends or much more.

The two seemed very cozy as Kelly cuddled next to Jericho, and there’s even photos of the two of them kissing. It could’ve just been the liquor or a friendly gesture among friends, but the photos of them partying didn’t stop the affair rumours. Whatever was going on with Kelly and Jericho came to an end shortly after the photos of them partying became public.


8 Paige Gets Cozy With A Fan

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Paige is one of the youngest wrestlers on the roster. Since she’s still in her 20s, the anti-Diva is like most people her age, she likes to have fun. Although, there are times where her behavior might get a little out of hand.

Even though she’s a public figure, Paige isn’t prone to controversy. No, we’re not talking about her relationship with Alberto Del Rio or her leaks. One photo from a Halloween party shows Paige getting close with a fan. In the picture, Paige locks lips with a female guest. The photo created a sensation with wrestling fans, who began speculating on Paige’s romance life. Given the debacle with Del Rio, we doubt Paige is going to share tidbits of her personal life. As for the photo, we doubt there's more going on with Paige and the other woman.

7 Brie Mode Activated

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Brie Bella has been known as the more serious out of The Bella Twins. Based on their reality show, Brie is the mature one whose focus is on family and career. Yet, as fans would soon learn, Brie loves to get down and wild in what she calls Brie Mode.

During one episode of Total Divas, Paige wanted to see Brie Mode in action. On the WWE’s tour of Europe, Paige and Brie snuck away to enjoy a fun night on the town. The two engaged in a night of drinking, which lead to Brie making crank calls and stumbling on the stairs before passing out in her hotel room. Brie’s antics didn’t set well with Nikki, who gave her sister a lecture the following morning. While Nikki may not have liked Brie mode, it was a joy for viewers to see the fun side of Brie Bella.

6 Total Divas Drama In Cabo

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Every year on Total Divas, the women embark on a vacation. Yet, instead of relaxation, they find themselves embroiled in drama. During season seven of the series, the group consisting of Naomi, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Lana, Carmella, and Brie Bella headed to Cabo for Nikki Bella’s bachelorette party.

The vacation started out well with the ladies indulging in champagne and Brie Mode even made a comeback. Yet, the combination of liquor along with rising tension led to a fight between Natalya and Lana. The two ladies got into arguments throughout the trip, and Lana decided to prank Natalya by covering her room in toilet paper. To retaliate, Natalya threw Lana’s suitcase into the ocean. Eventually the two made up, but their bickering put a damper on what was supposed to be a special weekend for Nikki.

5 Layla Gets Caught In A Grind Session

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Fans of former Divas champion Layla, know that the British beauty worked as a dancer prior to wrestling. Layla’s dancing background would come in handy when she teamed with Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams to form the group Extreme Expose. The trio would entertain crowds weekly on ECW with sensual dance moves.

But on a night on the town, Layla decided to trade her former Extreme Expose members for two new ones. As seen by this photo, Layla is caught in the middle of a dance session with former Divas Candice and Kristal Marshall. Based on the picture, Layla seems to be impressed with the women’s rhythm. We’d all have to agree that Kristal is a better dancer than Kelly Kelly. Makes you wonder what Extreme Expose would’ve been like with Kristal and Candice.

4 Lana's Bachelorette Party

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Las Vegas is known as a party city, so it wasn’t a surprise that the Total Divas decided to hit up the town. When Naomi and Lana visited Renee in Sin City, the blonde interviewer wanted to throw Lana a bachelorette party much to Rusev’s dismay.

The trio hopped on a party buss to hit the nightclubs for some dancing and mixed drinks. Later in the evening, they enjoyed a strip show in which Lana got pulled onstage to receive a lap dance. While Lana was shy at first, she soon got into the party spirit by showcasing her moves on a stripper pole. To cap off their wild night, the ladies met a group of eccentric characters, who turned out to be actors hired by Renee to prank her friends.

3 Renee's Antics Cause Trouble With Lana


Another Total Divas disastrous trip makes this list. Lana and Rusev headed to Anguilla for some relaxation and invited Renee along. Yet, the couple ignored Renee as they enjoyed some much needed alone time together. Luckily, Naomi joined the trip a few days later to keep Renee company.

While Lana and Rusev went out to a romantic dinner, Renee and Naomi hit a local bar. The two women got so drunk, they were stumbling on the beach and Naomi even fell out of a hammock. Their late night shenanigans continued when they got back to the house. The ladies indulged in nighttime swimming lesson that woke Lana from her sleep. Lana and Renee got into an argument with the ravishing beauty threatening to call the cops if they didn’t keep the noise down.

2 Nikki Bella Dances With CM Punk

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Long before Nikki Bella became engaged to John Cena, she used to party with other wrestlers. One notable name just happens to be her soon-to-be husband’s rival CM Punk. During Nikki’s early days in WWE, she, Punk, and a group of other stars headed for a night on the town. Throughout the course of the night, Nikki had a few drinks, which resulted in her getting close with Punk.

Nikki is caught grinding her backside against Punk, who judging by the smile on his face, loves the attention. With the way his hands are wrapped around Nikki’s waist, he probably didn’t want the dance to end. After this photo surfaced online, rumours spread about whether Punk and Nikki were fooling around. We know Punk is a womanizer, but would he be Nikki Bella’s type?

1 Kelly Kelly Couldn't Hold It In

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Former Divas champion Kelly Kelly has a reputation of a party girl. Being that she was in her 20s when she joined the WWE, she was still young and liked to have fun. Numerous photos have been posted online of the blonde bombshell hitting the clubs with her friends.

Yet, one night Kelly Kelly appeared to have too much liquor. The blonde wrestler couldn’t make it to the toilet in time and instead had to opt of relieving herself in the sink. Kelly had no problem posing for the camera as she smiled and waved a peace sign. Yet, this will go down as one of her more infamous photos of all time. Let’s just hope Kelly Kelly has learned her lesson after this wild night of partying.


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