The 10 Best WWE Women's Champions, Ranked

The female Superstars of WWE have had an incredible journey. Throughout the history of the company, they have done their best with the material handed to them, making credible feuds from the ashes of sexist gimmick matches and half-hearted booking.

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Talented workers from varying generations have all held the Women's Championship in its many incarnations. Some have defied the odds to capture a belt more than once, but only the stand-out stars have elevated their careers to dazzling heights of prestige. Here are the ten best Women's Champions in WWE history, ranked.

10 The Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah is arguably the biggest legend in women's wrestling. A true pioneer, she paved the way for generations of female wrestlers after her who learned from her example that a woman's place is in the ring if she so chooses.

Moolah won the NWA World Women's Championship in 1956, and her reign is officially recognized as lasting over 28 years. She had prominent feuds with Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper in the 1980s and was the first woman to be inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1995.

9 AJ Lee

An unsung heroine of the Women's Evolution, AJ Lee continuously fought for gender equality during her tenure with WWE. In a pre-Divas Revolution environment, she was the only female Superstar to have merchandise and featured in some of the most-viewed segments on Raw and SmackDown.

The Black Widow won the Divas Championship three times and enjoyed a successful three-month stint as Raw's General Manager. She won the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year in 2012 and 2014, before retiring from professional wrestling in 2015 to focus on her writing career.

8 Chyna

WWE may like to disregard Chyna's career but there is no doubt that the Ninth Wonder Of The World was a revolutionary who pushed the boundaries and elevated women's wrestling. Debuting as one of the original members of D-Generation X, Chyna won the Intercontinental Championship twice and is the only woman to do so.

Although she was well-known for taking on male wrestlers in intergender matches, Chyna also held the WWF Women's Championship after defeating Ivory at WrestleMania X-Seven. Chyna was the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble match as well compete in the King of the Ring tournament, in addition to competing for the WWF Championship.

7 Alundra Blayze/Madusa

Another pioneer of women's wrestling, Alundra Blayze kept the WWF Women's Championship alive from 1993 until 1995. She won the belt three times, feuding with Bull Nakano and Bertha Faye before moving to WCW and controversially dumping the title in the trash on television.

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Like Chyna, Blayze also held a male championship after she won the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship during her second stint with the former wrestling promotion. Blayze was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

6 Lita

To this day, Lita remains one of the most popular female Superstars to ever work for WWE. Her high-flying, Lucha-inspired arsenal and punk-ish look was a unique breath of fresh air during the Attitude Era and set her apart from her peers in the women's locker room.

Lita rose to prominence as a member of Team XTreme alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy, and she wasn't afraid to take big bumps in the ring. She won the Women's Championship four times and had arguably the highest-profile feud in the women's division against Trish Stratus, which saw both women main event Raw for the first time in 2004.

5 Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is currently the biggest heel in the women's division. Her bout with Becky Lynch at Clash Of Champions was brutal and a perfect demonstration of the talent The Boss brings to the ring.

As one of the Four Horsewomen, Banks established herself as a main event Superstar in NXT, where she and Bayley became the first women to headline a PPV when they faced off in an Iron Woman match at NXT TakeOver: Respect in 2015. Banks is a former NXT Women's Champion, WWE Women's Tag Team Champion and a four-time Raw Women's Champion.

4 Mickie James

Mickie James' repertoire of accomplishments is impressive. She captured the WWE Women's Championship four times and the Divas Championship once, as well as having won the TNA Knockouts Championship three times before leaving the company in 2013.

James began her wrestling career on the independent circuit before gaining national acclaim for her early work in TNA. She made her WWE debut in 2005, where she debuted as a stalker-type fan obsessed with Trish Stratus. James and Stratus' feud lasted over eight months and remains one of the most notable storylines in the history of women's wrestling.

3 Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is the women's division's biggest babyface and WWE's brightest star. She got herself over with fans following a heel turn that only made her more popular, as she finally stepped out of Charlotte Flair's shadow and into the spotlight.

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The Man is currently the Raw Women's Champion and has held the SmackDown Women's Championship three times, being the inaugural champion after winning the blue belt at Backlash 2016. She is one of three women to ever main event WrestleMania.

2 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is one of the most successful women to ever work for WWE. In addition to capturing the Women's Championship seven times, Stratus also won the Hardcore Championship in 2002 and has been involved in some of WWE's biggest ever female feuds along with Mickie James and Lita.

Stratus retired from wrestling in 2006 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013. She made a triumphant return to the ring at SummerSlam 2019, where she faced Charlotte Flair in a losing effort.

1 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair's career is still young and yet she has already shattered glass ceilings and built a legacy entirely her own. Surpassing Trish Stratus' record, The Queen has won the Raw Women's Championship four times and the SmackDown Women's Championship four times, as well being the last Superstar to hold the Divas Championship before it was retired in 2016.

Flair had big boots to fill when she debuted in NXT in 2013, as she is the daughter of 16-time world champion Ric Flair. However, Flair has done more than live up to her father's legacy. She is a phenomenal wrestler who has delivered outstanding matches during her time in WWE, deserving every one of her championships reigns.

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