10 WWE Women's Dream Matches That Can Happen

The wrestling world has gotten pretty astonishing over the past few years. We've witnessed a ton of dream matches that were never thought to be possible. John Cena vs. AJ Styles. Evolution vs. The Shield. Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar. And most recently, Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus could be added to that list.

Thinking along the lines of that last entry, we've come up with 10 dream women's matches that can still happen. That means the people involved need to still be able to physically compete and that the match can't have happened in WWE before. Also of note, we're handling this like it was all on one show, so no wrestler appears more than once.

10 Bianca Belair Vs. Naomi

Consider this a battle of two of the best athletes on the women's roster. Naomi has been showing off that skillset for years, including the way she has staved off elimination in two straight Royal Rumble matches. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair dominates the Performance Center Combine with her blend of speed and power.

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Seeing these two go at it would certainly lead to some jaw-dropping moments. They would wow us with their impressive athleticism. From Naomi's split-legged moonsault to Belair's deadlift press slam, they'd put on one hell of a show. Think of it as the ideal opening contest for an event.

9 Beth Phoenix Vs. Nia Jax

Where the previous match was a clash of athletic styles, this would be one for the powerhouses. Beth Phoenix is a woman who still shows off unbelievable strength despite having retired years ago. Nia Jax has run roughshod over the women's division since she first arrived in NXT back in 2016.

We got a glimmer of this back at WrestleMania. Nia Jax teamed with Tamina, while Beth Phoenix partnered up with Natalya in the Women's Tag Team Title match. However, they didn't interact much. A one on one match would be interesting, especially if Phoenix could manage to hoist Jax up for the Glam Slam. No other woman has been able to do something like that yet.

8 The Bella Twins Vs. The IIconics

It seems like The Bella Twins made it to the WWE about a decade too early. They are the ideal Women's Tag Team Champions, but those titles weren't created until 2019 and they debuted in 2008. After Sasha Banks and Bayley won to become the first champions, the IIconics bested them for it at WrestleMania. But this potential match goes beyond that.

The Bella Twins often played the role of WWE's resident mean girls. That's something the IIconics have taken on and mastered. Even before this match began, we'd be interested in just hearing these ladies talk smack to each other. Though the Bella Twins have retired, they're not incapable of a one-off return and this tag match would be perfect for them.

7 AJ Lee Vs. Nikki Cross

At first glance, this might seem like an odd pairing. But upon further review, it makes more sense. When AJ Lee was captivating audiences during her time with WWE, she made waves as a "crazy chick." It was clear in her love rectangle with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane, as well as in her obsession with the Divas Championship.

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Nikki Cross may have calmed down a bit since she started teaming with AJ Lee, but one thing is still clear. Nikki does crazy better than almost anyone. The build to this would be spectacular. The two women could play mind games with one another that would boil over into what would surely be an intense battle.

6 Candice LeRae Vs. Charlotte Flair

Here's another match that might not seem obvious when you first look at it. After all, Charlotte Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE history. She is a ten-time Women's Champion, she headlined three PPVs including WrestleMania, and she has pretty much wrestled everyone notable. On the flip side, Candice LeRae made her name on the independent scene. In WWE, she's not very accomplished and only just competed in her first NXT TakeOver.

But those opposite qualities is what makes this so intriguing. The daughter of Ric Flair born into greatness against a woman who spent over a decade grinding away to make it to the big leagues. Candice is always at her best as the underdog, while Charlotte is a spectacular confident bully. That's the roles they'd play in this feud.

5 Ember Moon Vs. Sasha Banks

This is a match that you would think happened already. You have two of the best women on the roster. They're both former NXT Women's Champions and both have been part of some stellar matches. Ember Moon got called up to the main roster last year but outside of multi-person matches, including the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, their paths never crossed.

The possibility of Ember Moon facing Sasha Banks one-on-one seems the most likely of any entry on this list. We just hope that it gets the shine it deserves. Not as a throwaway contest on Raw or something. Make it matter, give it a big stage, and watch them steal the show.

4 Alexa Bliss Vs. Trish Stratus

We were so close to this. When Evolution, the all women's pay-per-view, was announced last year, this was one of the first matches made. Twitter blew up at the thought of Alexa Bliss against Trish Stratus, regardless of whether you liked the idea or if you hated it. People were talking about it.

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It's another match that makes sense. Trish was a fitness model who joined WWE and took it seriously enough to become very skilled at it. By the time she retired, Trish was arguably the best female in company history. Alexa Bliss is a former fitness competitor who has risen far higher than a lot of women who spent years training in wrestling. Their paths are similar and it would make or some compelling wrestling.

3 Bayley Vs. Shayna Baszler

When discussing Charlotte Flair vs. Candice LeRae, we pointed to the underdog against a bully. This match screams that concept. Bayley is the lovable babyface that you want to overcome and succeed. Shayna Baszler is as vicious as they come. Her motto of "tap, snap, or nap" is appropriate because it's what each of her opponents has done.

That dynamic is just the kind of thing that wrestling was built on. But there are other layers to throw in. Both are members of Four Horsewomen groups, Shayna for the MMA version and Bayley for the NXT one. Both rank among the best NXT Women's Champions of all-time.

2 Asuka Vs. Io Shirai Vs. Kairi Sane

WWE has recently signed three major female stars away from Japan. Asuka, Kairi Sane, and Io Shirai. Asuka went over 900 days without a loss, Sane won the Mae Young Classic, and Shirai made the finals of the Mae Young Classic the following year. With all of their success, one question lingers. Who is the best?

Kairi Sane is the interesting one here. She's currently Asuka's tag team partner but is Io Shirai's best friend. Would she be able to fight off two close allies? Asuka is one to hit any moving target in front of her. Shirai recently adopted a more aggressive personality that would possibly give her the upper hand here. We're eager to find out.

1 Becky Lynch Vs. Ronda Rousey

Another match that we were excruciatingly close to getting. Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey was scheduled for last year's Survivor Series. Lynch attacked Rousey backstage and led a Smackdown beating on the Raw women. During the scuffle, Becky had her face busted open and continued the attack on Ronda. It was the definition of a badass, star making moment.

But that injury took Becky Lynch out of the match. The two continued to feud and it was Becky who became the first person to pin Rousey in a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania. As fun as all of that was, we're still craving that singles match. There's already so much hype behind it that whenever Rousey returns (she's currently out of action), the company has a main event ready to go.

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